• McLarenP1 Boy

    Since Azelfland and Audi R8 tyke have been doing their Asphalt stories thing, I decided to join because why not.


    The Peugeot Onyx has finished assembling. It is enveloped in a small orange-colored hard light bubble that eventually fades away.

    • Me: “Alas, the Peugeot Onyx is now in my collection.”

    The Onyx sits next to the McLaren X2 and what will soon be a fully assembled Lamborghini Huracán.

    • Me: “It won't be until 3 in the morning that the Huracán is assembled.”
    • Azelfland: “Congratulations on getting the Huracán and Onyx, mate!”

    I look at Azelfland.

    • Me: “Thanks.”

    Looking behind me, I spot a tall shadow. A SPARTAN-II clad in a Cortana-upgraded MJOLNIR Mark VI armor suit walks into the scene, standing 7'2“ (218 cm). Having his MA5D assaul…

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  • McLarenP1 Boy

    Several points are taken and reworded from Mike458's User blog:Mike458/Everything Wrong With Asphalt 8 (REPOST) blog post.

    I made this blog post as my final goodbye to this place since I have permanently retired from Asphalt 8. Its quality and playability have gone to nothing right before my eyes.

    1. Credits are extremely hard to earn. Even Forza Motorsport 7 is less of a grinding hell than this game.

    2. Customer Care is worthless and unusable when it comes to fixing problems (evident from some reviews).

    3. Terrible, rubberbanding AI in terms of racing.

    4. The game forces microtransactions down the player's throat to continue performing well in Career, Multiplayer, etc. without being forced to waste months or years of nonstop grinding; worse, many…

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  • McLarenP1 Boy

    Okay, so now Crimeloft's reasoning for not wanting to add Area 51, Rio de Janeiro, and Patagonia to Quick Solo Race is to keep these tracks "interesting"? What a load of horse crap! They keep using the word "interesting", I don't think it means what they think it means anymore!

    There is NO reason to keep using the word "interesting" in order to lock out long-requested features for much longer! It only makes Crimeloft look even more worthy of being bombarded with class action lawsuits, mass boycotts, and mass one-star review attacks! I mean, Crimeloft should be prosecuted for their anti-consumer/anti-player practices, just like Electronic Arts! No corporation should be above the law anyway!

    Being able to play a new track with a new car in Seas…

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  • McLarenP1 Boy

    In case you didn't know, remaking decals from Asphalt games (particularly Asphalt 8) has been a thing in other racing games like Real Racing 3 and Forza. The downside is, not many people do it. The upside is, I have actually done a decal remake for the 2016 Camaro SS, and I also have discovered a few other people who are into this growing fad.

    I first discovered A8 decal remakes when I was browsing through a VK group and I found that someone remade an R8 e-tron decal for use on the regular R8 V10 coupe. Then, I was playing Forza Motorsport 6 in May of last year and searching for a design for my Lykan when I came across an A8 decal remake, the first time I had ever seen such in a Forza game. Surprisingly, the author of that remake did the de…

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  • McLarenP1 Boy

    ReplayKit Rant

    July 21, 2017 by McLarenP1 Boy

    Another rant I had to make. I am honestly very pissed off about this feature because it is very clearly bugged. ReplayKit is inherently just as flawed as Apple's current products. Period.

    This is a big problem that comes with ReplayKit recordings. If I can even save my recording (which is rare now), when I go to view the video, the audio is not on sync with the video!

    If I try to fix it with Avidemux, YouTube just ruins the audio sync even further! I cannot use Handbrake properly either!

    The only fix I could find is by doing the "reset memory" trick on the iOS device before starting up the game and recording. But this fix hasn't always worked for me. Sometimes, I do this trick twice and my recording's audio now goes offsync!

    This is the part of…

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