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My R8 to my R8SE: Hey dude, wanna go racing with me?

My R8SE: Yeah! I'll invite some people if you don't mind

My R8: You bet.

So my R8SE invited my SLS AMG ED, my Civic Type-R, my TTS, my 370Z, my Elise Cup 260, my Mustang, my Italdesign DaVinci, my Survolt, my Aston DB9, my Maserati GT Sport, my X-Bow GTX, my CTS-V, my CLA 45, my 599XX Evo, my Chevy SS, my 570S, my Sazan LM, my FXX Evo, my Silver Lightning, my Veyron and my Centodieci.

My TTS, my Elise, my Davinci, my 599XX Evo, my Silver Lightning, my Veyron, my Centodieci, my 570S, my Chevy SS and my FXX Evo Declined, and 13 cars were left, 15 in total. (SLS AMG, Civic, 370Z, Mustang, Survolt, DB9, Maserati, X-Bow, CTS-V, CLA 45, Sazan LM, Veyron, Centodieci, R8, R8SE)

My R8: wow, thats a lot of people.

My R8SE: it would be more if none of them declined.

So they went to the city racing center...

Narrator: 3,2,1, GO! The Centodieci Sprinted out lightning fast with a blazing nitro trail, followed closely by the nitro blasting Veyron and the X-Bow GTX! The Cadillac CTS-V is having a tense fight with the CLA 45 AMG! the Honda Civic is battling the Nissan 370Z and the SLS AMG and trying to knockdown them with a high nitro speed, but the 370Z has the same idea! Wow! The SLS AMG was knocked down! The Audi R8 e-tron is trying to knockdown the Onuk Sazan LM with the R8 e-tron Special Edition using the elictric torque™, but the Sazan seems to be escaping with nitro powahh™! The Ford Mustang is catching up with the Nissan 370Z! The Citroën Survolt, the Aston Martin DB9 and the Maserati GranTurismo Sport are cruising together, but at a fairly high speed.

Narrator: The Cadillac decided to go away and the CLA 45 AMG had the same idea. They rushed past the KTM X-Bow GTX and the Veyron and the Centodieci with nitro powahh™, with the Centodieci being knocked down by the Cadillac CTS-V! The Cadillac is now first, but the CLA is very close! The Audi R8 is taking advantage to rush to the front- only to be left in the dust by the Nissan 370Z, who knocked down the Ford Mustang and lead the Honda Civic to a terrible wreck! The Honda Civic had to leave the race, along with the SLS AMG, the Centodieci, the Sazan LM and the Ford Mustang because they wrecked- but the Sazan LM returned!


Me in my Garage: where did everyone go???

My 570S: they went racing.

Me: oh. I guess I'll go cruise on the Mini Cooper S Roadster.

My Mini Cooper S Roadster: I thought I was supposed to get my engine repaired since it got clogged that day.

Me: oh yeah, your engine got clogged by the rain. I guess I'll tow you to the station with my Ford F-150.

My Ford F-150: I might yeet him into a tree...

Me: don't remind me of the deadly crash of the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport...

My Dodge Dart GT: alright, you guys go! I was trying to get some SLEEP!

Me: sorry. Let's go Mr. Ford-F-150-who-likes-to-yeet-people-into-a-tree.

My Ford F-150: stop.


Narrator: The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 drifted out of control and into a wall! He wrecked, but he decided to pull back into the race! The Survolt, DB9 and Maserati are starting to get sport! OHHH!!! The Citroën Survolt knockdowned the Nissan 370Z, who was the third, with her ELICTRIC TORQUE!!!™! The Survolt is now the first, along with the DB9 and Maserati being second and third. Only 10 cars left! Ooh, the Onuk Sazan LM is cruising at fourth! The Cadillac and the CLA 45 AMG is still battling for fifth and sixth, but the KTM X-Bow GTX killed their fifth dream off! The Bugatti Veyron wrecked again in a brake and steering failure and had to exit the race! 9 people remains, and the 6 who wrecked had their remains being sent back to their garage owner, TheHappyFeralSlime.

Narrator: Ohhh!!! The Audi R8 e-tron pushed the R8 e-tron Special Edition out of the track, leaving him completely unscathed but dazed! Oof, the R8 was too happy in his success that he got too much speed and crashed, with 3 of his tires blowing out, the engine blowing up, the front lights destroyed and the body flying around in the air--- and almost landing on the Sazan LM, who has just reached his nitro top speed! 7 people left!

Narrator: There's a big turn- can they make it?


Mechanic: well, this car has to stay here for at least a month. If not, even more.

Me: Aw man! well, at least I still have my Honda S200 and my BMW Z4 LCI E89 from A9.

My Ford F-150: That actually went well.

Me: Yeah, lets go home. Later, Mr. Mechanic!

Mechanic: Bye!


Narrator: The Citroën Survolt Handled the turn well, but the KTM X-Bow did even better! The KTM X-Bow is now First, with the Maserati GranTurismo Sport at second, Citroën Survolt in third, and--- NO!!! What a sad failure! the Aston Martin DB9 oversteered and did not make it! However, she returned, but only in the last place! The Sazan LM is doing better, but he seems to be losing a lot of speed! And now we take a look at the podium! The Cadillac and the CLA 45 AMG blocked the KTM X-Bow GTX, causing her to slow down! The Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series- or the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 Racing Series- is now the first, with the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Race Car following at second. The KTM X-Bow GTX stayed safe at third, but the Aston Martin Caught up- and got knockdowned by the X-Bow GTX! 6 People! The Onuk Sazan LM immediately caught up with the Citroën Survolt and the Maserati GranTurismo Sport- and cut out the KTM X-Bow GTX!

Narrator: The X-Bow GTX was pushed to the fifth, with the Maserati ahead and the Survolt behind. Oh, look! It's the final 200 meter dash! The Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series, Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Race Car, Onuk Sazan LM, Maserati GranTurismo Sport and the KTM X-Bow GTX Activated NITRO POWAHH!!!™, while the Citroën Survolt Activated ELICTRIC TORQUE!!!™!

Narrator: Aaaaaaaaand the race is done! THE PODIUM: IN FIRST PLACE: CADILLAC CTS-V COUPE RACE CAR, 01:21.034! Whoo hoo! Looks like he annihilated the CLA 45 AMG's chance of getting first! IN SECOND PLACE: MERCEDES-BENZ CLA 45 AMG RACING SERIES, 01:21.056! Congratulations! Even though the Cadillac cut you off by 0.022 seconds! IN THIRD PLACE: ONUK SAZAN LM, 01:22.137! Nice!!! RUNNERS UP: IN FOURTH PLACE: MASERATI GRANTURISMO SPORT, 01:24.732! Yeah! IN FIFTH PLACE: KTM X-BOW GTX, 01:25.999! Wow! 999? That's pretty accurate! OTHER: IN SIXTH PLACE: CITROËN SURVOLT, 01:27.000! Ok, cool! IN SEVENTH PLACE, TIED: BUGATTI CENTODIECI, WRECKED; MERCEDES-BENZ SLS AMG ELECTRIC DRIVE, WRECKED; HONDA CIVIC TYPE-R, WRECKED; 2015 FORD MUSTANG, WRECKED; NISSAN 370Z, WRECKED; AUDI R8 E-TRON, WRECKED; AUDI R8 E-TRON SPECIAL EDITION, WRECKED; BUGATTI VEYRON 16.4 GRAND SPORT VITESSE, WRECKED. Aww, that's so sad.



My Ford F-150: Dude, cal- HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO CALM DOWN???

My Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA: this has been here a few minutes ago.

Me: Quick! Find my tow links.

After my cars returned...

Me: People, we need you to tow those 9 to the mechanic.

My Onuk Sazan LM: Man.

Me: They're wrecked! Whadd'ya doing, Chevy Camaro GS???

My Chevrolet Camaro GS: Here you go.

So I chained one car to another...

Me: So who's gonna take other three?

My Lamborghini Countach: I'll take Aston Martin DB9.

Me: Good. *Clink*

My Lamborghini Urus: I'll do Veyron.

Me: Great, *Clink*

Me: Who else?

My Italdesign DaVinci: I'll take SLS AMG ED.

Me: Nic-

My Cadillac CTS-V: Oof!

My Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG: Ach!

Me: oh no, the weight broke your trunk!

Me: I guess Ford F-150 would tow you two.

My Ford F-150: yees, i an STRONGERR!!!

Me: Silver Lightning, you tow R8 SE then.

My Silver Lightning: I guess I can tow this guy...

My McLaren 570S: I'll tow 370Z, Since we're both Numbers and a Letter :P

Me: Ok, you guys go, I'll follow you guys in my BMW M1. Ford F-150, you know where the mechanic is?

My Ford F-150: You bet.

Me: Lets go then!

Meanwhile, at Gameloft HQ...

Programmer One: Hey Jake (Programmer Two), we gotta work on the new update.

Programmer Two: Alright, it's almost done.

Programmer One adds the last files for the update.

Programmer Two writes the last code for the update.

Programmer One/Two: Done!

Programmer One: *Clicks Update*

Programmer One: Easy!


My McLaren 570S: Oof, it sure is hard to tow without using nitro powahh™.

My Silver Lightning: For me, it's the elictric torque™.

My Ford F-150: I'm using diesel powahh™.

A Ferrari LaFerrari that passed by: HYBRID POWAHH!!™!!!

Me: ...


My Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA to My Renault CLIO R.S. 200 EDC: Let's race!

My Renault CLIO: After what happened to them? Ok I guess...

My BMW M1: Me is comming

My Lamborghini Countach: Comming

My Ferrari Testarossa: Hey! Let's make this retro car only... plus Alfa Romeo and Renault CLIO!!!

My Ferrari 308 GTS: Heck Yeah

My Alfa Romeo: Let's Go!