VVS goon duo: “Submission is all we require of you! Otherwise, this place will be marked as your grave!”

Me (enraged): “I am NOT only never working for you scumbags again, but I will NEVER touch your death trap products EVER AGAIN!” (fires a Z-390 Incineration Cannon charged shot at the VVS goons, instantly killing and disintegrating them)

(Spartan Edward Buck and Fred-104, clad in MJOLNIR GEN2 Helljumper and MJOLNIR GEN2 Centurion armors, respectively, approach me from each side and accompany me)

Me (relieved): “So Buck and Fred have joined me. Thanks. Things were getting dicey for me out here.”

Buck: “I saw that you were in danger, so I came with Fred to save you.”

(Fred silently nods at Buck, who nods back)

Buck: “We gotta get you out of here, bud. The Chief's got the Pelican up and running, but it's 1.04 miles away from our current location.”

Fred-104: “They're gonna send more in a desperate last ditch attempt to keep us trapped in AsphaltLand. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears chiseled open, and always watch our sixes!”

Me: “Affirmative. Let's go!!” (we all start running for Chief's D79-TC Pelican)

{at VVS HQ}

Vincent: “So that's one more rebel user banned from our products!”

(Vincent's crowd cheers)

(A short violent earthquake shakes the VVS HQ severely)


(Seven spawn gates teleport in hordes of Promethean Crawlers, Watchers, Soldiers, and Knights. A few of these Crawlers are Crawler Snipes, while some of the Soldiers are Soldier Snipers and the Knights appear as standard Knights with Z-250 LightRifles and Z-130 Suppressors, Knight Battlewagons with Z-180 Scattershots, Knight Lancers with Z-750 Binary Rifles, and Knight Commanders with Incineration Cannons)

Vincent: “WHO GAVE YOU ACCESS TO-” (is pinned down to the ground by an angry Alpha Crawler)

Promethean Soldier A: “They are resisting!”

(The Prometheans, all sporting blue highlights, attack everyone at the VVS HQ, with many bodies disintegrating into nothingness from the barrages of Scattershots, Binary Rifles, and Incineration Cannons)

Promethean Soldier B: “This is Humanity's Best?” (shrugs with his LightRifle in his right hand)

{back to my location, as we run for the Pelican}

Me: “Is that a gas station up ahead? We can rest there.”

Fred-104: “Yes. We should rest there for a few minutes. It looks quiet and abandoned there save for a car. The car is a Honda NSX-R GT.”

{at the gas station, which has a Honda NSX-R GT parked outside}

Me: “Am I ever gonna get a break...” (my phone goes off, and I check it. I see it's a message from TransportFan2014)

TransportFan2014 (message): “You're getting out of AsphaltLand for good? Nice. My radar detected you at a gas station which is only 0.87 miles from Chief's Pelican. Bad news: your entire garage has been destroyed or stolen by the VVS. Good news: the Librarian is sending in her Prometheans as a punishment for the VVS.”

Me (message reply): “The Librarian?”

TransportFan2014 (message reply): “Yep. The same Librarian who gave the Master Chief the immunity to the Didact's Composer. Her essence has been recently detected in the Sol system, and she has detected the VVS as a great evil that must be destroyed. Which is why she's sending in Prometheans to help those who oppose the VVS.”

Me (message reply): “Noted and understood. Thank you, TF2014.”

(I check my phone and see more unread messages, one from Audi R8 tyke, another from Azelfland, and yet another from SCRacing2017)

Audi R8 tyke (message): “Just get out of there already! We'll meet you in a safe place outside of the VVS's reach.”

Azelfland (message): “I saw another Vanda Electrics Dendrobium wrecked and burning on the streets of Rio. It was in orange, and it was a replacement for the one that got destroyed when you and the Halo Squad were moving many of your cars out of here to a safe place. I'm glad you're still alive, though.”

SCRacing2017 (message): “I quit the game two years ago. It's simply a chore. Glad you did the same now for real.”

Buck: “Fred, how far to the Pelican?”

Fred-104: “According to the message from TF2014, we're only 0.87 miles away. We only have one more minute of resting before we go.”

Buck: “Bad news: I've detected multiple readings on the way to the Pelican. The VVS are gonna try to flank us. Good news: they aren't as well armed as any of us. Still, anybody need to arm up?” (hands me a Heartseeker Incineration Cannon and a special M739 SAW called The Answer)

Me: “Thanks, Buck. These weapons surely fit me and my penchant for explosive weapons and weapons with tracking projectiles.” (gives Fred The Answer)

Fred-104: “Thanks, P1 Boy. I'm usually armed with explosives and heavy weapons in combat situations. Anyway, let's go get outta here for good.” (all three of us leave the gas station for Chief's Pelican, which is guarded by the other two Spartans of Blue Team)

Linda-058 (COM): “Fred, you should be getting closer to the Pelican now. See you there, and stay safe. Take out anything that shoots at you, and run! We'll protect you as you enter the Pelican.”

Fred-104: “Affirmative, Linda.”

{0.73 miles to the Pelican}

(a group of VVS goons in three Arash AF10s appear, step out of the cars, and open fire)

Buck: “Contact!”

(the goons by the black AF10 open fire with their guns, and only one of the goons lands a hit on Fred, causing his energy shields to flare. In retaliation, Buck shoots them with a Pool of Radiance Fuel Rod Cannon, killing both of them and destroying the black AF10 after the third fuel rod explosion)

Me: “How do you like my low-fat, all-hardlight diet!” (fires the Heartseeker on the goons by the yellow AF10 with a charged shot that not only eliminates and disintegrates the goons, but also destroys the yellow AF10, all at once)

(Fred then pops the tires on the red AF10 with The Answer and throws a plasma grenade at it to heavily damage it. He takes a LightRifle bullet from one of the goons by the red AF10, which brings his energy shield levels to only 56%)

Fred-104: “Taking fire! Cover me while I deal with the red AF10 goons.”

(Buck performs a thruster evade to the right to take some of the enemy fire and allow Fred to recharge his energy shields. Buck then does a running Spartan Charge on the goon that fired at Fred with a LightRifle, killing the goon and causing the red AF10 to flip over on its side multiple times)

Fred-104: “Thanks for covering me, Buck. We still got a long ways to go.” (shoots the last red AF10 goon with his DMR)

(all three of us continue running to the Pelican, which we can clearly see from a distance)

Kelly-087 (COM): “Sierra 087 to Sierra 104. What's your status?”

Fred-104: “We're dealing with heavy resistance from the VVS.”

Kelly-087 (COM): “They're more heavily armed than we thought. But I suspect these are the last goons alive. Careful, they are arriving in Lamborghini Centenarios and are armed with heavier weapons than the ones you faced just now!”

Fred-104: “We'll handle them. Just provide us some cover fire with long range weaponry if you can.”

Kelly-087 (COM): “Affirmative, Fred.”

Fred-104: “Understood. See you on the Pelican. 104 out.”

{0.49 miles to the Pelican}

(10 goons in 5 Lamborghini Centenarios pop up from all directions)

Me: “These guys come outta everywhere!

(Two masked goons in a black-and-red Centenario attempt to run me over, but miss their mark, as Fred grabs me from behind and does a thruster evade to safety)

Fred-104: “Weapons free, everyone!” (trades weapons with me and borrows my Heartseeker to destroy a black-and-yellow Centenario with a single charged shot)

VVS goon with shotgun: “You will never escape us! Either submit or die!” (fires at Buck, whose energy shields flare as they are reduced to 71% due to many of the pellets missing their target)

(Buck then punches the shotgun-armed goon in the face, grabs his shotgun, and bends it to the point of rendering it useless before killing him by whacking him with the now-broken weapon)

(an unmanned Z-1800 Phaeton Helios appears in the sky and fires pulse missiles at the VVS goons, wiping many of them out and leaving us untouched)

Me: “Air support? From a Phaeton?”

Buck: “TF2014 must have arranged for that to happen since from the intel he gathered, the VVS goons would get more heavily armed the closer we go to the Pelican. We can't stop now, so let's keep running!”

(one more Centenario remains, with two Plasma Pistol-armed VVS goons inside)

Fred-104: “These ones don't matter. Just cut the ones that matter, then run!”

(all three of us continue making a run for the Pelican)

Master Chief John-117 (COM): “Fred, you're getting even closer to our Pelican. Anyone injured?”

Fred-104: “No. We're still in good shape, but P1 Boy's garage has been destroyed.”

John-117 (COM): “I know. There's nothing we can do about it. At least his garage in the Forza universe is still intact and safe.”

Fred-104: “Good to know. Either way, we're definitely almost there to the Pelican. See you there. 104 out.”

{0.21 miles to the Pelican}

Me: “This is so tiring. But we're almost... there...” (falls tired)

Fred-104: “Are you okay? We have to go on...” (helps me back up)

Buck: “Yeah, we gotta get out of here, you know! Crap, more goons coming!”

(7 heavy goons in 4 Centenarios and 3 Toyota Supras appear from the right side)

(a kunoichi appears from the sky)

Benikage: “Benikage is here!”

Fred-104: “Wait! Where the hell did you come from?”

Benikage: “A portal from the Rumble Roses world led me to here. I figured I'd help you guys escape. Give it up, VVS goon scum!”

(the goons get out of their cars and are frozen in place by the kunoichi's techniques)

Benikage: “Secret Technique!” (while performing various hand signs, summons a giant white toad from the sky, accompanied by Promethean Crawlers)

(the giant white toad, Hitenmaru, then proceeds to swallow the goons whole, eating them up one at a time, while the Crawlers protect the invincible toad)

(a Crawler Snipe heavily damages a red Supra with its built-in Binary Rifle)

Red Supra: “I hate this! All these weirdo things!” (explodes. Supra wrecked counter: 1)

(a Promethean Knight Commander appears out of nowhere and blows up the yellow Supra with his Incineration Cannon. Supra wrecked counter: 2)

(another Phaeton Helios appears and destroys the blue Supra with a series of rapid-fire pulse missiles. Supra wrecked counter: 3)

Benikage: “Spartans, time is running low. I have assisted you in your escape. I must leave and deal with Dr. Cutter. Farewell.” (disappears in purple mist)

Fred-104: “We don't have time here anymore. The Pelican is less than 400 meters away from our position. Double time it now, guys!”

Me and Buck (simultaneously): “On it!”

(a Grunt Goblin appears)

Me: “What the heck is that?!”

Fred-104: “A Grunt Goblin. Don't worry about him. Just get to the Pelican, or we'll be dead meat here!”

Grunt Goblin: “Come here, puny little humans! I shall turn you into dinner for the unstoppable Unggoy battalion!”

(all three of us run for the Pelican anyway and get in the passenger bay. The Grunt Goblin fires at the Pelican, to no effect, and eventually fights with the remaining VVS goons nearby)

{inside the rear passenger bay of the Pelican, after the Pelican has taken off}

Me: “We just made it.”

(Kelly and Linda walk towards us)

Linda-058: “Fred! I'm glad you guys made it!” (puts her Nornfang sniper rifle to the side and hugs me and Fred)

Me: “Definitely glad to be alive, well, and here, Linda.”

Buck: “Yep. Feels good to be out of AsphaltLand for real. Now I want to return to Veronica Dare, the girl I've loved since the days of me being an ODST.”

Kelly-087: “Chief's piloting the Pelican. Go meet him there if you need to. Anyway, what happened to any of you guys?”

Me: “The VVS exiled me from their dying game. Those damn token-only upgrades were the last straw for me, and my resistance against those were their justification for banning me. Good riddance. I am finally freed of their evil.”

Fred-104: “I saw.”

Kelly-087: “What else?”

Me: “Azelfland told me he saw an orange Vanda Electrics Dendrobium, which was supposed to be mine, as a burning wreck on the streets of Rio. He knows the VVS did it.” (pulls out my phone and shows a pic of the burnt and wrecked Dendrobium to Fred and Linda)

Fred-104: “Don't worry about it now. You're safe with us.” (pats me on the shoulder and stows his DMR and everyone else's weapons away)

Buck: “Everyone, check your guns, find your chairs, we're going home survivors.” (sees everyone's weapons have been properly stowed away in the weapons bay of the Pelican)

{in the Pelican's pilot bay}

(Chief puts the Pelican on autopilot and heads to the passenger bay)

{back in the passenger bay}

Me: “Chief! So glad to see you again.”

John-117: “So glad to see you again too.”

Fred-104: “Where should we go?”

John-117: “Home.”

Me: “Horizon Britain?”

John-117: “Yes. Your garage there is still safe. The VVS and their company are permanently banned by Horizon for their nefarious behavior, so we should expect mostly peace and serenity there.”

Fred-104: “That's good to know. By the way, where's Cortana again?” (bobs his helmet)

John-117: “She's out there in another universe, wreaking havoc by enforcing "peace".”

Kelly-087: “Which universe?”

Linda-058: “That we don't know. It's likely the same universe we originally came from.”

Me: “How long till we get to Horizon Britain?”

John-117: “A few days since we're out in the Sol system.” (pilots the Pelican towards Horizon Britain)

Buck: “Dare is there, I assume?”

Linda-058: “Yes. She was there when we left to pick up our friend. She's still there since I recently communicated with her even before we left in this Pelican.”

Me: “Are my rides like the 650S Spider, Senna, and MT900S still safe?”

Fred-104: “Yes. I got them sent back to your Horizon Britain garage where no one can tamper with them without your permission.”

Me: “Good to know. Are my other cars from Horizon Britain safe too?”

Fred-104: “We got your P1 GTR to safety there, while my P1 is there too, safe and sound. All your McLarens, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, BMWs, etc. are safe there from the hands of the VVS.”

{at the heavily damaged VVS HQ}

Vincent: “These stupid Prometheans. What are they and where did they come from? It won't be long before my beloved VVS finally falls.” (limps while carrying a stick)

Vincent: “It's time to rebuild.” (is ambushed by a cloaked Elite Zealot) “AGGHHH!”

Elite Zealot: “Wort wort wort!”

Reiko Hinomoto (faintly, in the background): “I can't take this anymore!

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