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    May 27, 2015 by Samhiuy

    Alright, moving the templates to the side for now. I have a new color scheme + background for the Wiki. I will personally create a new logo and cover image for the new design. Mainpage would need to be restructured to add some widgets. I'm trying to find out how to add the WAM Score, but it's difficult.

    Testing was done on my own useless Wiki ->

    EDIT2: It is working now.

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  • Samhiuy

    Currently testing new template (copied from One Piece) and splitting information to different pages. I shall modify the original template to fit our Wiki.

    Take a look here: Parent Tab Template

    5/23/2015 - Testing on Dodge Dart GT

    New Pages:

    • Dodge Dart GT\Performance Stats
    • Dodge Dart GT\Upgrades
    • Dodge Dart GT\Misc.
    • Dodge Dart GT\Gallery
    • Dodge Dart GT\Color Customization
    • Dodge Dart GT\Decals

    Infobox modified to remove previous default values. Right now, the "Starting/Maximum Rank" along with "Class" and "Colors" are changed and not the default anymore. New default fill-ins are "Engine Type", "Car Layout", "Power Output" and "Torque".

    Reason: Values for Asphalt 8 unneeded. The infobox will serve to provide information on the car only. Information on a …

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  • Samhiuy

    Alright, there is an new update right in front of us, and we need to find a way to sort out the incoming information. As of now, I have added the new car pages, and you guys can go WILD editing those pages. If anyone has bought the BMW M3 Sedan, please help add information on its page (Preferably Pro Stats and Pro + Nitro Stats + also the Overview), and on the the Season 9 page as well.

    So, there is a problem right now - what should we call the new update? Samhiuy (talk) 17:59, May 21, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Samhiuy

    Hello there, I'm a new moderator of this Wiki so I am still quite unexperienced. However, feel free to ask me questions as well shall you encounter some trouble while editing the Wiki or playing Asphalt 8. I'm quite good at organizing and managing data, so I focus on statistical information + page layout most of the time. I am, unfortunately, quite flawed and might make mistakes while editing as well. It would be great if people can notify me whenever I did something wrong and I'll do the same! Teamwork makes working much easier~!

    Oh yes! Another thing I'm good at is editing images. I have currently made this --->

    It is not as easy as you think! I have to actually cut out all the events individually and then layer it on top of the backgroun…

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  • Samhiuy

    The fastest in my division is a Sky member that managed a time of 1:18:672. I am currently placed at the 18th place with a time of 1:21:722 (Double Boosted).

    Seems like I'm stuck with all those Asphalt maniacs in the same Division. Ain't getting it off easy xD

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