This one depicts the return of 5 people that bullied my friends previously (obviously not in real life) joining the VVS to hunt down me and the last friend of mine that are still in AsphaltLand, as well as the emerging of the main antagonist of Knight Rider, K.A.R.R., who takes the form of Vincent's Centenario rather than the muscle cars seen in the original films.

Difficulty of the bullies: moderate, but should not be a problem if I look after my friend well (since the only car in concern is the Zenvo TS1, and I am dumping the BMW i8 Coupe).

Difficulty of K.A.R.R.: Nearly as powerful as Tyrant in Resident Evil 2 and Thanos in some Avengers movie that idk about. Retains the ruthless nature seen in the Knight Rider series.

(In the 9th VVS base)

Vincent: Okay. I found some strange motherboard. I might test it in my Centenario.... and see if it will help me crush Azelfc*** for good. For TF2014, I found 5 bullies to whack him.... and that tasteless date of his. But.... I will see what this AI will do....

(After some programming)

Vincent: YES!!! >:D Now time to see what this can do....

(After activating the AI)

VVS goon 1: I wonder why are you customising your car with a useless computer....

Vincent's Centenario: I am the Knight Auto-cybernetic Roving Robot-exoskeleton V.2.1. Or if you prefer.... KARR.

Dr. Eggman: KARR? How did-

KARR: My new driver here reactivated me. And.... if he proves to be loyal to me, I will serve him well.

Vincent: My task is to rule the world, and to take full control of AsphaltLand. I am also trying to eliminate Azelfland, R8 Tyke, TF2014, and maybe, P1 Boy. The latter is gone so I will focus on the former 3. Oh, all three have girlfriends that I have interest in abducting them as a meat shield. :P

KARR: Ruling the world? Well, that's what I wanna do. Congratulations, you will now be my driver. First thing is, to find Azelfc***. One sure thing is Azelfc***'s girls cannot do anything to me no matter how bad*** they are; I am basically immune to every single power.

Azelfland.exe: Are you trying to boast?? The VVS is full of nincompoops who always fail, and I hope you are not next-

KARR: WHO ARE YOU TO CHALLENGE ME, SO-CALLED STRONGEST DEMON??!! >:( If you are THAT POWERFUL, you wouldn't have f****d up that kidnapping and had your BALLS getting owned.

Azelfland.exe: Ah shut up.... you will know what happens if you challenge me.... (uses some witchcraft to attack KARR, which only bounces back to Azelfland.exe, injuring him while KARR himself does not suffer any damage) WHAT??!! O_O

KARR: I should be the one asking you that. (Turns into robot mode and grabs Azelfland.exe by the head and smashing his nuts multiple times)

Azelfland.exe: (screaming goat due to the insane pain)

KARR: Next time, don't think I am a wannabe villain. >:| (reverts back to the Centenario form)

Vincent: Also, I just encountered the 5 people that bullied TF2014's friends. I will see how will they react if they are confronted with them.

Dr. Eggman: Cool. He will not see it coming.

Gordon (bully 1): You say you are hunting for TF2014 and his friends?

Bowser: Yeah. Glad we found you. Things should be easy... to confront him.

Gordon: Also don't forget Parker, Carver, Jennifer and Margaret. We will try to hunt down them. We will not fail you.

KARR: I wanna see you prove it.

Carver: Wait. Who's talking?

Vincent: My car, who is called KARR.

Jennifer: Wait. I heard about KARR. Looks like tracking down Lily, Sarah, Naomi, Ron, and Kimberley would be easy.

KARR: And I think I sense the presence of some of Azelfc***'s girls. Showtime. (As he leaves the base)

Parker: Well, TF2014's friends won't see it coming.

(In my garage)

Me: Okay. I seem to find an abandoned Jaguar XJ (X351) on the streets. Now we need to find a place to hide. Definitely not my garage. 

Kimberley: Are we directly going there or what?

Me: No. We look for a place to hide. Then we go back to our garage. I don't wanna risk our weapon supplies getting stolen by the VVS. For now, we will just be armed with some assault rifles.

Kimberley: Fine. I have a spare M16 with me. What about you?

Me: I will use this good ol' AK-47. And regarding your Zenvo, I will be particopating two weeks later. I need a proper planning on how to succeed in the last R&D while the riots are ongoing.

Kimberley: Knew I won't regret being with you, despite what you did previosuly.

Me: Enough talkie. I will try and check that castle, and see if we have a secret spot to hide.

(While Kim and I are leaving my garage in the Jaguar XJ)

KARR: Okay. I detected three whores to kidnap. Of course, Hanna will be the main target. To piss off that c***.

Persephone: At least we got to spend time as a family together.

Miguel: Yeah. :3 Even with all the rioting and with all the shenanigans, we could still go out together.

Wanda: I am tired. Let's g- (just as KARR wrecked their vehicle) VVS SPOTTED!!! >:(

KARR: Correct. I am the VVS ally.

Persephone: Only one Centenario?? Easy peasy. :P

(Persephone and Wanda attack KARR using their weapons and powers, all without effect)

Candice: Weird. I thought your powers are unstoppable?

KARR: Not to me. And wanna know why I am alone? Cuz. I. AM. KARR. (As the Centenario turns into the robot form) From now on, you all will listen to my commands. >:| (as he grabs Candice and Persephone while Wanda and Miguel escaped)

Miguel: There goes my wife and daughter. AGAIN!! >:(

Wanda: We gotta warn Azelf!! >:|

(Both teleport as my Jaguar XJ passes by)

Me: Uh oh. O_O

Kimberley: What? (Sees KARR with Candice and Persephone chained inside the main body of the robot, as the robot transforms back into the Centenario) I read you. That's KARR!! HE IS WORKING FOR THE VVS!!!!

Me: That means trouble. What do you say, we rescue the two captured girls?

Kimberley: Do or die. We cannot risk our friends.

KARR: TrashF****r and his tasteless whore, Kimberley, spotted. 2/8 victims busted. My lucky day- 2 more. 

Kimberley: Dear, he is on us!!

Me: Why not you try to wreck him?

(I frantically try to outrun KARR but since he is faster, I fail to do so; Kim tries shooting KARR, but no damage is dealt to KARR)

Kimberley: What's this?! Why are my shots not doing anything?

KARR: Either submit or die. Nothing will wreck me- not superpowers, not weapons, nothing will stop me. (As he transforms into a robot and attempts to disable my Jaguar)

Persephone: OMG!! TF2014 and Kimberley are now targeted!! O_O

Candice: We gotta try and escape from this car.... (struggling with Persephone) This is the third time I got kidnapped. :(

Persephone: Vincent will pay for this!! >:(

KARR: I don't think so, damsels in distress. If your powers are ineffective, say goodbye to beating the VVS. :P

Candice: Looks like TF2014 and Kim are not gonna make it.

(KARR steps on the trunk of my Jaguar, causing it to backflip)

Me: Say goodbye to this world, it seems. Looks like our date has a tragic end.

Kimberley: Just hang on. Even if we fail, we will be companions till we die.

(The Jaguar lands on its wheels)

Me: Not so fast, KARR!! >:P

Candice: At least they will make i-

(Just as KARR turns back into the Centenario and stops in front of my Jaguar)

Kimberley: OH $#-

(My Jaguar hits KARR head on, knocking Kim and I unconscious)

KARR: From now on, you two will listen to my commands. (As he rips the roof of the Jaguar XJ and pluck Kim and I out and insert us into his cabin) 4 out of 8 captured. And I think I detected Azelfc***'s date and some unknown damsel in distress. Abduction, begin. (Rushes to Hanna, who is hanging out with Emily)

(Half an hour later, at a restaurant)

Emily: So, I wonder how are we gonna take down the VVS?

Hanna: Well, we will see how to flush them out. What we just need to do is to first find where the villains are.

Emily: But I heard that R8 Tyke and TF2014 are not gonna help us..... why so? :/

Hanna: R8 Tyke and TF2014 wanna leave AsphaltLand for good. Not to mention that the bullies of TF2014's friends have returned, and TF2014 is getting exceedingly cautious.

Emily: Girl, we got company. >:|

Hanna (looking at the Centenario): Of course it is the VVS.

Emily: Well, I am suspecting something. I know we are not damsels in distress, but that Centenario looks a bit odd.

Hanna: Ah who cares, that yellow LED bar on the hood is just a mere cosmetic. Let's kill the goon-

(Both Hanna and Emily attack the Centenario with their powers, with not a single effect)

Emily: Uh oh. O_O I think I am seeing TF2014 and Kimberley in that car. They look like they are abducted.

Hanna: But why cannot our powers wreck it. They usually do... :|

KARR (transforming into a robot): I also captured Persephone and her mom. >:)

Hanna: Who's talking??

KARR: It's me. >:) And being Vincent's car, I am not a regular Centenario. I, am KARR. And you two, are part of me.

Emily: RUNNN!!!! >:|

(Both Hanna and Emily try to run, but KARR manages to grab them before they can teleport away)

Hanna: What the- why I cannot teleport? :|

KARR: The minute I have contact with you, all your powers are useless. Now, prepare to watch your boyfriend meet his demise. In front of your eyes. >:D


KARR: Say hello to the VVS. I am the VVS ally. (As he stuffs Hanna and Emily to the seats, before locking them to the seats)

Hanna: Looks like TF2014 and Kim are unconscious. I wonder if they saw it coming-

Candice (in the hood, trying to free herself): LET US GO, YOU VILLAIN!!!! >:(

Emily (while struggling): Looks like Candice is also affected. Vincent will pay when we get out of here-

KARR: your dreams. (As he starts attacking some police cars and nearby civillans with his mounted gatling guns, before transforming back to the Lambo and tries to find Jake and Amy while attacking any cops in pursuit)

Cops: Stop right there, whoever you are!! I can see you abducting multiple people!!

KARR: Only Vincent tells me what to do. (Destroys the cop cars)


(The screaming of Hanna and Emily, along with the sound of the gatling guns and explosions make Kim and I regain consciousness)

Kimberley: Where am I? I don't remember us sitting in the back if a Lamborghini- (finds herself chained) TF2014!! WAKE UP!!! O_O

Me: What is it? (Finding myself chained up like the other captives) Bummer. Luckily we only brought mid-grade weapons.

Hanna: You two there?

Kimberley: Yeah, we are. Right now we gotta figure out how to run away. I think we should have brought the weapons delivered by the Halo Squad-

KARR: Halo Squad weapons, like the powers of those damsels in distress, ain't gonna do jack. When I find the UNSC Infinity, P1 Boy will jave to return to work with the VVS. Cuz his ship will be obliterated with little to no problem.

Emily: Azelfland will stop you!!

KARR: Nope, Azelfc*** is totally nothing. When I find his garage, I will turn everything in it into a total mess, like how P1 Boy's garage is now. :P

Me: You despicable f***!!! >:(

Kimberley: Don't waste time screaming and figure how we are gonna leave. Your powers are basically ineffective against this villain. >:|

Hanna: You're damn right.

KARR: I see another couple at the park. Having a good time for the last time. Database match. Jake and Amy. Last abductions.


Kimberley: I doubt they can.

(When Jake and Amy have just finished jogging)

Amy: Thanks for taking me out, Jake. Hope we can do it again.

Jake: Yeah, we are coming tomorrow.

Amy: Sure. ^_^ Let's go home- (screaming goat as a Centenario shoves their car out of the parking spot onto the main road, damaging sereval cars in the process)

Jake: Effing Vivendi!! >:(

KARR: Yes. Cuz I am the Vivendi ally. >:| (transforming into a robot)

Amy: YOU DESPICABLE NUT!!! >:( (As she and Jake saw Hanna, Emily, Candice, Persephone, Kimberley and I being captured in him)

KARR: And you, will be part of me. >:) (pins Jake and Amy to the floor)


KARR: Wrong. I know what I am doing. I am KARR and I see Azelfland as a threat. Catching you all will pull him out of his camp. Azelfland, MUST DIE. >:|


(KARR stuffs Amy and Jake into the same compartment where Candice and Persephone are stuffed into)

Hanna: Oh no.... O_O

Me: Piece of $#!+!! >:(

(KARR reverts back to the Centenario form and heads for the VVS base)

(After a 3 hour journey to the 9th VVS base)

Vincent: Welcome back, damsels in distress. :P And I see that you two have your boyfriends who are willing to try to keep you safe. But with my new ally here, you can do nothing.

Candice: We will see who's laughing when Azelfland comes here!! >:( (As Bowser chains her, Emily, and Persephone to the same pillar while Heihachi Mishima locks Kim's right arm to one of the pipes and handcuffs both of my arms to Kim's left arm; Dr. Eggman does the same to Jake and Amy)

Dr. Eggman: Not when we have a whooper here!! :P

Vincent: You did a very good job, KARR. Welcome to the VVS.

KARR: What a pleasure. Oh, leave Azelfc***'s date in my cabin. That way, Azelfc*** will not dare to wreck me. Or... his date will be in the graveyard.

Azelfland.exe: GGGGRRRRRR..... Looks like I am outsmarted. That's embarassing.

KARR: Looks like you want ANOTHER nut shot!! >:| (turns into the robot and punches Azelfland.exe's nuts with 50 Mega-Newtons of force)

Heihachi Mishima: Ah yes. To Amy, TF2014 and Kim, we have some 'friends' for ya. :P

Amy: Uh oh. The bullies. -_- But why me?

Vincent: Cuz you were in the same class with that tasteless whore. So why not?

Carver: I never knew we would be able to meet again, Kim.

Kimberley: What do you want? >:(

Amy: Yeah, what on earth are you gonna do?

Jennifer: Just wanna say some greetings. :P

Me: Yeah, but seeing the way you treated my friends, your greetings are not welcomed.

Gordon: You better stfu, coward!! >:(

Me: I do admit that I was a coward, but I ain't backing down this time! >:(

Kimberley: Ya hear that? He never wanted to abandon me and leave me to be abused by you!!

Parker: Stop talking $^#& to me, f*****!! >:( (tries to punch me but Kim kicks his nuts) ARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!

Kimberley: Maybe YOU should be the one that should stop talking $^#&!!

Jennifer: Oh, trying to defend that treachorous boyfriend of yours? No matter, you two will face your demise soon.

Parker: Enough talking with these nuts. What we gonna do, crush Azelfc***, now that we got his girlfriend.

Jennifer: Yeah, enough wasting time. (As she enters one of the VVS vans with Parker, Gordon and Carver, and drive off)

Vincent: Enjoy your last moments, nubs- (as he saw Bowser trying to enter KARR)

Bowser: What an epic car Vincent has!! Imma try to test it-

Hanna: YOU BETTER LET US GO NOW, FAT@$$!!! >:(

Bowser: ZIP YOUR MOUTH, BLONDIE!!! >:( (slapping Hanna before starting KARR)

KARR: As much as I oppose Azelfland, I have some problem. Only Vincent is allowed to use me. Not to mention that your mass, Bowser, is the total mass of the 8 hostages multiplied by 3.


KARR: Says the fatty that never bothered to cut his weight. Wih that being said, I will malfunction, as long as you are not kicked out. I MUST ELIMINATE EXCESS WEIGHT. >:|

Bowser: What the- (gets ejected by KARR)

KARR: Only Vincent is allowed to take the driver's seat. Mark my words.

Vincent: That's really savage. But let's do this!! >:)

KARR: Yes. I wanna see Hanna say "Goodbye, Azelfland". 

Hanna: Your wish will never come true!! >:(

(With all the goons searching for Azelfland's garage except for Margaret)

Me: I know you are tryna conspire against us. Fight me!!

Margaret: Hear me out. When I met you and your friends, I intended to welcome you aboard. But my four main friends, disallowed that.

Kimberley: I hope you are not trying to lie your way out of this-

Margaret: I swear, I never wanted to harm you!! (Feeling emo) I was constantly being blackmailed by them. I wanted to run, but I never managed to.....

Amy: Well, do not trust her, Kim-

Kimberley: Wether she is lying or not, we will see about it when we get out of here. 

Me: Truth or lie, I will keep her and Jennifer prisoner. Wether I should spare her life or not, totally depends on Lily's decisions, since she was hurt the most. I gotta admit, my friends' fate is partially due to my own fault, so I am not in a position to make the decisions.

Kimberley: For now, just pretend you have a full vendetta against us. I don't know if I should trust you, but if you prove yourself, I might consider sparing you, but ultimately, it is Lily's decision that determines your fate.

Margaret: I understand..... :(

Kimberley: Trust me. I never had any vendetta against you and your gang, it serves nothing good. 

Me: Well, I gotta admit, that I am partially responsible for all of this mess. Once we get free, the only thing in my mind is to leave AsphaltLand for good.

Margaret: Thanks Kim, and TF2014.

Me: It seems like she is genuinely remorseful. We will see about it when we get about here. I will trap you nontheless and Jennifer. For Gordon, Carver and Parker, I will end their misery. If she cooperates with us and gives some details that aid our getaway, then we know she is indeed blackmailed. But as mentioned, only Lily will decide wether she will walk free.

(During the hunt)

KARR: Azelfc*** thinks he can hide his garage from me, but I have my plans to know where is his hideout. And then.... Goodbye, Azelfland. >:P

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