Within this episode, I scramble all around AsphaltLand to send the last few cars on my wishlist to a UNSC D96-TCE Albatross dropship, which will in turn send the cars to my garage (which had been isolated from AsphaltLand as depicted in the previous episode). And nope, unlike other event boss vehicle procurements, this episode won't feature any sort of racing (especially since I have plans to permanently abandon my racing career). The episode that will be released after this one would be the final episode (I have made a preview about what is going to be depicted in that episode, though).

This episode is primarily based on the GTA SA mission "Cop Wheels", mixed with references to other similar missions, such as GTA IV's "Easy As Can Be" and NFS Payback's "The Highway Heist".

Plan of retrieving remaining cars put into action

Transylvania Castle, 1900 hours, 27 August 2019

Margaret: Alright, I have just managed to pinpoint the whereabouts of the Koenigsegg Regera, Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, Mosler MT900 Super GT and Infiniti Q60 Project Black-S. Are you sure you are doing this alone, TF2014?

Me: I am very sure about this. I am not sure if you are thinking about speeding up the process of seizing those cars, but I need to do this alone.

Douglas: Bro. I know you want to make sure we don't fall into the same rabbit hole you are trying to crawl out. But you know that Vincent and his cronies are extremely pissed. Especially after you destroyed his car.

Me: Maybe, but I am not sure if it is worth it taking you three along-

Margaret: TF, we are a squad now. What you are going through, we will go through together. Mac (P1 Boy) managed to get along well with the Halo Squad during his adventure in UK and when Vivendi tried to force him into submission for another time, so I don't see why we cannot come along.

Kimberley: What's going on?

Douglas: Your boyfriend has managed to find out the whereabouts of the last 4 cars on his wishlist, but he is reluctant to take us along, even though our involvement in hijacking these cars from Vivendi would allow him to leave AsphaltLand sooner.

Kimberley: Dude. Are you sure you want to do this alone?

Me: Look, dear. Don't get me wrong. I know you, Douglas and Margaret wanna come along, but I don't think it is worth it sacrificing your lives for the sake of a few cars. I need to do this alone, even though I am not going to do any races in these cars. Expanding my garage only caused my relationship with my classmates to be severed.

Margaret: We know, bro. We know. But what if it starts raining while you are still in the process of collecting those cars? You said you would be leaving as soon as it starts raining.

Me: I think you got a point. Fine, you win. I am taking you three along, but just let me send a few transmissions to a few aircraft.

Douglas: For what purpose? I thought you would be using the Albatross to ship the cars?

Me: I am just calling some aerial tankers to do a bit of cloud seeding, so that we can leave earlier than planned. We have no idea when the hostile fiends would strike.

Margaret: I have no idea which fiends would protect us, and which ones would attack. We better get going now, if we want to stay alive.

Me: Regarding those fiends, you would have to message Master Chief. As for me, I would request the tankers to mess up the clouds above AsphaltLand, to mess up the weather, increasing our chances to escape.

Kimberley: All set, let's go. (while loading her BR85 Battle Rifle, Z-180 Scattershot, OTs-14 Groza and Z-390 Heartseeker Incineration Cannon)

Margaret: Yeah, let's go. And we better act now. (while loading her MA5D and ARC-920)

Me: (while entering a Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS and loading my M762, QBU-88, Type-53 PBL, ARC-920, T-58 LAAW Fuel Rod Cannon and Talon Of The Lost T-56D GML Needler) I agree. I am not going to waste any second in this stupid $**@%!%$.

Douglas: I have got my AKM and all my Plasma weaponary loaded. Anyway I'll drive. Also, make sure you all get your SMGs prepared, in case things go ugly when driving to the dropship.

Me: As for me, I'll be in touch with the tankers, and the Halo Squad.

The Roadyacht GTS departs the castle towards the vehicles; Rinon watches the car leave

Rinon: I gotta let the Halo Squad know that TF2014 is nearly about to leave AsphaltLand. As of now, he is going after four vehicles on his wishlist, but eventually, he will attempt to leave. (just before she leaves for the UNSC Infinity via a slipspace portal)

Me: Alright, Chief. Can you send over a D96 Albatross? My 4-man squad is now attempting to hijack the cars from Vivendi, so that they do not get any profit from my vehicles.

John-117: Copied. And speaking of profit, the VVS won't be making any profit from your vehicles, since they have been rigged with fail-safe devices. But yeah, we will send over an Albatross ship.

Me: That is appreciated. Right now I have managed to locate the current whereabouts of the vehicles. So I intend to choose a loud approach and hijack them directly.

John-117: Good luck. Just make sure you leave AsphaltLand ASAP.

Me: That is what I intend to do. Mac left AsphaltLand with you and Blue Team on January this year, and R8 Tyke had left AsphaltLand as well, almost immediately after he fully completed his McLaren Senna with the help of his FIA GT1. KITT helped me isolate my garage from this hellhole, so once I retrieved the four vehicles, I am gonna just head for my plane, especially if the weather turns bad.

John-117: Noted. Just get it done ASAP, before the hostile Fiends block your route. Speaking of Fiends, the fiends that would not attack you would include. Elder Drakes, Cactuars, Chocobos, Tonberries, Insect Matriarches, Creepers, Hug Bugs, Bandoleers, Hexapods, and Critical Bugs. On the other hand, Doomstones, Aeshmas, Spellspinners, Malboros and Imps are some of the hostile fiends. Regardless of fiend type you encounter, just run. You would not want to be caught in the crossfire among the fiends.

Me: Noted. Thanks for sending the dropship by the way. I am now in step 4 of permanently terminating my racing career. Actually, my career had been shut down since the moment my garage got isolated, but my motorsport career would only be 'officially' declared terminated as soon as I leave AsphaltLand.

John-117: As for us, we would consider your career being terminated since the moment you isolated your garage. I am sure that Azelfland and R8 Tyke know that as well.

Me: I am sure they do. Ttyl, I am going to ask some refuelling tankers to mess up the clouds above AsphaltLand, allowing me to make my getaway as early as possible. Just to allow bad weather to screw up the progress of Vivendi.

Me: This is TF2014. Right now I am close to making my way out of AsphaltLand, but right now, I still have one more thing to do. In the meantime, can you mess with the weather?

KC-135: Is there anything we can help? And what is with the last business?

Me: I wonder if you could utilise your refuelling system to mess up some clouds above AsphaltLand. I have intentions to leave AsphaltLand as soon as I got the last 4 cars on my wishlist, but at the same time, I want to leave that place as soon as it rains heavily.

KC-135: We will deal with it. Just bear in mind that a two week retrofit will be required. But otherwise, I will settle it, alongside a Luftwafte tanker and my modern assistant. The other two also require a two week retrofit, but otherwise, they can assist me. Once this cloud seeding business is done, we three (the tankers) would have our systems restored to our original purpose.

Me: At least you could come. I just hope nothing happens to my classmates before I can make my way out of AsphaltLand.

KC-135: And the Luftwafte's civilian counterpart had been waiting to take you home. Still in Gatwick, btw.

Me: At the very least, everything is set.

KC-135: Also, has Vivendi ever did anything to hamper your plan, ever since Anais was killed?

Me: So far, no indications. Vivendi has been wrecked from the inside out ever since KITT came to AsphaltLand. I wished KITT can come earlier, though. It is a good thing that KITT knew how to turn the tables around. And speaking of Anais, I wished she was not killed. Even though she aided Vincent Bollore in a ton of shenanigans, her death meant I lost my meat shield. Also, a childhood friend of mine wanted to see her suffer.

KC-135: We know about Anais' death since the day you cut off all contact with all aircraft until KITT came to the rescue. KC-135, out. I will relay the transmission to my modern counterparts.

Me: TF2014 out.

Kimberley (on the phone): Sis? Sis? You there?

Sarah: Yes, Kim. It's me. Never thought I would get to speak to you again.

Kimberley: Yeah, I never thought I would get to talk to you again. Now listen, TG2014 is getting close to leaving AsphaltLand for good. His garage has been isolated, and Vivendi- the syndicate that was responsible for your torture, as well as the torture of Lily and Naomi, is now in shambles. Expect another two weeks before we can finally regroup at the observatory.

Sarah: That is good news. But why two weeks?

Kimberley: For two reasons that allow TF2014 to make sure that Vivendi cannot block his escape. Firstly, he needs to prevent Vincent from getting enough funds to upgrade the last equipment of Vivendi. He also wants to leave in bad weather, which can hamper Vivendi's ability to block him. The second condition would be a lot more effective if Vivendi gails to get the upgrades.

Sarah: I will pass the information to Lily and Naomi.

Naomi: (in the background) Can you hand me the phone?

Sarah: Sure. I'll let Lily know. (While handing over the phone)

Naomi: Kim, this is Naomi. I just want to confirm if I was not just hearing things.

Kimberley: Hey, Naomi. Yes, you are not hearing gibberish. We are almost about to leave AsphaltLand. For real. Just bear in mind that it would require another two more weeks before the whole getaway can be put into action. That would include route planning, loading weapons, flight planning, and more.

Naomi: That's good news. I'll let TF2014's classmates know. And are Margaret and Douglas with you now?

Kimberley: Yes, they are. The two of them are going to assist TF2014 and myself to fight our way out of AsphaltLand.

Naomi: I thought leaving AsphaltLand would be just a casual trip.

Kimberley: Not true. With Vivendi now hunting for the four of us, leaving that hellhole would never be a walk in the park. Not to mention that a large number of fiends have infested AsphaltLand. Most fiends would target Vivendi, but still.... we have to get going.

Naomi: We'll talk again when we regroup. Good luck, and I will let TF2014's classmates know.

Kimberley: Later on. (Hanging up)

Hijacking the 4 cars

1915 hours, Iceway Parkway

Me: So there is word that Vivendi is running convoys into town from their garage, and that includes a white Regera intended for my garage. We know the car requires A8 tokens full -only upgrades and 160 Advanced Techs, so we are going to grab that car by force.

Margaret: Yep, we would snatch it though the car pirate way. Why would we play by their dirty rules anyway?

Me: We ain't playing by the rules. One, we are all in the same boat that keeps getting attacked by these tyrants. Two, you were the one who obtained the Continental GT3 for me, so I'll let you see how well you fare against these c***s while on the way to the Albatross ship.

Douglas: We don't need additional reasons to help you clear your route.

Me: So here, is what we are gonna do. The Koenigsegg is transported to the labs within one and a half hours. We intercept, then grab the cargo.

Kimberley: Seeing that it will be part of a convoy, what are you thinking?

Margaret: Quick hit and run. Get me close to the back and I'll take care of the rest. This Roadyacht may not be the fastest, but it does pack a punch against the low durability of the faster units.

Me: Great. As soon as we reach the truck, we are weapons free. Time to show Vivendi who is gonna $#!+ on who from extreme heights. Oh, and to Douglas, can I borrow your vintage machine gun? I wanna conserve ammo for the day we leave.

Douglas: I don't mind lending you the machine gun, or the updated version of this masterpiece. But why bring your signature gun in the first place?

Me: I intended to use it as backup, before deciding to keep my ammo.

Douglas: So you wanna waste my ammo? Nah, just kidding.

Me: I could use my FN SCAR-L, but its slow fire rate means it won't be effective against MJOLINR Gen-3 armor.

Douglas: Then I don't mind you using my DP-28. After all, I have a lot more 7.62mm bullets than you, since I tend to use Sangheili-infantry weaponary often.

Margaret: Well, we forgot to check the fuel tank level. We definitely need to stop and refuel. There is a gas station just nearby, I'm stopping.

Me: Refuelling will take about 5 minutes. And coincidentially, the convoy carrying the Regera would pass after we are done.

1921 hours, before the Roadyacht had been fully refuelled

Fred-104's message to me: A D96-TCE Albatross has been dispatched to AsphaltLand and is now flying above the roads that are at the edges of AsphaltLand. It is a pretty long loop, so you have ample time to load the cars into the dropship.

1924 hours, after refuelling

Douglas: We are done....

Me: ... and here comes that convoy. (Just as the Roadyacht starts moving)

Kimberley: Here we go.

Margaret: Get me close to that truck. (While loading her MA5D)

Douglas: Vivendi would not let us anywhere near that truck. We gotta eliminate these cars.

Me: Weapons free. (While loading Douglas' DP-28)

Douglas: I recommend targeting either the fuel tanks or the tires. Saves our ammo.

Kimberley: (loading a Z-180 Scattershot) Yeah, tires are our priority. Be it our own weapons, Forerunner weapons, whatever....

Douglas drives close to a VVS Weber Faster One, allowing Kimberley to cause the car to disintegrate with the use of the Scattershot

Kimberley: BOOM!! (Just as I shot the fuel tank of another Weber, causing it to go ablaze)

Margaret: Two down, another two- (as Douglas crashes into a third Weber, causing it to lose control and crash into an oil tanker, resulting in both the Weber and the tanker exploding) Actually, one more. Nice hit, Doug. That's my man!!

The truck, our Roadyacht and the last Weber approach a sharp bend as I use my Type-53 White Scar to destroy one of the Weber's wheels, causing it to skid out of control; Douglas takes advantage of this to push the Weber off the cliff

Margaret: That's what I am talking about. Now let's catch that truck.

Douglas: You ready, sweetheart?

Margaret: I'm all set. Get me in position.

As soon as the Roadyacht and the truck enter the tunnel, Douglas drives close to the back of the truck, but the truck slows down, causing the Roadyacht to hit the back and briefly lose control; after the collision, the truck speeds away

Me: LOOK OUT!! (As the truck slows down)

Kimberley: Ouch!! What's going on?!

Douglas: Got brake-checked hard. We'll get him regardless!!

As soon as we exit the tunnel, we see a lot of damaged cars all over the highway

Douglas: What the hell??

Margaret: This guy's out of his mind!!

Kimberley: There's something much bigger going on here. Vivendi wouldn't go this far for just one car. Plan B, we catch the truck before it reaches the R&D labs.

Margaret: Are you guys seeing this?

Me: Seeing AND feeling.

Kimberley: Backup!! They got backup!! (When some VVS vans approach the truck)

Douglas: I see them. No need to remind me on what to do.

Me: Just get near the truck. We'll cover you!!

Douglas attempts to get near the truck while avoiding the VVS vans, which are getting bombarded by gunfire from the MA5D, Type-53 White Scar, DP-28 and Z-180 Scattershot

Margaret: These guys are tougher!!

Douglas: I know vans are tough, but these seem more like freaking tanks than vans to me!! They're going down either way!!

1930 hours

Douglas: I hope we lost the muscle.

Me: So far so good. Now we are gonna pwn that truck!!

Within about 5 metres away from the truck

Douglas: Think of a plan, Maggy. There is no way you could make it on the back.

Margaret: Get me closer. I have no better ideas for now.

Me: I have got a really bad idea....

Margaret: What is it, TF2014?

Me: Ladder on his side. On the right side, you can sneak onto him there.

Douglas: I'll keep the car steady, while you sneak into the trailer.

Margaret climbs out of the Roadyacht from the left passenger window

Margaret: Keep it steady!! (While hanging onto the ladder of the trailer)

Me: Hurry, Maggy!! Car coming!!

Margaret manages to climb onto the roof of the trailer before an Icona Vulcano got wedged between the truck and the Roadyacht, resulting in the wheels of the trailer buckling

Shortly after Margaret entered the trailer by drilling a hole on the roof with her ARC-920

Douglas: Margaret? Maggy? You got this??

Kimberley: Margaret??

Margaret drove my white Regera out of the trailer after configuring the upgrades to M5555 P5505

Margaret: I got this.

Douglas: WOOOHOOOOOO!!! That's what I am talking about.

Me: Good job, Maggy. Now take the car to the freeway loop at the outskirts of AsphaltLand, and send it into the Albatross dropship.

Margaret: I'll regroup after sending the Regera to the ship.

Douglas: The Roadyacht's too hot.

Me: Nope, not hot enough. I wanna get every security team interested in this car, until I can ditch this thing at the R&D labs.

Kimberley: You serious?

Me: I am serious. I'll get some cats and dogs to fight with each other over this car, while we sneak away with the real deals like sewer rats.

Margaret: I think there may be guards on my tail, but I can outrun them. And one thing, it is fun stirring up havoc among the bad dudes while we make our way sneaking out.

2008 hours, High Speed Loop

Margaret: That is the Albatross. 40 minutes of driving just to get here.

UNSC Spartan: That's one car. I'll get the pilot to get low. Then you better drive in.

Margaret: Once in, I'll wait for the rest, before you rendezvous somewhere where my squad can find a car back to the castle and plan our escape.

UNSC Spartan: And TF2014 told my chief about you and Douglas. Same fate, it seems. At least you managed to fight it out.

Margaret: Yeah, glad I managed to fight out. Working for the VVS is like hell.

1935 hours

Me: Alright, we managed to lure all the heat away from Margaret. Now time to retrieve my Super GT.

Douglas: I'll deal with that car. You got what it takes for retrieving it, right?

Me: Yes. And somehow it will require a compromise. Well, I'm your compromise.

Kimberley: Come on, bro. You can always compromise those goons.

Me: Nearly every racer that remains in AsphaltLand recently is always gonna want to pounce on any abandoned garages. I am making sure that my cars are not going to them.

Douglas: So yeah, racing and garage matters are out of the way. I guess all we gotta worry about is the event officials hunting us down for foiling their events then?

Me: True that. And right now we are gonna creep upon some thieving, snitching m**@^+#@@s.

Kimberley: Whoever that is running AsphaltLand always thinks I was a tasteless bitch. Well, I will show them that I am a ruthless bitch, that is not their bitch.

Me: I see that spirit in you. Though.... it is not just you who wants to show them. I wanna bite them in their arse, too. Anyway, these cyclops have bribed some Abelion Corporation guards at the French Guiana airstrip to let them offload my MT900 Super GT there without checking who owns that car. We are gonna storm that conglomerate and tear it apart.

Douglas: Once we are done then I'll handle that car.

Me: While I let Kim take my Trevita before I lure the Championship cats to the R&D dogs. And let them fight while I slip away with that Infiniti.

Kimberley: Well, I have managed to track down the route taken by the truck transporting the Super GT. Apparently it would be passing a tollbooth. Seeing that the goons who are escorting that truck stole some Asphalt Police SUVs, they think they are clever, and they think they can make it seem like we are hitting the police hard.

Douglas: That is one serious move.

Me: And I have one serious gun to sweep these pricks away from that car which belonged to my original garage (while wielding my "White Scar"). It'll carve through any m%#=!"#@@s dumb enough to stand down wind of us.

Kimberley: It seems like you want that convoy to derail like a #@×= freight train if this is the firepower you are dishing out.

Me: Only then things will be interesting.

while we are apporaching the toll booth by 1950 hours

Random driver (in a Spyker C8 Preliator): Honey, you're doing so great. I'm going to take care of this, we're going to get through this.

Toll booth agent: You got to be kidding me. What's the problem?

Random driver: Just hang on, we are almost there. We'll figure about how we can get back at the rioters for injuring you.

Toll booth agent: You're holding up traffic. What's the problem?

Random driver: (to the agent) Hey, we're kind of in a rush here, okay? (to his passenger) Sir, just hang in there.

Toll booth agent: You're holding up traffic here, sir.

Random driver: Remember the classes, okay? Would you just let us through?

Toll booth agent: Look, you don't get exact change, you're not going through. Those are the rules. I don't make them, but I stick to them. So just turn around and find another path to your destination for me, will ya?

Random driver: Are you kidding me? Look, I will come back with all the exact change you need. Alright? Just let us through, please?

Toll booth agent: You gonna pay my bills and put food on the table? Turn around now-

Me: Hey look, I got some change right here. (as I proceed to punch the guard in his face) Come on, let's get this $#!+ moving.

Douglas: Alright, this one's on us. Now go and help your friend.

Random driver: Thanks guys.

Douglas opens the toll gate, allowing the driver to pass in his Spyker

Douglas: Alright now, let's do this.

Kimberley: I'll look out for the convoy. From the toll booth.

Me: While I'll eliminate their heads.

Douglas: Same with me. Time to treat them to drinking plasma.

Douglas takes cover from behind the booth Kim is inside, whereas I take cover behind the Roadyacht, which had its hood opened and with a warning triangle placed behind it to make it seem like the car broke down

Kimberley: What is it about sitting in little booths and wearing uniforms that turns guys into @"$#0|€$?

Douglas: This whole city is controlled by Vivendi. And you know Vivendi loves ripping everyone's wallets.

The convoy starts appearing after three cars approach the booth

Kimberley: I see the convoy behind.

Me: We let the civilians pass. Then we cut off the head of the convoy, and blast the tail. Then we rip the tummy, and steal the hypercar.

The convoy consisting of two Asphalt Police SUVs, 4 VVS Centenarios and a large container truck with the Mosler Super GT inside arrives at the gate after the civilian Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Pagani Huayra and Mercedes-Benz SLR 722 pass the gate

Douglas: We gotta get that white $#!+.

As soon as the first police SUV arrives, Kim opens the gate to let it pass before closing the gate before the first Centenario can pass

VVS goon 1: I suspect something fishy. Just act casually.

Douglas: Yeah, yeah, you're good to go. You're good, go. Go.

Kimberley opens the gate to allow the first Centenario to pass

Kimberley: (after closing the gate, forcing the goon in the second Centenario to pay up) Hey, I can't be too sure, but this looks like one of those fake bills I've been hearing about. You know how it is, can't trust nothing these days. Can't trust the prices of car upgrades, can't trust the recent events, and can't trust the leaders of AsphaltLand for sure. And you know you can't even trust this money.

VVS goon 3: Are you really wasting our time like his? Come on.

Kimberley (while opening the gate): Keep it moving, okay?

Kim also allowed the second Centenario to pass before giving Douglas and I the signal

Douglas: You ready? (while loading and charging his Plasma Repeater)

Me: Lock and loaded. (while charging my Plasma Caster) Time to let the goons drink plasma as the last thing they drink in their lives.

Douglas: Yo, give up the Mosler!!

The goons load up their weapons, with the truck moving closer towards the booth to allow the goons to kill Kim, but the goons were killed when Douglas destroyed the truck with his Plasma Repeater

Me: (while killing the goons in the SUV with my Plasma Caster) Return my car!!

The goons behind the toll were obliterated by us with the use of the Groza, the DP-28, the Type-53 Plasma Caster (White Scar), the Type-51 Plasma Repeater and Type-25 Plasma Rifle within 2 minutes

Me: Looks like the goons that we let pass had been waiting!! I'll handle them!

Douglas uses his Plasma Rifle to keep the goons pinned behind cover while I charge my White Scar and fire a charged shot which destroys the cars and kills the goons 8 seconds later

Me: Time to unload the cargo. I'll deal with the trailer, then you take the car, Doug. I'll stay in the hot car and lure all attention out of your way.

Douglas: I gotcha. (While I blast open the doors with the White Scar, allowing Douglas to enter the trailer and enter the Super GT)

Me: Alright. Now let's go, Kim!! Back to the targeted car!!

2002 hours, Douglas heads for the Albatross ship, while Kim and I head for the CCXR Trevita Championship site to draw more attention to the Roadyacht

2011 hours, at the London track, 3 km away from the Championship starting point

Me: As for the Trevita, a Championship dedicated to it is running and we are going to make sure they don't get a welcoming party.

Kimberley: Who are we welcoming and what have they got that makes raiding the Championship worth the effort?

Me: Basically we are not welcoming anybody. Rather, we are going to welcome some havoc to keep Vivendi busy while we continue to make our plans in the dark.

Kimberley: Any idea what made you think that stirring havoc within a Championship is legitimate?

Me: First off, I don't trust anything related to racing anymore. I would not be going through the same racing cliche, had I known the truth about motorsport since 2016.

Kimberley: Maybe, but that qualifies as a different story.

Me: Am I going to hear this story?

Kimberley: There is nothing interesting regarding that story. Oh yeah, it's great that you chose to pull the plug. Apart from Vincent and Anais, as well as Jennifer and her slimy gang who manipulated almost everybody, Diego- Jenny's dad, aka the project manager who set up that dirty contract, is another slimy mother******. The things you can rely on him for are greed, treachery, arrogance, and more. I'm not someone who is young enough to be worth setting up so the only angle he can be playing is the cash one.

Me: Makes sense.

Kimberley: Yeah, he'll probably try to force us to submit into a fraction of whatever dirty work he has.

Me: Except that he will not get a hold on me anymore.

2014 hours, at the start line of the Championship site

Me: Alright, here we are.

Kimberley: What's the plan?

Me: We get up on the roof of the warehouse. There should be a good view of the area where the Trevitas are stored, so you can play with your AWM and pluck things out. Follow me.

3 minutes later

Me: Alright. The Championship is due to start soon.

Kimberley: (while seeing the shutters being opened, revealing some Trevitas, including one sent by the Halo Squad) And I see the Trevita meant for your garage, right on time.

Me: Except this time, I am not following the usual protocols. I am going to hijack that car with full force.

Kimberley: Well, how do we do it without getting recognised?

Me: Quite simple. We wait until the Trevitas are aligned, then we stir up some $#!+. Then you plug the chip into my Trevita. What to be done after that is straightforward.

Kimberley: I'll cover you from up here while you're down on the ground messing things up. Then I'll take the car for you.

Me: Stirring up anything that goes against the contract between me and Diego would always be worth the trouble. (while pulling out my ARC-920)

Kimberley: If that is what you insist. Also, you wanna try showing them that a sniper can be devastating at close range? That is too risky.

Me: I know, but I need to conserve ammo for my M762, my Type-53 PBL and my QBU-88. And the sniper I am using is a railgun, not a Kar98. If things get too hot I have Douglas' DP-28 as backup.

When I approached the waiting area

Championship official 1: As far as we know, you never registered for the championship. What are you doing here?

Me: Just trying to take back something of mine.

Championship 2: You know the rules. You miss out the registration date, you are not allowed here.

Me: And you should know I don't adhere to rules of motorsport anymore. This ghetto had taken away all my sanity and my morality. It took away all the time I could have spent in NYC. It nearly took away my friendship as well. And now, I am taking back what I lost.

I kill the two officials and destroy their vehices with the ARC-920, before heading to my Trevita

Kimberley: Boom, baby!! Now go!!

Me: I got this!! (just before I kill three guards that are about to approach me with the ARC-920, with Kim covering me with her AWM)

I slip the chip into my Trevita just as Kimberley annihilated any witnesses

Kimberley: I'll handle the car from now on. Plus anyone within the vicinity is dead. No witnesses so you can get back to that target car.

Me: Yeah, now time for the Infiniti. I'll leave this car at the R&D labs and let them all fight.

As soon as I close the door of the Roadyacht, some Championship officals arrive in Mercedes-Benz GLCs

Kimberley: Dude, you have more officials on your tail. And probably the Asphalt Police, seeing that you are using that car that started the chaos.

Me: The more bees I have on my @$$, the better. I'll lure them to the honey at the R&D labs, and let them fight.

Kimberley: Just don't lose the car until you reach the labs.

Me: Things can get as easy as they can be when they start fighting among each other.

R&D labs, 2021 hours

Me: I think I will just ditch the car here. And head for my Infiniti while the two event organisers fight.

The Championship officials arrive at the R&D labs two minutes later, when I have left the Roadyacht and hid behind a flower pot

Championship officials: Dumb#@s!! Those R&D technicians are just too arrogant that they can send that guy to screw up the Championship!!

While I was searching for my Infiniti Q60 Project Black-S, I hear the gunshots of Tavor TAR-21s, Type-50 Concussion Rifles, Steyr AUG A3s, Z-390 Heartseeker Incineration Cannons, T-56 GML Needlers etc.

Back at the offices

R&D technicians: Well, what on earth do these Championship dudes want from us- (when one of the Championship officials destroyed the main office door with a Concussion Rifle)

Championship officials: One of the @$$#0|€$ from your department stormed our Championship site, stole a CCXR Trevita and destroyed all the relevant equipment there!! HAND OVER THE GUY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MESS WE SUFFERED!!

R&D technicians: Are you bul$#!++!ng us or what?? We have been minding our own business!!

Championship officials: Trying to deny guilt, aren't you, arrogant pricks??!!

R&D technicians: Where is your evidence? Either bring out your proof, or we will report you to the Asphalt Police!!

Championship officials: (pointing the the Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS that I left by the car park near their offices) WELL, that rascal had been using this car. The fact that the snitch left the car near your office, indicates that the snitch is definitely associated with you.

R&D technicians: Well, you can perform a search around our labs. Just one search is all it takes to prove that the rascal was trying to frame us.

Championship officials: Still trying to deny guilt, huh??!!



Gunfire starts at this point

Back at the storage area

Me: Fight like cats and dogs, #@@s. (Just as I managed to find my Infiniti and start lock picking the door)

Unfortunately for me, as soon as I started the car and upgraded it completely, some R&D technicians spotted my Infiniti Q60 being started

Me: No risks? I might want to rethink about my carelessness. Stupid cameras it seems.

R&D technicians: He is trying to take his ride without complying with any of the rules!!

The technicians aim their Concussion rifes at my Infiniti Q60 as soon as they get behind my car

R&D technicians: You in the car, get out now!!

But before they could shoot, I toss a Molotov cocktail towards the technicians, which not only burns them to death, but also triggering the fire alarm, which further adds to the chaos while I drive the Q60 out of there

Me: Yeah, as I expected. Stealing the Q60 can get as easy as can be, while the cats and dogs are fighting among each other.

I receive a call from Kim by 2028 hours; by that time I am driving past Asphalt Domestic Airport

Kimberley: So how did that go?

Me: Even with that Roadyacht stirring a brawl among the Championship officials and R&D technicians, it turned out that it was not so easy to get that car out. I not only had to hotwire the car, but I also had to upgrade that thing. I did get away with it by leaving a cocktail in the labs though.

Kimberley: Well, you know the drill.

Me: I will get this thing to the ship ASAP. I am now 3 minutes away from the loop, and after that, all I needed to do is to find the Albatross. Then we can get back to the castle, and focus on getting out of here.

Kimberley: That's the plan. Now drive safe. (Hanging up)

Getting Diverted

2036 hours, High Speed Loop

KITT: (transmission) So, did you manage to obtain the last four cars on your wishlist?

Me: All in. And somehow we had to stir up chaos around AsphaltLand, making it seem like we are among the rioters. Good thing we managed to get away with it.

KITT: Good. That means you can leave AsphaltLand soon.

Me: By soon, it is two more weeks. Three aerial tankers are undergoing a temporary modification to allow their tanks to accomodate stuff needed to mess up the clouds above AsphaltLand. Which means I can finally get out of this $#!+hole by September 9.

KITT: And by the way, I have just found your BMW i8 near AsphaltLand Intl Airport. It seems to me that Vincent is planning to export that car, after his plans to sell away the four cars you hijacked had been foiled.

Me: Well, I'll get that car. Same story like the Zenvo TS1 and SCG 003; I abandoned all three due to resource problems. Now I will get the i8 back, just like what I did with the Zenvo and SCG. Except that I will hijack that thing, as usual.

KITT: I will check if there is anything fishy with that car. While you send the Q60 to the dropship, and tell the crdw regarding that car.

Me: I got this. TF2014 out. (As I approach the dropship) Safe and sound, all four of them.

UNSC Spartan: Vincent must be pissed that he lost four cars in a single day.

Me: Well, make that five.

Douglas: Five??

Me: While driving over to the Albatross, KITT passed a tip off regarding a BMW i8 Coupe that I abandoned on February due to lack of resources. Well, I just happen to have sufficient resources to retrieve that vehicle back, and I ain't letting them punks export my car for their equipment.

Kimberley: Need us to come along?

Me: Nope, it is just one car. You guys find a spot to rendezvous and wait for me.

Kimberley: Well, go ahead. Just bear in mind that the i8 would probably be mad that you abandoned it earlier.

Me: Well, I will let it know that I was not in a position to obtain it earlier. And I feel bad for that car. Not gonna let Vincent export it, and not gonna let the car get destroyed when AsphaltLand goes down.

Douglas: Well, go and get the car. Maggy and I will wait with Kim at the rendezvous point.

Me: Nah, you just need to get back to the castle. And get everything set up.

The Albatross ship lands near a food court, where I grab a Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning to head for the i8, while my other squad mates enter a GMC Yukon to return to the castle

AsphaltLand Intl Airport, 2110 hours

Me: Now all I need to do is find the Bimma. The i8 will most likely be pissed that I abandoned it earlier, but I will let it know my situation back in late February. Speaking of the i8, there it is.

I pull up beside my i8 and enter the car, but some Vivendi goons show up in Centenarios

Me: Looks like they have been waiting for me. I better get out of here.

Vivendi goon 15: I have no idea which gook is that, but he is trying to wipe our deal!!

Vivendi goon 16: That is TF2014's ride- well, we don't care who's ride is that, but we ain't letting anyone take away our profits!!

I quickly load my Micro Uzi, and slip the chip into the memory chip reader and drive away from AsphaltLand Intl Airport before any of the goons could catch me

All Vivendi goons in pursuit: Stop that car at all costs!!

The chase lasts for 6 minutes, during which I use my Uzi to shatter the windows of their Centenarios and cause them to lose control

Me: All goons out. Now time to send this thing to the Albatross dropship, and let the ship send it, along with the Infiniti, Mosler and both Koenigseggs to my garage.

My i8: Where are you taking me to?

Me: Is that you, i8? Well, if that is you, I am taking you to a safe haven.

My i8: Safe haven? More like another hellhole.

Me: Look, I know how mad you are at me for abandoning you last February, but I have my reasons. I felt bad for you, but I simply was not in a position to go for you back then.

My i8: Trying to joke with me, are you?

Me: I am serious. You will know that when you reach the dropship.

My i8: Dropship? What are your intentions?

Me: Look, I have isolated my garage from AsphaltLand. I am done with living here. I intend to go back to Pelham Bay, but I could not do so without hampering Vivendi at all.

My i8: So you inhibit their process by sending me away?

Me: Yes and no. Yes by shipping you out, and no because that dropship is sending you to my current garage. It is located in Lexington Park, and the portal had just been isolated. You will know that I am telling you the truth if you see a Koenigsegg Regera, a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, a Mosler MT900 Super GT and an Infiniti Q60 Project Black-S in it.

My i8: Fine. I put my trust in you.... for now.

Me: Look, I know I was wrong for leaving you within the hands of these tyrants. But I was simply not in a position to try and finish your R&D. Thankfully those A8 tokens full -only upgrades had been eliminated, allowing me to reattempt procuring you.

My i8: Well, enough. At least I know you are not going to leave me in the labs, incomplete.

Me: And speaking of abandonment, I really don't know why I am unable to make proper decisions lately. As if the entire racing scene took away my morality. That is why I isolated my garage from AsphaltLand. Motorsport is now about pink slips and body size comparisions, not first place and fun amymore. It shredded the relationship I had with my former classmates, and I just want to restore it. Hence, why I require a dropship to send you to my garage.

My i8: These tyrants really screwed up my dignity, and I don't wish to be abandoned here.

Me: Leaving you here is something that ain't gonna happen. This whole ghetto is hell now.

I spot the dropship by 2121 hours

Me: TF2014 to Albatross #545. The i8 is safe with me now. Are the four cars I hijacked earlier still with you?

UNSC Spartan: All still there. I'll get low, for you to load the i8 in.

Me: Good. Once I loaded this in, take it to my garage in Lexington Park, will ya?

UNSC Spartan: (while making the dropship descend) Roger, will do.

The rear door of the Albatross opens, revealing the two Koenigseggs, the Mosler and the Infiniti

My i8: Now I trust you, fully. I'm going in.

Me: While I regroup with my friends. Mac and R8 Tyke had escaped from AsphaltLand, so there is no reason why I should remain here.

My i8: Good luck with that. (When the dropship lands at the same food court)

Me: Thanks. Continuing my motorsport career when the racing scene had taken such a turn is 100% not worth it. (Just before I exit and enter a vintage Dodge Challenger, and receive a message from Candice as soon as I start the engine)

Candice's message: Urgent matter, meet me at the City Hall.

My reply: Not sure what is urgent, but I'll be there in 45 minutes.

2208 hours

Candice: So you are here. Have you seen Persephone and Wanda?

Me: Persephone and Wanda? No, I have not seen them.

Candice: I am not trying to point fingers, but both my daughters went missing while you left the castle with your squad. May I know what you were doing?

Me: I know that you were assuming I was doing crap since the day I abducted you, but really. I was just hijacking cars from the VVS. Heck, you can ask my squad. You can check my hideout, and you can tell your daughters ain't there.

Candice: My daughters won't go missing for no reason- (her phone starts ringing, about 50 seconds before my phone starts ringing as well) Excuse me for a while, I got a call to make.

Margaret: It is past 2200 hours, and TF2014 isn't back. Where the heck did he go?

Kimberley: I hope he is not trying to pull off horsecrap behind our back. Wait- he won't betray us, but I have no idea what is going on with him.

Margaret: Hang on, let me try to pinpoint his current location.

Douglas: I will get evrything set up. Kim, call your darling.

As soon as Douglas finished speaking, Kimberley receives a call from the same guy who called Candice and I at roughly the same time

When the foreshadows appear to be true

Candice: Who is this?

Diego: You know who I am.

Candice: I don't know what you are talking about.

Diego: You should know that I am the project manager who helped TrashF****r to expand his operations when Azelfc***'s archenemy burned it down.

Candice: I don't know who the f*** are you.

Diego: Well, I probably should also say that I am an affilate of PETA. Speaking of which, I have caught your two damsels in distress, as well as 10 OF AZELFC***'S WHORES. STAY WHERE YOU ARE, and I want to settle things with you. Don't seek help from Azelfc***. Or all of his girls will be sent straight to hell. (Hangs up)

Me: Who is this?

Diego: You know who I am. The guy you backstabbed.

Me: You had been manipulating me after I got put down by that scum Vincent Bollocks. So don't expect me to adhere to your idiotic contract.

Diego: Bark all you want but it ain't changing the facts. You know how much you cost me?

Me: I was just getting even so I won't pay for the violated contract.

Diego: You not only broke our agreement, but you kidnapped my daughter and wife as well. Oh, and don't think I don't know that Margaret murdered my daughter, and don't think I don't know that you and your pathetic classmate and her dog, as well as your tasteless whore, had bwen stirring up all the havoc around AsphaltLand. And if you have not solved your debts to me, don't expect to leave happily.

Me: What the f*** have you done?? And don't tell me that you have done anything to my classmates, you fox!!

Diego: You disappointed me a lot, so I decided to piss you back. Now and I am sure that you are now at the same spot as Candice, so waot there, while my men settle matters with you. You chose to backstab me so I will let you get a taste of your own medicine. (Hangs up)


Kimberley: Who is this?

Diego: You don't know me, but I am sure that your dog knows me.

Kimberley: What are you trying to do, Diego?? You better cut the call now, or you will never see the day you will be outside of your cell.

Diego: Well, well, well. Both this tasteless whore and his idiot boyfriend, both being scums. This call is a warning to you, to not get anywhere near the AsphaltLand City Hall.

Kimberley: What kind of nonsense are you trying to pull off??!!

Diego: I was just trying to settle things with Trash******, that contract-breaking, backstabbing nuthead. Seeing that you, Margaret and Douglas have contemplated to ruin my plans for Vivendi, I have decided to teach Trash******and Azelfc*** a lesson they will never forget for all the damage they did to Vivendi.


Diego: Oh, I will hear the end of everything. Now don't get anywhere near the City Hall, or you can say goodbye to your snobby friends, tasteless idiot. (hangs up)


Margaret: Whoah, whoah. What is going on?!


Douglas: F*** IT!! And f*** Diego's warning. F Vivendi as well. But should we stay put or come along??!!

Kimberley: We go there, but we keep our distance. I hope TF2014 does not do anything stupid.

Kimberley, Margaret and Douglas enter the Chrysler 300 to find me

Kimberley: TF2014, I know your pain right now. But please don't do anything stupid. Hang on, we'll be sending our support.

Candice: WHO IS THIS GUY??!!


Candice: TF2014, WHO IS THIS GUY??!!


Candice: WAIT. So your garage got burned down, and then Vivendi staged a contract to throw you off course-

Suddenly, Vivendi goons show up from inside the City Hall

Me: Turns out that snake had set us up while I was out there performing the last step of terminating my motorsport operations!! (I turn to them and kill them with my ARC-920, Type-53 White Scar and Douglas' DP-28) COME AT ME, @$$#0|€$!! COME F*****G AT ME!!!

After killing some Vivendi goons, Candice picks up a Z-390 Heartseeker Incineration Cannon from one of the dead goons and uses it to attack the goons, while I use the Type-53 PBL to eliminate the goons



4 minutes later, Candice and I reach the main office, where we spot one of Diego's assassins weilding an M739 SAW, as well as Persephone being chained up and badly injured

Persephone: MOTHER.... OVER HERE!! I... Need.... Help.... Fast....


The assassin starts firing at Candice and myself with the M739 SAW while Candice and I duck for cover


Me: Threats are not gonna work!! We gotta neutralise him ourselves!!

I use my ARC-920 to attack the assassin while Candice uses her Z-390 Heartseeker; both of us eliminated the assassin after an 8 minute gunfight

Me: I'll try to get any information from this guy, you help your daughter.

After Candice released Persephone

Persephone: I need... hospital...

Candice: I'll request help from Shelby, just hang on.

Me: Where on earth are my classmates, and Azelfland's girls, huh??!!

Assassin: If I.... was.... still alive.... you could... have tortured.... me for information. But since I.... am dying.... I can happily... tell you to go **** yourself. (Succumbs to his injuries shortly after)


Candice: I have got a vehicle for us, but we gotta wait for Shelby first.

While I am still yelling at and hitting the corpse, Candice tries to deal with Persephone's injuries; by that time Kimberley, Margaret and Douglas reach the City Hall and start firing at the goons with their Groza, MA5D and Plasma Repeater respectively

Douglas: I hope no evidence of us approaching the City Hall are left!

Margaret: The one sure thing is that Diego has not seen our getaway car yet!

Kimberley: Anyway, I expect TF2014 to be inside.

30 seconds later, the trio reach the office, where they see me whacking the corpse of the assassin, alongside Candice and Persephone

Margaret: TF2014!! TF2014!! ENOUGH!!


Margaret knocks me unconscious, allowing Douglas to carry me back to the Chrysler

Douglas: Should we get an ambulance here?

Candice: No thanks, one of Azelfland's girls will deal with her wounds.

Kimberley: While we will get TF2014 back to the hideout. He looks extremely angered about what happened.

Candice: Yeah, he was attacking the corpse, as if doing so will revive the assassin and reveal the location where all the hostages are hidden.

Margaret: Once we found where they have been hidden at, we will let you know. And we will make sure that guy responsible for this will pay.

As soon as Margaret finished speaking, Shelby entered the office, alongside Cynthia, Hanna and Diana

Hanna: What's going on here?

Douglas: Those Vivendi c***s severely injured Persephone, and took away 10 of Azelfland's girls. Some of TF2014's former classmates have been taken as well.

Diana: Once we get to creep on them, they will pay!!!

Kimberley: Anyway, we'll go now. And see how we could rescue them.

Hanna: Any idea where are they hidden at?

Kimberley: Not yet, but we will be looking. Since TF2014 will be leaving AsphaltLand on either the 9th or 10th of September, we have enough time to locate where they are. Once we get sufficient information, we will let you know.

Hanna: Appreciated. Do what you need to do, then.

Transylvania Castle, 2235 hours

Me: (gaining consciousness) Where... are my friends...

Kimberley: TF2014, we know the situation. Trust me, we will find them.

Me: I hope we can...

Douglas: Stay positive, bro. We will surely find them alive. And we will make that *********** pay for what he did.

Me: (feeling stresses) AARRRGGHHH!!! THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH!!!!



Margaret: TF!! TF!!! LISTEN!!

Me: WHY MY FRIENDS??!! THEY DID NOTHING WRONG! Why them and not me.... (I embrace Kim shortly after due to excessive stress)

Kimberley: Dude, I know. But these tyrants just won't care. Chill, okay? We will find them. Not just finding them, but without any harm done to them.

Douglas: Yeah, trust Kim. We understand your pain. Don't forget that we will cover your back-

Margaret: ....and ensure that those responsible will meet grizzly endings. Ok?

Me: (while still embracing Kim) Yeah... we will find them. And make them suffer. Curse you, Diego.

Margaret: Yeah, **** Diego. We will get them back safe and sound. (While patting my back)

Douglas: (patting my shoulder) We got your back. We will get your friends back. And we will get back at those who had the guts to do this.

Me: I hope so.... and thanks for being there for me. But I really don't know what I can say to those captured.

Kimberley: I am sure they understand, do they?

As soon as Kimberley finished speaking, the four of us start hearing strange noises; those noises are actually the sounds of the grounds in Transylvania cracking, a possible sign of what is going to happen to AsphaltLand when I depart from there for good

Douglas: What's that noise?

Kimberley: What noise? (As she hears the noise) Beats me, but I think it is just the sound of rats.

Me: Rats? I thought the castle has been kept rat-free...

Shortly after I finished speaking, the four of us could hear Pholia screaming from below

Me: Yeah, I hope you are right about the rats, Kim. And Pholia deserves it.

Margaret: Pholia had always been the rat, and it is ironic that she is scared of smaller rats...

The alarms of the 9 cars parked by the castle activate a few seconds after Margaret's speech

Me: Not a good sign. What the heck is going on??!!

Kimberley: Something is not right. How co.e a few rats can cause all cars within this place to activate? Not just one or two, but all of them!!

Douglas: I don't like what is happening. I'll move the Chrysler out of the way!!

Me: Why, oh why, did my nightmares following Jennifer's death turn into reality? Am I getting cursed by her?

Margaret: Nah, that is just a coincidence. Either way, we will definitely find your friends.

Kimberley: And speaking of nightmare turning into reality... run, or we will be pulled apart.

Kim, Margaret and I leave the main hall of the castle as the furniture within the hall start vibrating, and the hall itself starts splitting into two

Douglas: (after relocating the Chrysler 300C) What is wrong??

Kimberley: Remember when I said about rats? I was wrong about that.

Douglas: What do you mean?

Kimberley: Just keep out of the main palace of this darned castle, or we will be pulled apart.

Douglas: Pulled apart? (As he sees the stained glass of the castle cracking away) Oh $#!+!!

After the brief earthquake stops

Me: I don't like what is happening. I hope I can find my friends ASAP.

Kimberley: I will get in touch with KITT, and inform it the current situation.

Douglas: Just calm down, okay? We promise, we will find them.

Kimberley: (messaging KITT) KITT? KITT? You there?

KITT: Kim, I hear you. And I know what happened. I have alerted all military aircraft as well, which means only the KC-135 will be doing the cloud seeding thing. The KC-46 and MRTT have cancelled the modification program to allow the reconaissance operations. I am currently pinpointing their last known and current whereabouts; it will take some time but I will try to get it done fast. And I am sure TF2014 is feeling uneasy about this, so please let him know that I got his back. KITT out.

Kimberley: Kim out. I will make sure TF2014 gets the message. (Showing me the transmission between her and KITT) You see that? There is no point worrying, but we will do our best to find them. And KITT will try to get the job done.

Me: That's good to know, and I just hope it gets done fast.

Margaret: Just sleep now, okay? When we get up tomorrow, we will start planning on how we cam get them back. As for our escape route, I am sure KITT will take care of that too.

Me: I just hope I can get them back. And thanks for covering my back, guys.

Douglas: Just rest now. We will get started with Plan A-1.2 as soon as dawn comes.

The next day, 0700 hours

Douglas: Alright, time to get working on Plan A-1.2. Can anyone get KITT on the line? 8 Me: I'll get in touch, before the girls get awake-

Kimberley: We actually were awake earlier than you did.

Me: Well, jokes aside, I'll get KITT on the line.

Margaret: And I will get back to my computing business.

Me: KITT, its me. Have you got a location of them yet? And who had been affected?

KITT: I have not gotten their location yet, but I can tell that whatever happened yesterday was definitely a terrible one.

Margaret: Terrible? The fact that a large number of friends have been captured by these dumbf***s is already terrible, no need to mention how bad it is. Just tell me all the information you have.

KITT: And by terrible, I mean terrible. So far, I have managed to find out who was abducted based on the last known locations, along with the signals from their phones. For the signal part, it will take quite a while.

Me: Quite a while?

KITT: Knight Industries had been experimenting on some kind of tracker that can track down someone via their phone SIM card, wether or not the phone is on. As the gadget is just a prototype, it does have somw limitations. When the phone is off, the tracker needs to detect the midpoint between two locations the signal was last detected. And it takes 6 full hours just to detect one midpoint.

Douglas: I don't mean to insult you, but I expected things to be better when literally anything is manufactured by Knight Industries.

KITT: I thought I have said that the tracker is a prototype. And I bet that even with the limitations, I am sure that I can figure out where have they been hidden at.

Me: Any idea regarding who was affected?

KITT: You would not like what you are going to hear from me, but I have to tell anyway. Diego has decided to piss you and Azelfland off for wrecking Vivendi's operations, and he has decided to piss off Mac as well. I will start with Mac; Diego and his cronies have somehow managed to snatch Yuni while Mac and his crew were busy working on a Co-op Championship in the UK.

Douglas: Diego would pay big time when we catch him. I am going to make sure he drinks ALL the plasma I am going to feed him.

Me: And I am considering to blow up Diego's mansion with a Stratofortress.

KITT: As for Azelfland, 7 of his girls have been taken away. While they were, like Mac, busy with some of their operations from his third garage. As far as I can tell, Loraine, Wanda, Scarlet, Chica, Flora, Rouge, and Wendy. Diego said he captured 10, when in reality, Persephone was rescued later on and Hanna got away. That makes 7. And Linda- Not Linda-058, but the ex-wife of one of Azelf's ex-friends, to be precise as well. So that makes it 8.

Kimberley: What about TF2014's?

KITT: So far, his former classmates who were caught were Andrew, Mick, Nicole, Rachel and Sarah. Naomi was also caught. And I don't need to mention who else they caught- TF2014's closest friend.

Me: F*****g b#!$@*@. As soon as I kill Diego, I am going to blow up his house with either a bomber or a fighter jet.

KITT: Also, Anais' twin sister was caught. Mainly because the sister hated Vivendi for ruining her family.

Margaret: Wait. Anais had a twin sister all along?

KITT: Yes. She was identical in terms of appearance, but not in terms of personality. And somehow Nicole was captured while visiting Rome along with Andrew. As for Mick, he was in Singapore when he was caught. Rachel was in Cleveland, on the way to meet Lily, Sarah and Naomi who were in Atlanta- they ran from Boston to Atlanta. And based on my scanned data, it seemed to me that Vivendi goons had caught them with the use of the remaining stolen Covenant Type-29 Vampires.

Me: They think they can frame the Swords of Sangheilios for the abductions, but the UNSC isn't stupid enough to believe that. And are any of R8 Tyke's teammates affected?

KITT: They have left AsphaltLand when Diego's faction struck.

Margaret: Okay. That is some good news among a heap of bad news.

KITT: And with the use of my tracker, I would be able to pinpoint their locations within 12 hours before it starts raining in AsphaltLand. Oh, and here is two things before I get to work on finding them. 1), I have plotted three routes that would take up to three hours to reach the plane, one per airport, and that depends on which airport would your plane be landing at. 2), you better hope you find them ASAP, because some seismic readings picked up by the UNSC Infinity indicate that AsphaltLand is going to be struck by some kind of natural catastrophe.

Me: Thanks for your help, KITT. TF2014 out. (Turning to my crew) And you better pass this information to Azelfland's crew.

Margaret: What about the Halo Squad?

Kimberley: I am sure Rinon would report the whole thing to them. Not only that, the fiends recruited by the UNSC, along with the Swords of Sangheilios would likely be informed as well. And I am sure that they would be working with KITT, too.

Me: My main priority is to find them before disaster strikes this hellhole.

Douglas: Not just your priority. OUR priority.

Diego: (on the phone) So, Wimpcent Bollocks. You lost the cars. All of them. This kind of failure would NOT be tolerated.

Vincent: And I will find out who did this. You can be sure of that.

Diego: Seeing the level of incompetence you have as a boss, I can tell that you would still fail to find out who did that.

Vincent: I will make sure you will see that I am not incompetent.

Diego: The investors of Vivendi are now becoming anxious. I stood out of the way of becoming the boss of Vivendi because I thought you could handle this.

Vincent: I can, and I will show you.

Diego: I hope so. What these cars are worth, are more than your life.

Vincent: And I should have fired you from my syndicate when I knew that you are just a gook who thinks I am a total junkie.

Diego: Your incompetence has drawn in too much unwanted attention. Not just from Azelfc***, but from TrashF*****, R8 F*** and Fail-One Boy, but from other unknown enemies from Knight Industries, the Mario Team and the UNSC as well.

Vincent: They had to be shut up for thinking they were superior.

Diego: And your methods of shutting them up only made things worse than they already were. Right now I have captured some of Azelfc***'s, TrashF*****'s and Fail-One Boy's friends, but if you don't get over your failures, it will only be a matter of time before our whole syndicate would cease to exist. (Hanging up, and banging the table angrily) TrashF***** has went too far. I hope the loss of his friends would teach him not to double cross me and break my contract.

Vivendi goon 20: Sir, are you planning to kill them all?

Diego: Oh, I was... but remember that minor earthquake we had last night? I will say a change of plans, we leave them to die when disaster strikes. We also have gotten erratic seismic readings, so it will only be a matter of time before they will die due to a natural cause.... and with zero evidence of our involvement.

What Diego does not realise is that an Elder Drake is overhearing the conversation

Vivendi goon 20: But what if TF2014 finds out?

Diego: Ah, it actually does not matter. The only concern for us is that pathetic girl from Taiwan whom is extremely close to him. We only took the rest to piss him off. But yeah, we will leave some of our guards at where that chick is at. Oh, we are going to torture her mentally... by reminding her about her near death in Taiwan back in 2013... except that her death will be inescapabe this time.

Vivendi goon 20: But why don't we just kill her already?

Diego: I want TrashF*****to see his childhood friend die right in front of him.

Vivendi goon 20: Sir, I would not like to challenge you, but with those pricks from the UNSC and their affilates now keeping us in their crosshairs-

Diego: F*** the UNSC, f*** the fiends from the Fiend World and Spira, they are no match for us since we have some Type-29 Vampires to get rid of them. Oh, and f*** the Swords Of Sangheilios as well. I do agree that there is still one mofo from Knight Industries still on the loose. That, will be our major threat. But we will still continue according to my plan... until we really need to perform a change of plans. All thanks to Vincent being a total unprofessional nincompoop, whatever we do will more than likely end up in failure as soon as that car from Knight Industries is still on the loose-

Before Diego could finish speaking, the command center gets infiltrated by the Elder Drake, along with Critical Bugs and Tonberries

Diego: What the-

Elder Drake: (I thought Vincent was pathetic enough, Diego. Turns out you are a bigger arse than Vincent. I heard what you were plotting, and I don't need to say, your plan would fail. You, along with Vincent and what's left of Vivendi would eventually crumble to nothing. And your plans to kill the hostages will fail regardless of what happens.)

Tonberry 1: (Try calling us useless. Scared now, huh?)

The fiends allied with the UNSC, along with some Swords of Sangheilios elite forces raid the command center once more, and kill a large number of goons within the command center; the goons attempt to fight back but fail

Insect Matriarch: (DIE, FILTHY PESTS! DIE!!!)



  • As military aircraft feature different registration patterns when compared to civil aircraft, any military aircraft mentioned will be referred to by their model, rather than the tail number (due to my unfamiliarity with military registrations).
  • McLaren P1 Boy would be referred to as "Mac" from this episode onwards for simplicity's sake; P1 Boy himself did this in his recent episode, which happens two months after the end of the AsphaltLand chapter from the perspectives of R8 Tyke, Azelfland and myself.
  • This is the only episode after the episode "In Hiding" in which I do not use the Beryl M762.
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