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    (In case you don't know, )in the latest update, motorbikes were added into the game, bringing a completely different  and rather challenging gameplay for those who have gotten well used to the control of the 4-wheel vehicles. After playing with the bike and learning the control, here's some of the tips I've picked up, and hopefully these would be useful to you if you are struggling with the bike!

    Unlike driving a car, riding a motorbike involves more action and quick responses from the player. Here are the core feature:

    1. There's a "Focus Meter (or FM in short)" right below the nitro bar. When it's "charged", it serves as a stronger but shorter version of nitro boost. Reactivating it again "super charges" your bike, making the boost even fa…

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    I've been on this forum for quite a while, and often would I see people asking which car should bought and with to avoid. Here's a tutorial of how you can maximize the effectiveness of your limited credit and resources. If you also have an idea, feel free to comment below and give me your feedback!

    This blog is aimed for new players who have less than 10 cars, but some informations about car value below is suitable for any player.

    As you first entered the game, the game will give you a Dodge Dart GT , as well as 5000 credits . At this point, most player will notice that the second car in D class, the Audi R8 e-tron , also costs 5000 credits, and most of them will be tempted to purchase it. (I was that player.) However, I don't suggest buying…

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    Disclaimer: This is just an IDEA for the game, not an introduction of any upcoming feature.

    I believe that everyone at this point has tried or even has obtained cars/lost everything in R&D. Most of us probably are more or less  discontent about this event at some point. Today, I have an idea of the upgraded version of R&D; However, this time, you don't simply win a brand-new car. Instead, you "upgrade" the already-existing cars from your garage!

    Here's how I imagine it to be like:

    In the R&D 2.0, you will need to own a car (or two if required) for its respective R&D, and completely MAX/PRO it to take part in the event. In the R&D, you'll be driving both original car(s) and its upgraded version/suceeder (e.g. LaFerrari and Ferrari FXX-K or Acu…

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    There are many different cars in Asphalt 8 that are good MP cars. This blog indicates the list of ideal MP cars in their respective brackets, and how they should be tuned/boosted. Feel free to provide your suggestion and point out any mistake below!

    Note: I do deliberately avoid class kings and elite cars unless they do exceptionally well in MP, as they are usually better when used as TLE cars.

    Regular car tuning (Upgrade: Nitro-oriented upgrades, Pro Kits: Tires/Drivetrain only) = CT

    Nitro car tuning (Upgrade: Top Speed-oriented upgrades, Pro Kits: Suspension/Exhaust only) = NCT

    May require extra handling/acceleration Upgrade = xHU/xAU

    Acceleration-oriented Vehicle = AV

    Top-speed-oriented Vehicle = TSV

    Balanced Performance Vehicle = BPV


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