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  • Mjplacencia

    Asphalt 8 Rant

    May 1, 2018 by Mjplacencia

    Asphalt 8 has made an initial release since August 22, 2013 has “continued to improve & expand” but there are some problems & experienced by many players across the globe. Here are now the problems experienced by many players & users.

    Credits are now extremely hard to earn. Tokens are too cheap to obtain due to the tokens are having high in demand between credits. Microtransactions are overpriced (e.g. $116.19 for 3,000,000 credits or 15,000 tokens). Asphalt 8 is now depending on certain vehicles not on driver’s skill anymore. Upgrade costs in Asphalt 8 in present days is now expensive by approximately 60% of vehicles which now costs millions of Credits and Pro Kit upgrades is now also expensive which costs millions of credits (which is mos…

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