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McLarenP1 Boy McLarenP1 Boy 10 March 2019

Asphalt Stories: More Hoonigan Troubles

This episode depicts the following:

  1. Me revealing to Fred-104 that Horizon Britain is not happy with the new cars introduced in Series 7, as three of the new cars are RTR Mustangs.
  2. Me revealing that I have begun a permanent boycott of Hoonigan, Formula Drift, and RTR as a result.
  3. The disposal of the 7 FD cars that were previously in my Horizon Britain garage.
  4. Me and Fred-104 regrouping with John-117 and Linda-058 to destroy a VVS port that was illegally shipping the Hoonigans and drift cars to Horizon Britain and AsphaltLand.
  5. Yasha from Rumble Roses making a cameo appearance while the VVS members fight themselves once again.
  6. Fred receiving a message from Joel Carter (one of the guys who works at the Horizon Festival in the UK) that my last Hoonigan…
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McLarenP1 Boy McLarenP1 Boy 2 March 2019

Asphalt Stories: Hoonigan Troubles

This episode depicts the following:

  1. The UNSC Infinity making an emergency slipspace jump over fears of K.A.R.R. discovering the supercarrier and destroying her.
  2. Me and Blue Team landing at Sanghelios for a celebratory dinner, with Arbiter Thel 'Vadam soon discovering the truth about the VVS.
  3. Master Chief, Linda, and Kelly revealing that Horizon Britain's racers have been angry about the excessive numbers of Hoonigans.
  4. Spartan-II Red Team arriving and meeting me and Blue Team.
  5. K.A.R.R. summoning a horde of Hoonigans to further terrorize AsphaltLand.
  6. Me sending desperate distress messages to Audi R8 tyke, TF2014, and Azelfland about K.A.R.R.'s Hoonigan horde.
  7. Chief briefly telling Red Team about what has happened leading from the Spartan-II training …
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McLarenP1 Boy McLarenP1 Boy 14 February 2019

Asphalt Stories: Safe at the Infinity

This is an Asphalt Stories episode detailing me after I escaped from AsphaltLand (see here for the episode). Watch for the Halo 5 reference at the end. And no, the title is not a reference to Infiniti, the car brand. It is a reference to the UNSC Infinity, the Infinity-class supercarrier.

{at the UNSC Infinity}

Me: “Is this the Infinity?”

Fred-104: “Yes. This supercarrier serves as our main base of operations.”

Me: “Where exactly are we going anyway? An interview?”

Linda-058: “Captain Lasky wants us at the bridge. He wants to interview you.”

Kelly-087 and John-117: (simultaneously) “Let's go then.”

{at the Infinity

Lasky: “Interesting. That's a lot of cars you and Blue Team saved. But not all of them are on Infinity now. Where did some of them go?”

Me: “The …

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McLarenP1 Boy McLarenP1 Boy 6 February 2019

Asphalt Stories: Vehicular Evacuation

This episode is a prequel to my episode called End of the Road (see here), as it depicts the events after TF2014's Entering cooldown mode episode and before End of the Road:

  1. The Halo Squad, with my help, gets all of my needed cars out of my garage to safety.
  2. My Alfa Romeo 8C gets an upgrade to the Alfa Romeo 8C FE upon being delivered to Horizon Britain.
  3. Fred and I escape my garage in an unused Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster and encounter some zombie bats in the caves before then splitting up.
  4. Fred goes to find Spartan Edward Buck in a valley while I continue on the road to the Chief's Pelican.
  5. The VVS prepare to get me banned from all of their products for good, so they destroy my garage along with everything there that I did not choose to save.


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McLarenP1 Boy McLarenP1 Boy 31 January 2019

Asphalt Stories: End of the Road

VVS goon duo: “Submission is all we require of you! Otherwise, this place will be marked as your grave!”

Me (enraged): “I am NOT only never working for you scumbags again, but I will NEVER touch your death trap products EVER AGAIN!” (fires a Z-390 Incineration Cannon charged shot at the VVS goons, instantly killing and disintegrating them)

(Spartan Edward Buck and Fred-104, clad in MJOLNIR GEN2 Helljumper and MJOLNIR GEN2 Centurion armors, respectively, approach me from each side and accompany me)

Me (relieved): “So Buck and Fred have joined me. Thanks. Things were getting dicey for me out here.”

Buck: “I saw that you were in danger, so I came with Fred to save you.”

(Fred silently nods at Buck, who nods back)

Buck: “We gotta get you out of here…

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