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Our goal is to stop the moneymaking greediness

On a Multiuniverse plot, the goal is to eliminate the pay to play greediness of Vivendi/Gameloft from Asphalt 8: Airborne, in order to make the game playable to the end again without spending money, and also a ban of microtransactions.

Vivendi/GL: We are dropping another update soon!

Maja and Janella: Hello everyone, we are the Salvadors, two great actresses/singers/dancers, our goal today is to stop the greediness that Vivendi has done off to Asphalt 8.

Maja: I am your Camilla Dela Torre

Janella: I am your Emma Bonaobra

Both Salvadors: Our goal is to have Greediness out, fair gameplay in.

Vivendi: Are you both beautiful women trying to change our game, we need a lot more money! We want money!

Salvadors: Yes, we will!

Maja: Asphalt 8: Airborne has gone downhill and looks dead since Vivendi took over for Gameloft.

Janella: What are you all going to do to Asphalt 8 for the next update?

Vivendi: We are going to change several costs and rewards in order to keep the game profitable for us!

Vivendi employees leave the building after working on the next update of Asphalt 8: Airborne, and the Salvadors check the prices and rewards:

Maja Salvador and Janella Salvador later check the Vivendi Command center, and reprograms it so the game is playable instead of being locked behind expensive real money/premium payments.

Both Salvadors take the key to the Gameloft Top Secret Coding Room, unlock the room and take over the game.

Reverting the FLU

Salvadors (Maja and Janella): Gameloft has ruined the game last February under Vivendi's order! They have increased a lot of requirements and reduced the rewards!

Maja: Well, we will do these; 1) Decrease the pro kit requirements. 2) remove all the token-only upgrades. 3) Make Mastery races reracable again. And 4) make the Asphalt Moments accessible to everyone and remove the time limit.

Janella: This is a super great idea, and we are ready to change things up:

Maja: This is taking too long

Suddenly, a girl group from their area comes out:

Angeline Quinto, Kyla Alvarez, KZ Tandingan and Yeng Constantino: DIVAS In Your Area!

DIVAS help the Salvadors in coding the reduced requirements and increasing the rewards, changing upgrade costs to remove the TOUs:

Car prices

Vivendi/GL: Last year, on March 23, 2018, we changed many car prices, that means, cars such as the W Motors Lykan HyperSport, Lamborghini Veneno, McLaren P1™, McLaren 675LT, Ferrari LaFerrari, Ferrari 458 Italia and the Ford Shelby GT500 can only be purchased with A8 tokens full! This helps us make more money!

Vivendi/Gameloft: We also have plans to convert the cars we made into Credits purchasable back to Token-only cars, and add Token only upgrades for them in order to earn more profit. Also, we have changed the Ford F-150 to be only purchasable for Tokens.

Maja: We are going to reduce the costs, and make many A8 tokens full cars purchasable with A8 credits small.

Janella: Ok, so what would be good prices for the Token-only cars?

Maja: The McLaren P1 GTR was briefly available for A8 credits small 2,700,000, but we are going to reduce the costs of many cars that are expensive to buy!

Janella: We will also add A8 credits small prices to cars that are only available in the Championships, Research & Developments and Enduro Double Down.

Maja: The Lamborghini Veneno's price would be back to only A8 credits small 32,000

Janella: We are also going to reduce many low level Class A and S cars to their prices before The Great Wall Update, which increased their costs, and many low level cars will have their costs reduced to before the Car Blueprints Update and Motorcycles Update increased their costs.

Maja: Ok, and here we go!

The Salvadors reprogram Asphalt 8's car prices, to reduce their costs, and make every token car purchasable with Credits.

S Class Cars

Janella: We have just reduced many S Class cars' prices, and rebalanced it to be more affordable.

Maja: And for some of the price changes, the Pagani Huayra will be priced at A8 credits small 50,000, the Lamborghini Huracán will be priced at A8 credits small 92,500, the W Motors Lykan HyperSport will be priced at A8 credits small 160,000, the SSC Tuatara will be costing only A8 credits small 187,500, the NanoFlowcell QUANT FE will be going down to A8 credits small 200,000, while the Koenigsegg Agera R's price will be down to A8 credits small 225,000, and the Chrysler ME412's price will be only A8 credits small 250,000.

Janella: We have reduced more Class S car prices, and we will turn many A8 tokens full -only cars, into being Credits purchasable. The SSC Ultimate Aero XT's price is set at A8 credits small 300,000, the Peugeot Onyx will be worth A8 credits small 340,000, and the 2015 GTA Spano will be down to A8 credits small 400,000. The Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package's price would be dropped to A8 credits small 500,000, and we will set many event-unlocked cars to be A8 credits small purchasable.

Maja: The McLaren P1™ GTR's price will be A8 credits small 750,000, while the Aston Martin Vulcan's price will be A8 credits small 900,000.

Janella: Based on the car rank, we will set the Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4's price to A8 credits small 2,300,000, and the Koenigsegg Regera would be A8 credits small 1,900,000.

A Class Cars

Maja: What happened to the McLaren P1™ and Ferrari LaFerrari! They became token only!

Janella: How about we will revert it back?

Maja: Sure! But the McLaren 675LT was a great farming car, aside from reactivating it's farming race, the price will be reduced for it's A8 credits small cost.

Janella: Well, after restoring the credits option to the A Class cars that were converted to A8 tokens full Only, we will reduce the costs of the upgrades and Pro Kits.

Maja: Ok, we are going to do it.

At the GL Top Secret Coding room, Maja and Janella changes the prices of A Class cars.

Maja: And so, we have cut down many Class A cars' prices and turned every Token-only A Class car into Credits purchasable.

Upgrade Costs

Vivendi: Gameloft, we order you to bring back the Token-only upgrades that you implemented back during the Munich Update.

Gameloft: Sure, Vivendi, we can feel even richer and make more money through those TOUs.

Maja: NO! Those greedy ones are making this game locked behind an expensive paywall

Janella: Let's stop them and reduce the costs.

Gameloft/Vivendi people leave, and Salvadors take over

Both Salvadors: Let's eliminate all those Token-only Upgrades!

Maja: Now, we will finally get rid of the Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4's A8 tokens full 10,000 worth of TOUs.

Janella: Now, for the first time, the Mosler Super GT and the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage will not have any A8 tokens full only upgrades after 3 years of being TOUed!

Maja: How about those overpriced upgrade costs?

Janella: We will also look into that.

Maja: Ok, seems like many upgrade costs are too high, and there are some cars with Token only upgrades! Let's change their costs:

Janella: Ok, so Class D cars' upgrade costs will be A8 credits small 125,000, Class C cars will have upgrade costs of A8 credits small 213,800, Class B cars' upgrade costs will be A8 credits small 265,900, Class A cars' upgrade costs will be A8 credits small 364,400. Class S cars will have a total cost of A8 credits small 417,500.

Salvadors: And here we go, we are going to change every upgrade cost, and reduce the Pro Kit requirements to be lower than before the Fast Lane Update.

Janella: How about removing the online requirement from MAX upgrading cars?

Maja: Sure, we will revert that! It was originally upgradable offline, but it became online only in the 2019 Spring Update

Salvadors: And Token-only upgrades are going to be forever banished from AsphaltLand.

Angeline, Kyla, Yeng and KZ: We have permanently abolished the Token-only Upgrades from this game for good!

DIVAS and Salvadors: Mission acomplished! We have changed the upgrade costs to make it easier for you to upgrade your cars.

Pro Kits

Vivendi: We have increased the Pro Kit requirements in the Fast Lane Update, and now, with the upcoming update, several new cars will have A8 tokens full only Pro Kits, just like how we made A8 tokens full only upgrades on certain cars.

Janella: Are you trying to make this game more profitable for yourselves?

Gameloft: We are continuing to rebalance this game further, and to make sure we have more profit for ourselves.

Maja: Those are too much! It would be too hard to play this game without spending any money, so why make this change?

Vivendi/Gameloft employees leave the coding room, and the Salvadors get in, reducing the requirements and costs.

Janella: Ok, so, we are about to change the boxes to allow i3 and V12 MPI engines to be available in every box.

Maja: We will reduce all Pro Kit requirments, and make every Box purchasable with Credits instead of being Token-only boxes.

Janella: Ok! We will change every box to have a multi-payment option of either Credits or Tokens.

Maja: And we will remove the online requirement from applying Pro Kits.

Season 9 races

Vivendi: We are going to order Gameloft to reduce the Season 9 rewards in order to make more money for ourselves and for Gameloft! We already eliminated replaying races from Car Mastery in the Fast Lane Update.

Maja: WHAT IS THIS! Season 9 rewards are only A8 credits small 2,500, They were supposed to be about A8 credits small 5,000,

Janella: That is too low, how about we increase it to A8 credits small 25,000, and let's check the other races:

Maja: Those are too low! Some Season 9 races have their rewards reduced to below A8 credits small 2,000

Janella: Come, Ms. Maja, Team Salvador will increase those rewards to 150% of their original rewards, and we will increase all rewards, and reduce costs.

Salvadors change the rewards to 4x the Double Credits rewards of the pre-upcoming A8 Update.

Maja and Janella: We have heavily increased the rewards instead of what Vivendi/Gameloft planned to nerf them to be balanced with the reductions that occurred in the 2019 Spring Update. For example: the McLaren P1™'s farming race would have it's base payout reduced from A8 credits small 4,900 to A8 credits small 2,450, and we have decided to increase the base payout to A8 credits small 33,000.

Mastery Races

Maja: What has happened, many people cannot earn more credits anymore!

Janella: Those greedy employees made it unreplayable and weakened the rewards

Maja: Let's change this! We will revert Car Mastery to how it was before it was rebalanced in the Fast Lane Update

Janella: Ok, we will change the rewards to the rewards before they were nerfed in the Research & Development Update

Maja: The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento had a Class S Free upgrade before it was changed to 3 Nitro Starters, and those cars that had their free upgrades reduced will get the old free upgrade amount.

Janella: And we will make it replayable, but increase the A8 credits small payout to 7.5x of the reward. For example the Lamborghini Veneno's Mastery 15 payout of A8 credits small 5,845 will become A8 credits small 40,915.

Reprogramming at Gameloft's top secret coding room

Maja: Ok, so here is our checklist

Janella: Step 1: Change many token cars into Credit purchasable cars

Maja: Step 2: Remove all the A8 tokens full -only upgrades

Janella: Step 3: Make every R&D/EDD/Championship Car purchasable permanently with Credits

Maja: Step 4: Reduce the Pro Kit requirements

Janella: Step 5: Let's change the Exclusive Deals.

A few minutes later, in the car list:

McLaren P1™ GTR: How am i becoming affordable instead of costing like $99.99!

Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4: Why are my A8 tokens full only upgrades going away! I am becoming affordable to many players!

Koenigsegg Regera: Huh! How come i require less Pro Kits, and my extreme Advanced Tech requirements and Token Only Upgrades are gone!

Special Edition Cars

Janella: How do you think the Special Edition Cars should be obtianed?

Maja: Maybe by doing certain tasks with the original car.

Janella: So, Special Edition cars would be earned by mastering their original version in Car Mastery.

Facing down Vivendi

Vincent: Are you all women trying to take over our game!

Maja and Janella: Yes we are!

Gameloft employees: We have to secure this area!

Vivendi employees: Goes to GL to lock their secret areas

Kyla, Yeng, Angeline and KZ: Takes Vivendi/GLs Key

Maja: And we are about to go in

Janella: We will try to get in the computer.

Gameloft employees/Vivendi goons speak French, Angeline Quinto, Kyla Alvarez, Yeng Constantino and KZ Tandingan, as well as Maja Salvador and Janella Salvador respond back in their native Filipino/Tagalog language!

GL employees leave, and DIVAS, as well as Maja and Janella take into the computers, reduce the costs and increase the rewards.

Gameloft employees: How are those women taking over our game! The costs are down!

Vivendi: If these costs are true then we are losing money!

Maja Salvador gets very mad and fights back and Vivendi/GL.

Kyla, Yeng, Angeline and KZ fire at the employees, uses their powers to knock out Vivendi/GL employees behind Asphalt 8's Pay to win schemes.


Maja and Janella: We will check some engine sounds now

Janella: The Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) sounds like the BMW M3 E46 GTR's V8 engine in game! That is the wrong engine sound!

Maja: Let's change the engine sound so it will resemble the RB26DETT!

Janella: Ok, also, the Nissan GT-R NISMO sounds like a V8 engine.

Maja: We will also change it to sound like a real GT-R R35!

Janella: And the Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4's Ferrari-like engine note to a real Lamborghini V12 engine sound.

Maja: What about the Mosler cars:

Janella: We will rename those to have the missing codename on the cars!

Maja: So what is missing on the Moslers?

Janella: MT900.

Maja: So the Mosler Land Shark will be renamed Mosler MT900 GTR XX Twin Turbo Land Shark.

Janella: The Mosler GT3 will be called Mosler MT900 GT3

Maja: The Mosler Super GT will be named MT900 Super GT

Janella: How about some other cars?

Maja: The Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34), aside from getting it's V8 engine sound replaced by a proper i6 engine sound, it's in game name will be Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (R34).

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