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  • TransportFan2014

    Just a preview of my final episode of the Multi-Universe Stories. Only events within the vicinity of AsphaltLand would be depicted in this preview. Scripts won't be revealed, though. Depicted scenes here are NOT listed in the same sequence as in the actual episode itself.

    Scene 1: All of us loading our weapons

    Scene 2: Fending off goons who are camping on a bridge to clear our way

    Scene 3: Jumping off a bridge into the waterr to evade the goons

    Scene 4: Opening an air drop crate, which reveals an M395B DMR similar to the one Fred-104 uses.

    Scene 5: Luring Vivendi goons into a narrow alley of unstable buildings, with the buildings falling onto the goons

    Scene 6: Leaving the castle with the Chrysler 300C that was used as the getaway car

    Scene 7: Na…

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  • TransportFan2014

    1) Getting rid of all remaining Vivendi artilery with the help of K.I.T.T. and the Halo Squad 2) Destroing the portal switch to ensure that no one can open it again. 3) Taking K.I.T.T to Lexington Park, Philadelphia before the portal closes for good, but got interrupted by Vincent who demands a 1v1 duel. 4) I accept the duel as my final race for my entire lifetime; but I eventually switch from the McLaren 600LT to K.I.T.T and escape to Lexington Park 5) Sending the 600LT crashing into Vincent's Lamborghini Centenario via K.I.T.T's remote control, resulting in Vincent being severely injured, and both cars getting totalled 6) Returning to the castle to discuss on how to send the remaining 3 cars to a UNSC D96 Albatross to be hauled to Le…

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  • TransportFan2014

    Finishing the Ford 2017 GT R&D, and relying on the car to retrieve the last pieces of the data to reveal the location of the portal switch so that I can use it to isolate my garage from AsphaltLand forever. This episode also depicts KITT's appearance (yep, I am depicting that Ford GT as KITT's 8th appearance, this time called Knight Industries Thirty Thousand), and the destruction of Vivendi's last HQ.

    PS1: If P1 Boy is seeing this, I hope he gets the message that Black Knight is actually a non-existant character, with that alias used by KITT in disguise.

    PS2: The original KITT- that iconic Trans Am still exist. I will be depicting KITT in any post-AsphaltLand stories in any of the following cars:

    • Knight Industries 2000 as 1982 Pontiac Fireb…
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  • TransportFan2014

    Working on the AM Vantage 2018, along with finalizing our plan to escape from AsphaltLand, as well as informing the Halo Squad of our intentions to hijack some plasma charges from Vivendi for use in any Covenant weaponary within our possession for future use; also requesting some UNSC bullets for certain UNSC weapons that were requested prior, along with a prequel to what Black Knight is doing before he ceases all communications, along with snagging the AM Vantage 2018 during a certain part of Azelf's and R8 Tyke's next episodes

    The Asphalt Lab; June 25, 2019; 1400 hours; Cloudy

    Me: Alright. If the Ford is indeed coming then it would be my getaway ticket. The moment I am waiting for. By the way, any idea if the goons know what happened to An…

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  • TransportFan2014

    Ever since Azelf ended up killing Anais, I had to perform various fail-safe measures, including one that will not please him (I mean, I had to do what I think is a fail-safe method). Luckily, there are indications that the Ford 2017 GT is coming soon, which means Black Knight might have been able to come to the rescue, and that the controversial fail-safe measure would last for only one month, in the worst case scenario.

    June 6, 2019; my current A8 garage; Lexington Park, Philadelphia; 1700 hours; Sunny

    Me: Well, good luck. Azelf killed Anais- though his Devil Gene made him do it, we lost a meat shield. I gotta figure out various fail safe measures....

    Hanna: What sort of fail safe measures?

    Me: I gotta take a while before I decide. Right now …

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