Cuz the recent R&D featured some rouge AIs that try to assassinate anyone who works for the labs. Plus the SLS Black Series behaves no differently than this absurdly useless vehicle.

(At my main apartment in Bronx, NYC)

Me: Curses to the VVS @$$#0!€$ for taking my friend away!!! >:( (as soon as I park my Mitsubishi Lancer beside my Dodge Charger)

Sarah: Hope she is alright..... :(

Me: I hope so. Azelfland and R8 Tyke are trying to save her along with their friends, or date in the case of Azelfland.

Sarah: But why? :/

Me: According to R8 Tyke's spy and ACG, Vincent is planning to make mutants with the powers of some girls. He just needs any 3, I mean, any 3, to do that experiment.

Sarah: Heck no!! O_O

Me: But, he CAN'T. Without his wife. Since he does not know where I hid his wife, his plan will not be able to start, giving them plenty of time. To find them.

Sarah: Good to know.

Me: Will pick Naomi up from Vegas when this whole fiasco is done. And seriously, I NEED to stay close to anyone I care about. The VVS boss is really a huge pain in the bum. I hope I can flush him out ASAP. :/

(3 days later)

R8 Tyke: (though voicemail) Mission success. We found the hostages.

Me: SWEET!! I will pick her up. And will find Naomi later.

(But later, when I reached my garage)

Me: CURSE YOU VVS!!!! >:(


Me: Will check later if they did. >:|

(Both us rush out of the garage)

(After a lengthy chase, I parked my SV in my garage and went to the room where I hid Anais, and found that she is still chained up)

Me: F***!!!!! >:( THAT VOICE WAS A SOUNDBOARD AFTER ALL!!!! >:( I am out to the labs. Then I will pick my two friends back.

Sarah: Well I will come.

Me: Of course you are following me. I don't think leaving you behind is feasible.

(At the labs)

Technicians: We have a problem here. Some rouge AIs are messing wih our operations. We need you to try to catch them. 

MB SLS BS: So, I heard about you, Azelf and R8 Tyke. I wonder if there is anything I can do?

Me: We will see.

(After some tests)

Me: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??!!! >:( I WAS EXPECTING SOMETHING BETTER OUT OF THIS CAR!!!! >:(

Technicians: What do ya mean? :/


Technicians: Welp, the rouge AIs did irreversible 'modding' to this car :/

Me: IDIOTS!!!!! >:( (As I storm back to my Civic Type R and use it to look for a MD-90 to go to Vegas)

(After reaching the hotel in Las Vegas)

Naomi: Is everything stable now? :/

Sarah: They rescued Lily. All is well. When you have finished your-

Naomi: Well I'm done. I am coming.

(After picking Naomi, all of us went to McCarran to board an A340 to head to Rome to fetch Lily)

(Just before taking off)

Sarah: Well what plane are you using next? You literally swapped planes twice, from the B737-800 to the MD-90, then to this, the A340, what next? :/

Me: Cuz I don't have time to wait for the planes to refuel. Plus I need MORE range. I will be swapping to a 767 for the return trip to Philadelphia. Maybe tomorrow we will spend some time in NYC....

Sarah: Oh :/

Naomi: Seriously when will all this fiasco stop? :/

Me: These @$$#0!€$ won't stop no matter how much we hope they will.

My A340: Well, they won't. Better keep your friends close. They might have some systems to shoot down aircraft. Even civilian ones.

Naomi: Incivilty. -_-

(After reaching the airport, we rent a Ford Fiesta to go to Azelfland's garage to pick Lily up)

Me: Okay. Once we find Lily, we go back to Philadelphia. I am worn out.

(At Azelfland's garage)

Me: Thanks. Now I gotta keep them safe.

(While driving to the airport)

Me: So, it seems like I cannot go beyond the maximum range whereby um... I can keep track of you girls. Gotta think of how to safeguard you all.

Lily: Well it seems like we are having not so much of luck....

Sarah: Well I think when we get back.... we splash that you-know-who. With whatever liquid we have.

Lily: Right. :P But make sure those liquids do not threathen her life.

Naomi: From what I heard, the bat family tortured her. Serves her right.

Me: Obviously it serves her right. I won't be surprised if anyone would bother to spar her. :P Not me though.

Naomi: She really dresses sooo inappropriately -_-

Me: I know right. Reminds me of the few singers who I despise from day 1 I heard about them. And I will NEVER listen to any of their songs,.even when hell freezes over. >:|

Sarah: Speaking of 'hell freezes over', you did say that regarding one of your- 

Me: I don't want a reminder of that scenario. Worst day of my life- maybe only better than high profile disasters- if I were there.

(While entering US borders during the final trip)

Me: Well I wonder what does the R8 SE hologram want....

(After checking the message)

Me: Okay. One of the two kidnappers is found in New Jersey. I will change destination to Newark Intl. And find and blast the kidnapper to smirtheens. >:|

Lily: You say.... you found one of the kidnappers? :/

Me: Yes. I told my SLR to head to Newark and wait for me. You three, when we land, head to a Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner. I will use that plane to get back to Philadelphia.

Naomi: Well, which one?

Me: This one. (I hand a snapshot of the aircraft)

(After landing at Newark)

My SLR: SilverAzelfland has placed an unarmed bomb in me. You can use it to rig the kidnapper's car. I heard that he is going for a meeting.

Me: Cool. Which car?

My SLR: It is one of those Huracans. I will tell you more.

(After finding the Huracan)

My SLR: That's the car. Wait here.

(After the goon and the kidnapper enter the car, I trail the Huracan without letting them know that they have a tail, all the way to one of the sub-bases in Atlantic City)

My SLR: Call R8 Tyke's 2nd number when you are ready.

Me: Aye. (I exit the car and hide behind a rock and call the number)

(Ringtone under the Huracan)

Kidnapper: Hmm? :/ Why is my car making music? :/

Enemy goon 1: No idea.

Enemy goon 2: Maybe it is some doofus playing music.

Kidnapper: Well I will chec- (car explodes shortly after, killing the kidnapper and various goons, as well as destroying the whole compound)

Enemy goons: ARGH!!!! >:( WE HAVE COMPANY!!! >:(

(I annihilate all goons in 15 mins)

Me: Next time, DON'T F*** WITH MY FAMILY, BUGGERS!!!! >:( 

(On the way to the turboprop plane)

R8 SE hologram: I got some unconfirmed news. The goons who the kidnapper is meeting, are not part of the VVS.

Me: What is he doing there?

R8 SE hologram: Trying to negotiate. The gang he is meeting up with, is actually a gang which hates BOTH GL and VVS.

Me: Welp, I might need more info about this. 

(To be continued)