NOTE: Repost from Google Plus. This blog shows the real acceleration of high-tier vehicles in Classes A and S. The displayed acceleration statistics are all fake. Real statistics have been found by in-game testing.

NOTE: Acceleration is calculated as the time it takes to go from 0 km/h to full speed at the start of the race.


I have done some testing and research and I have found the REAL acceleration statistics of the following high-tier vehicles in Asphalt 8: Airborne.

NOTE: All values are approximations. I did some measurements myself and I also used "reliable" sources on YouTube to figure out the rest of the measurements.

1. McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 - 1.8 sec (TTS = 488.7 km/h, RTS = 437.3 km/h) (This car will zoom past everything at the starting line. Usually, it stays ahead. But a few cars can overtake it with skill; the Vulcan, Hussarya GT and MP4-31.)

2. TRION NEMESIS - 2.4 sec (TTS = 491.5 km/h, RTS = 431.5 km/h) (This car is a downgrade to the MP4-25, with similar but worse stats, and its rank is also 39 points higher. But it can still do decently well in Multiplayer.)

3. McLaren MP4-31 - 2.8 sec (TTS = 501.5 km/h, RTS = 455.8 km/h) (This car is an absolute powerhouse. With a speed of 501.5 km/h and an acceleration statistic of 2.8 sec, it annihilates everything except for the Hussarya GT, Vulcan and MP4-25, all of which are roughly equally matched against it.)

4. Arrinera Hussarya GT - 3.3 sec (TTS = 503.0 km/h, RTS = 443.0 km/h) (All of the faster-accelerating cars are slower than the Hussarya GT, which explains why this car is so OP! (:D) However, the MP4-31 is better by a tiny margin if driven extremely well. The Hussarya GT's acceleration is a tiny bit quicker than the Vulcan's.)

5. Aston Martin Vulcan - 3.3 sec (TTS = 507.3 km/h, RTS = 444.4 km/h) (The Vulcan is similar to the Hussarya GT. It is also faster than every vehicle which accelerates faster than it, including the Hussarya GT itself.)

6. Ferrari Enzo Ferrari - 3.4 sec (TTS = 491.5 km/h, 420.6 km/h) (The Enzo has the same total top speed as the NEMESIS but it takes a second longer to accelerate. Overall, the Enzo is not extremely competitive, although, to be fair, it is the lowest-ranked Class S vehicle on this list.)

7. McLaren P1 GTR - 3.4 sec (TTS = 490.1 km/h, RTS = 424.4 km/h) (The P1 GTR seems to be worse than the Enzo, though the Enzo has a much worse nitro efficiency, which makes the P1 GTR the superior vehicle most of the time.)

8. Pagani Huayra BC - 3.5 sec (TTS = 489.5 km/h, RTS = 421.2 km/h) (The Huayra BC is very similar to the P1 GTR. It’s not a very good car within high-end Class S.)

9. SIN R1 - 3.5 sec (TTS = 493.0 km/h, RTS = 435.8 km/h) (The SIN R1 is actually very good for its rank; it’s a straight upgrade to the Huayra BC and its rank is A1776 vs S1800. However, the SIN R1 can’t compete with higher-ranked + good vehicles like the Hussarya GT and Vulcan.)

10. Jaguar XJ220S - 3.6 sec (TTS = 487.6 km/h, RTS = 408.8 km/h) (The XJ220S is almost as good as the SIN R1. However, similarly, its final rank is too low for it to be useful. Unlike the SIN R1, the XJ220S doesn’t have particularly good upgrade/rank percentages.)

11. GT by CITROEN - 3.6 sec (TTS = 487.3 km/h, RTS = 418.7 km/h) (The GT by CITROEN is very similar to the XJ220S. It’s another useless car.)

12. Mosler Land Shark - 3.6 sec (TTS = 497.4 km/h, RTS = 436.8 km/h) (The Land Shark is actually a very good car. It has slightly worse speed and acceleration than the Hussarya GT, for example. But it can still defeat many other competitors.)

13. Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package - 3.8 sec (TTS = 503.6 km/h, RTS = 424.7 km/h) (The 918 Spyder’s abilities are similar to the Land Shark’s. Despite being faster with TTS, the 918 Spyder is slower with RTS. And the 918 Spyder’s handling is terrible; in fact, the Land Shark can probably defeat the 918 Spyder on many tracks. Also, the NEMESIS defeats the Land Shark on most tracks, which means the 918 Spyder is worse than the NEMESIS.)

14. Mosler Super GT - 3.9 sec (TTS = 491.5 km/h, RTS = 440.1 km/h) (The Super GT has very good RTS considering how low its TTS is. Overall, the Super GT will defeat most other vehicles which travel at speeds of ~490 km/h, due to its higher RTS.)

15. W Motors Fenyr Supersport - 4.0 sec (TTS = 494.7 km/h, RTS = 449.3 km/h) (Considering how high the Fenyr’s raw top speed is and how sharp its drifting radius is, the Fenyr should NOT be underestimated. The Fenyr will destroy the 918 Spyder on many tracks; it can also challenge both the NEMESIS and the Land Shark. However, the Fenyr’s acceleration isn’t fast enough for it to be a serious threat for the MP4-25, MP4-31, Hussarya GT, and Vulcan.)

16. Lamborghini Aventador SV - 4.3 sec (TTS = 506.9 km/h, RTS = 443.2 km/h) (The Aventador SV’s main strengths are its high top speed and excellent perfect nitro efficiency. Despite earlier versions of its Wiki article saying that it has “superb acceleration for a Class S vehicle”, that is an OUTRIGHT LIE. The Aventador SV’s rank on this list [based around acceleration] is not very impressive. Because the Aventador SV is only a bit faster than the Hussarya GT, it’s worse on most tracks, including Iceland [with double-boosters]. The Aventador SV doesn’t stand a chance against the Vulcan, clocking in lap-times that are around 1-second slower [or worse, on twisty tracks like Dubai/Sector 8]. The Aventador SV generally clocks in around 0.5-seconds slower than the Hussarya GT on straight tracks [apart from Tokyo] and it gets completely thrashed on twisty tracks.)

17. Arash AF10 - 4.5 sec (TTS = 498.7 km/h, RTS = 455.8 km/h) (The AF10 actually isn’t half-bad, despite having a Tuning Kit bonus of only +18. In fact, it is another one of those cars that thrashes the 918 Spyder [that car seems to get thrashed a lot]. The AF10’s real acceleration is pretty terrible compared to its displayed acceleration. But the AF10 still has good speed [same RTS as the MP4-31] and it’s got insanely good handling/drifting and good nitro efficiency. The Land Shark seems to be slightly better than the AF10 on most tracks because of its superior acceleration; however, the Land Shark is Elite and the AF10 isn’t.)

18. Aston Martin One-77 - 4.6 sec (TTS = 487.3 km/h, RTS = 433.0 km/h) (The One-77 is truly terrible in comparison to its overpowered competition in Class A. The One-77 has bad top speed and bad acceleration. But it does have very good nitro efficiency, though.)

19. Icona Vulcano V12 Hybrid - 4.9 sec (TTS = 504.8 km/h, RTS = 459.3 km/h) (The Icona has very good RTS and TTS. Compared to the Aventador SV, it has slightly worse nitro efficiency and acceleration. Both cars have terrible drifting and handling. The Aventador SV is a bit faster with TTS but a lot slower with RTS.)

20. HTT Plethore LC 750 - 4.9 sec (TTS = 503.0 km/h, RTS = 468.7 km/h) (The Plethore’s nitro efficiency isn’t amazing. But the Plethore’s speed is evidently very good; especially its RTS. The Plethore’s biggest downside is its slow acceleration, so it’s inferior to the MP4-25, MP4-31, Hussarya GT, and Vulcan on every track. But the Plethore has higher RTS than all of these competitors. The Plethore has pretty good drifting and handling.)

21. Devel Sixteen Prototype - 5.2 sec (TTS = 522.6 km/h, RTS = 488.8 km/h) (The Devel has insane speed. But that comes at the cost of terrible handling and drifting. However, surprisingly, the Devel actually has a significant acceleration advantage over its other speed-oriented rivals, namely the Hommage, Corvette GS, Camaro SS, and SLK SE. The Devel also has decent nitro efficiency.)

22. Renault Sport R.S. 01 - 5.4 sec (TTS = 503.1 km/h, RTS = 466.2 km/h) (Despite being introduced to the game after the Plethore, the Renault Sport is basically a [slight] straight downgrade to the Plethore in every area except for TTS, where it is superior by 0.1 km/h. The Plethore has better raw top speed, better nitro efficiency and better acceleration. The Renault Sport also has pretty good drifting and handling.)

23. BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage - 5.9 sec (TTS = 511.6 km/h, RTS = 479.3 km/h) (The Hommage has worse acceleration, TTS, RTS, and nitro efficiency than the Devel. However, despite this, the Hommage isn’t Elite and it’s good in low-ranked Multiplayer, so it’s still a popular car. Also, the Hommage has slightly better drifting than the Devel and much better handling [although its handling is very sensitive, which is a bad thing].)

24. Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport - 6.1 sec (TTS = 518.9 km/h, RTS = 470.3 km/h) (Despite having a larger nitro statistic than the Devel and Hommage, the Corvette GS has worse acceleration than both cars. However, despite this, the Corvette GS is still very good because its drifting and handling statistics are significantly superior to the Devel and Hommage. The Corvette GS’ excellent nitro efficiency is its main strength aside from its high TTS.)

25. Chevrolet 2016 Camaro SS - 6.4 sec (TTS = 506.1 km/h, RTS = 472.6 km/h) (The Camaro SS is pretty bad at MAX+PRO. It’s basically like the Corvette GS except that it’s not as fast and it has worse drifting/handling. The Camaro SS mainly competes with cars that travel at ~490 km/h. The Camaro SS is better with a Multiplayer-tune.)

26. Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Special Edition - ~11 sec (TTS = 539.8 km/h, RTS = 497.3 km/h) (The SLK SE has insanely good speed. However, the terrible acceleration makes it quite horrible to drive at MAX+PRO. The SLK SE is better with a Multiplayer-tune.) -NOTE: Honestly, the SLK SE's acceleration is so bad that it's hard to tell exactly how slow it is; there aren't many areas at the beginnings of races where you can accelerate for 11 seconds straight, without having to turn around a corner or jump off a ramp/cliff. I can just imagine the nightmare that is a 0500 5050 SLK SE.