After 6 years of play, i started the game around late Septmeber 2013, i have officially called it quits from playing Asphalt 8: Airborne, The reason of this is due to the high amount of forced payments that the game has gone since Vivendi's hostile takeover in mid-2016. I never blame GL for those, i always blame Vivendi for why this game sucks now, everything was increased in costs, and even credit-purchasable items got turned into Tokens.

Achievements done

  • 25 Collections cleared (23 maxed
  • Completed all career seasons (exclduing token-only cars, got the 2015 Mustang GT S550 for free from an old TLE)
  • Getting the 9FF GT9 VMAX from it's giveaway event, and maxing it out.

Some things i decided to skip

  • Research & Development/Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 - Makes you spend more than $99.99 to complete the R&D, Worst thing Vivendi has done for Christmas, stealing everyone's wallet, if this has the Forced Rank Requirement, it would have forced you to spent $180.98 to win the Centenario
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