Hi, I think that Asphalt 8: Airborne is not fair! Here is some reasons why:

The kits/cheats are not very fair, it’s like you win with those, but do you really win? Imagine if cheats were removed, someone might actually learn the ways and win against you and you’d regret not practicing. Is it very fun to win when there’s a low chance for a lower level car to beat you? For a good example, the Renault Dezir at first level can already pretty much destroy the D-Class cars. It’s like you have a 515 ranked Dodge Dart and then a freaking 770 ranked Renault Dezir, not just that but the Renault Dezir gets so scared it uses those kits/cheats. I would suggest the Renault Dezir because Gameloft doesn’t really care and won’t change or remove the Renault Dezir.


Now to be clear I don't hate Gameloft, I love the game, I just hate how they basically have to make it a pay to win game. I think buying it would be better.

Now the leagues:

Why does a Champion, Challenger, exc. go against an amateur? They all should stay in the same league. The thing that annoys me is when they constantly just annoy you, the new people. They sometimes try to knock you out or they aren't even playing when you start a race.

The motorcycles:

Motor Cycle

The motorcycles are super hard to control. If they aren't recommended for multiplayer then what is the real point of them? The Suzuki in the D- Class I thought "Oh my god, I will never get used to this." I did but it was annoying at first, but just when I thought that was hard more motorcycles were introduced, so hard to control. You would wreck about 8 times in a race. It would take so so so much practice to get used to them. They're also terrible on the tracks with like tunnels, The tunnels make it so hard to control you usually hit a wall or fall over.

To get all this straight

Bikes are really bad to be using because of the handling and random wrecks that happen. The ranking is very wrong. They don't even make the matchmaking go higher when you enable the tank, nitro starter, and tuning kit or whatever you picked. Matchmaking is a really bad thing. The Dezir really needs to be put in the C-Class as the first car. Thats one thing about a game thats free, it's usually pay to win. So don't say they're the worst company in the world. See Pixel Gun 3D as a good example, OP weapons and it was good before they made it a free app. This is not meant to be hate just some suggestions to improve the game. Even if it has to be a payed game, no one would really care, they would buy it. Or at least from how many reviews there are people would buy it.

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