Asphalt 9 is a video game from Gameloft and the newest for Asphalt series. Features a lot new events and cars that players can have more fun and enjoy the game. But would you know, a game from EA (Electronic Arts) is very similar to A9? That's the newest mobile game in their series: Need for Speed.

Need for speed: No Limits features some of the features that's the same as Asphalt 9.Such as blueprint system (obtain from events to build a car), reputation and events. But it release earlier than A9, currencies, modes are slightly different.

Although need for speed similar to A9, but this game is boring like A9. The control for NFS is hard. Swipe up for nitro and down for drift. Also, it is terrible that the game follows Asphalt 8, engine sound for some cars are the same, long ads watching, difficult to collect blueprints and problems for exclusive events. The most biggest problem is connection, some players can't login within 2 days after updating the game, same as Asphalt 8 and 9, let the players to leave. Another problem is blueprints. Asphalt 9's blueprint can obtain via careers, daily events and exclusive events (eg. Season Pass), are easy to collect. But Need for Speed's blueprint is very difficult to obtain. Only obtain via specific events, black markets (Very rare) or pay money to level up their VIP. Drop rates for epic blueprints are lower than 10% so it is much harder than A9.

To conclude, although NFS and A9 are similar, but NFS problem are quite similar to A8. Only for payers pay for the game.......


May 12, 2020

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