This episode is a prequel to my episode called End of the Road (see here), as it depicts the events after TF2014's Entering cooldown mode episode and before End of the Road:

  1. The Halo Squad, with my help, gets all of my needed cars out of my garage to safety.
  2. My Alfa Romeo 8C gets an upgrade to the Alfa Romeo 8C FE upon being delivered to Horizon Britain.
  3. Fred and I escape my garage in an unused Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster and encounter some zombie bats in the caves before then splitting up.
  4. Fred goes to find Spartan Edward Buck in a valley while I continue on the road to the Chief's Pelican.
  5. The VVS prepare to get me banned from all of their products for good, so they destroy my garage along with everything there that I did not choose to save.

There might be a followup ending episode to this and End of the Road, detailing where the Halo Squad and I are following my escape from AsphaltLand.

{At my now dilapidated Asphalt garage, with all the BMWs, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis having been taken to the UNSC Infinity for safety}

Fred-104 (pushing the McLaren X2): “Keep pushing! Let's get this car into the container for the Pelican to pick up!”

(a D79-TC Pelican piloted by a Recruit-clad Spartan-IV appears)

Me: “Pelican inbound!”

Spartan-IV in Pelican 419 (COM): “Pelican 419 to Sierra 104. You had best get that car into the container ASAP!”

Fred-104: “Copy that!” (pushes the X2 into the container, using his MJOLNIR GEN2 Centurion armor's thrusters to push the car more easily, and then closes the container)

(Pelican 419 picks up the container with the X2 in it and flies out)

Me: “X2 out now! What's left?”

Master Chief John-117: “Not much now. We actually arranged a group of Marines, ODSTs, and Spartans to help get most of your cars to safety earlier.”

Me: “What is it?”

(The Chief walks to me, with a long paper in his right hand)

John-117: “Maserati Alfieri and MC12. Koenigsegg One:1. Porsche 918. SIN R1.”

Kelly-087: “The Koenigsegg's mine!” (pushes the K1 into a silver container)

(Another D79-TC Pelican flies in and picks up the K1 before delivering it to safety)

Me: “Another one. Anything that got stolen before we came here?”

Fred-104: “Your Arash AF10 that you obtained years ago. That, and all the Porsche-like cars, the RUFs, the Rinspeed zaZen, and the 9FF GT9 VMAX. The Scion FR-S and Toyota Supra RZ too. They all got stolen by the VVS, but not to worry, you never really enjoyed these cars anyway.” (pats me on the back)

Me: “Yeah, I don't need to worry about those cars anymore.”

Fred-104: “Got some information too if you want it: the VVS destroyed the other cars. However, they haven't touched your Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens, Porsches, etc. due to them being armed with a proximity self-destruct module that causes a loud deafening series of beeps if any hostiles get close and triggers a jarring large explosion if any hostiles touch them. And yes, I deliberately installed those modules and programmed them to detect VVS as hostiles.”

Me: “Any former cars of mine that got destroyed?”

Fred-104: “Everything that you didn't desire. Dodge Dart GT, Tesla Model S, Audi R8 e-tron, basically any of the original low-class cars.”

Me: “You saved my Alfa Romeo 8C?”

Fred-104: “Yes. We safely got it to Horizon Britain and it's been upgraded to an Alfa Romeo 8C FE.”

Me: “Thank you!” (hugs Fred so tight)

Fred-104: “You're gladly welcome.”

John-117: “This is the last Porsche that must be evacuated.” (pushes the Porsche 918 into a white-and-red container that then gets picked up by Pelican 919)

Spartan-IV in Pelican 919 (COM): “Civilian vehicle evacuated! Thanks, Chief.”

(I grab my phone and start detecting multiple enemy readings)

Me: “I'm getting a lot of readings!”

Fred-104: “Let me guess. VVS.” (gives me an Incendiary Gun)

Me: “Incendiary Gun? Hah. Time to light things up!”

(Three VVS Centenarios, each with two VVS goons inside, pull up)

Me: “They don't learn, do they?” (incinerates the VVS goons with the Incendiary Gun right as they get out of each Centenario, also setting the Centenarios on fire)

(1 hour 17 minutes later, when all my cars that I wanted out of here have been safely evacuated by Pelicans)

John-117: “We got everything from P1 Boy's garage to safety. Particularly the cars he wanted out of here.”

Me: “Yeah. See you guys later. Fred's gonna escort me out of here. Chief, just make sure to get my MC12 upgraded into an MC12 FE and my SL 65 into an SL 65 FE, okay?”

John-117: “I will, friend. Don't worry.”

(Chief and Kelly come together to face me and Fred)

Kelly-087 and John-117 (simultaneously): “See you at our Pelican.” (both leave for Linda-058's Pelican)

Me: “Fred. You ready to do this?”

Fred-104: “Ready as I am, brother.” (takes aim with his M395B DMR)

Me: “Just make sure we can get us back to Infinity, okay?”

Fred-104: “Yes.” (both of us leave my garage in an unused but functional Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster, with Fred in the driver seat and me in the passenger seat. The rest of my Asphalt garage cars are left behind, all of them waiting to be stolen or destroyed by the VVS)

(1 hour 4 minutes later)

Me: “Haven't found any VVS insects yet. How far are we to Chief's Pelican?”

Fred-104: “We're a long way to go. 5.95 miles to go. Good news is, this Zonda has a 7.3 liter V12 that gives us 678 brake horsepower, good for speeds above 350 kilometers an hour.”

Me: “We may not want to rush. Let's slow and steady?”

Fred-104: “If we go slow, they're gonna catch us and kill us more easily. So we go faster.” (speeds up the car to 165 miles per hour)

(we drive through a series of caves, each time narrowly evading a crash)

Me: “This feels like Chief piloting his Broadsword through the Didact's ship!”

Fred-104: “Except we're in a Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster going 194 miles per hour. Watch out! Low vertical clearance ahead!” (both of us quickly duck to avoid stalactites, and after avoiding a short series of stalactites, we put our heads up again)

Me: “Phew. That was close. Fred, you could have died from that, given how tall you really are.”

(a horde of 22 Devilon bats appear, flying above and past us. Two Devilons almost bite me and Fred)

Me: “I'm sick of these bats!”

(Fred shoots down many of the Devilons with his M6H2 Magnum)

(we exit the caves)

Me: “How much farther to the Pelican?”

Fred-104: “2.64 miles. We can't be too far now.”

Me: “I'm surprised the VVS didn't detect us in this Zonda.”

Fred-104: “I think it might be because the Zonda Cinque Roadster is not registered in Gameloft's car database at the moment. Which means the VVS can't find us as easily.” (while the Zonda Cinque Roadster eventually stops at an abandoned hotel and we both get out)

Me: “Why'd we get out?”

Fred-104: “We'll split up from here and we'll reunite. Buck's in this valley to my right, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get him to help us. Linda's gonna get a D81-LRT Condor on the way to TF2014's friends too.”

Me: “Aight. See ya later.” (both of us split up, with Fred going into the valley and me continuing on the road. My phone sounds off, with another distress message from Audi R8 tyke)

Audi R8 tyke (message): “Are you alright? You need to get outta there now! I'm glad the cars you want to keep have been evacuated, but still, just get out of there before the VVS kills you!”

{at the valley}

John-117 (COM): “Sierra 117 to Sierra 104. Status?”

(Fred puts his DMR slightly down)

Fred-104: “We found an unused Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster and used it. Nearly died in the caves due to the stalactites. But I split up with my friend for now since Buck might be somewhere in the valley.”

John-117 (COM): “Affirmative, 104. Stay safe. Get P1 Boy and Buck out of here. 117 out.”

(Fred walks through the half-deserted valley, noticing burnt wrecks of cars and shattered Promethean Crawler corpses on every corner. He keeps his DMR ready for any threats)

{at Audi R8 tyke's home}

Audi R8 tyke: “Damn. P1 Boy is in danger! I gotta warn him again before it's too late! I know Spartan Fred-104 is coming with him.” (pulls out his phone and sends me a dire message)

(I get in the Zonda Cinque Roadster and continue driving down the road)

Me: “It won't be long before the VVS goons notice me.”

{1.59 miles to the Pelican}

(I see two VVS Centenarios in my rear view mirror)

Me: “What the- Contact!”

(the two VVS Centenarios pull up and try to ram me off the road, but I press a button on the Zonda Cinque Roadster's steering wheel that deploys spike strips. The spike strips pop the Centenarios' tires and send them crashing into a fiery and explosive grave)

Me: “Danger's clear. For now.”

{back at the valley}

Fred-104: “Sierra 104 to Sierra 058. I'm detecting human movement near this abandoned Volkswagen Type 2 van. Looks like a Spartan.” (takes aim with his M395B DMR)

Linda-058 (COM): “It must be Spartan Buck. He's been hiding from the VVS, and he sure could use a hand.”

Fred-104: “Understood, Linda. See you at the Pelican. 104 out.”

(Fred slowly encroaches on the VW Type 2. A Spartan in MJOLNIR GEN2 Helljumper rises out of his hiding position, opens the right rear passenger door, and gets out, with his MA5D Assault Rifle in his hands)

Edward Buck: “You came here to get McLarenP1 Boy out of here?”

Fred-104: “Affirmative. Name's Fred. Are you Buck?”

Buck: “Yep. I figured God knows how scared I was on the inside hiding from these VVS thugs. Glad to see someone I can help.”

Fred-104: “Anyways, let's go. Get us and our friend outta here for good. We know TransportFan2014 is planning to escape too.”

(both Fred and Buck go through the valley, fighting and eliminating any and all VVS goons and Covenant forces that come their way)

{at the VVS HQ}


VVS staff: “Yes, sir!”


(a mysterious Forerunner voice echoes through the VVS HQ)

Ur-Didact (voice): “You will relent or perish, humans. There is choice in life.”

{at my now abandoned garage}

(nine VVS goons, armed with heavy weapons like flamethrowers and grenade launchers, start destroying any of my vehicles that I chose not to save)

(1 hour 52 minutes later)

(all of my vehicles that I chose not to save are destroyed)

VVS goon: “Let's not leave anything behind! Torch this place up!” (sets the whole garage on fire)

(all of the VVS goons leave in Centenarios)

Audi R8 tyke: “Damn. They destroyed his entire garage. Glad he's moving to safety now.”

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