And here it is, the absolute last episode of my MultiVerse stories from the AsphaltLand chapter. Maybe the series from my point of view would continue, but one sure thing is that any sort of racing will NEVER be featured (unlike P1 Boy's, R8 Tyke's and Azelfland's), but rather, it would be based on a concept of a game consisting of my favourite games (FSX, GTA EFLC, PUBG) and some other non-racing related games being integrated into one (Halo, Driver: Parallel Lines etc).

Title of this episode is obtained directly from a quote in PUBG (the only non-open world game I would enjoy playing), and the fact that by this point, I have successfully left the racing scene, and would no longer be anywhere there.


N801NW during its descent to JFK Intl.

The following will be depicted:

  • The journey to my plane
  • Finding and rescuing my friends who were captured in the previous episode
  • AsphaltLand getting struck by natural disasters (reference to the movie 2012, except that the catastrophe is not on a global scale)
  • My friends and I leaving AsphaltLand for good while AsphaltLand crumbles to nothing (again, 2012 reference)
  • The journey back home, officially marking my termination of motorsport involvement

The initial journey to the getaway vehicle

10 September 2019, 1630 hours in AsphaltLand, one hour before our planned departure; it will be raining heavily at that period

Margaret: Are you sure you wanna leave for New York when it is raining heavily?

Me: I need the heavy weather to allow us to leave. Sure, heavy rain will deter our ability to drive away. BUT, not one of Vincent's goons can handle pursuits in bad weather well.

Margaret: But.... we need some unbrellas or raincoats-

Me: We will be using raincoats, maybe. Avoid umbrellas since they will hamper our ability to shoot.

Kimberley: Right now all we need to do is to check our weapons. Uzi, ARC-920 Railgun, Beryl M762, AWM, SCAR-L, M16, DP-28, MP5K, Plasma Repeater, and Beretta 686, along with MLRS-1 HGL Hydra Launchers, M41 SSR MAV/AW SPNKr Rocket Launchers, MA5D, Hybrid BR85N, M363 RPD Sticky Detonators, and W/AV M6/E G/GNR Spartan Lasers, T-58 LAAW Fuel Rod Cannons, T-50 DEW/H Concussion Rifles, Talon of the Lost, a special T-56D GML Needler that can directly damage vehicles, Z-400 PDGG Splinter Grenades, Z-110 DEP/E Boltshots, Z-130 DEAW Suppressors, Z-250 DEEW LightRifles, Z-180 CCR/AEM Scattershots, Z-750 SASR Binary Rifles, and more W/AM Z-390 HEMR Incineration Cannons.

Me: Oh, before we forget. Any idea if we could find where our friends are currently hidden at?

Douglas: I hope they are not hidden in AsphaltLand, but only KITT can tell. Maybe those allied fiends would assist KITT in finding them, but we better hope they are not in here.

Margaret: Well.... we have more than enough artillery. So far we have got all those UNSC weaponary with us, along with our default weapons.

Me: And tons of ammunation. 9mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, Plasma charges, Ionised particles... you name it.

Kimberley: And .300 Magnum rounds. But yeah, we have more than enough 7.62 rounds.

Douglas: Are you sure you wanna escape in bad weather?

Me: I am certified for IFR flight- something which not a single VVS member has. They may have the most powerful cars, but you know.... bad weather equals speed does not mean everything. We also destroyed their fighters, and none of them could use their C-5 Galaxies, C-17 Globemasters and Il-76s in bad weather.

(a message from N801NW, the Airbus A330; conversations between me and N801NW are through the ACARS)

N801NW: I will be locating your friends with the help of KITT. Should be able to find them in two hours time, which means that you don't have to U-Turn back here just to find your friends.

Me: Just wondering if N389AA is coming as well, though I advised her not to.

N801NW: N389AA wanted to come, but had to act as a replacement aircraft for a revenue flight using an aircraft that is now suffering from technical difficulties.

Me: She had been a daredevil, but I am glad she did not have to risk herself.

N801NW: Confirm that there are four people boarding me?

Kimberley: Yes, four. And don't worry, Margaret, we will get you out of here, with Douglas. Don't worry about getting all the hate when we reach New York- Lily has explictly said she will spare you. Besides, my younger sis also did a similar thing that you did- except she was not involved with the bullies. Lily forgave her too, so she would forgive you also. Anyway, we just need to get out of this city for good. Check all weapons. By the way, we may have a total of 12 occupants, if I find my former classmates before we arrive.

Me: Yep, make it four. At least.

N801NW: Fine. I have just taken off. Expect my arrival within 50 minutes of your journey.

Kimberley: (also using the ACARS) Say your callsign?

N801NW: Northwest 5562 heavy.

Me: Okay. Thanks. I gotta test my weapons and plan an escape route.

N801NW: Good luck.

(after 30 minutes of weapon testing and route planning)

Kimberley: Wanna say your final goodbyes to Pholia??

Margaret: Maybe. To be honest with you, I was hoping I can taunt Jennifer as well. Too bad I screwed up and killed her.

Kimberley: They would be breathing their last breaths anyway.

(in the dungeon where Pholia is held hostage)

Pholia: WHAT DO YOU C***S WAANT??!!!

Kimberley: Scream all you want. And in case you don't know, my sister actually had a similar fate to Margaret- being a bully previously. But, Margaret took a lot longer to turn a new leaf.

Me: Sure, I may be responsible for this. But remember, Kim gave you the chance to turn around. But you hurled all the insults. Sure, I know I am partly responsible, but the fact that you chose to insult my friend, who did nothing wrong, meant you are going to enjoy your punishment. You could have hurled all the hate on me, not them. Also, one day some people will burn this castle down. Since you and your mother chose to curse my friends, you two just have minutes left to live.


Me: I intended to keep myself out. But since you chose to cross my path and hurt my friends, I would not turn a blind eye on this.

Margaret: Not to mention your allies- the VVS- made P1 Boy turn against his friends. You did the same to my boyfriend, as well as R8 Tyke's date, Zoe. And R8 Tyke himself. I am not going to ignore this.


Me: Keep insulting us some more. We are outta here.

Margaret: If you think insults will work, you need a bath. douses Pholia with three barrels of gasoline I hope ya learn not to try to hurt our feelings!

Pholia: screaming goat

Kimberley: Let's leave. I am concerned that Vivendi would eventually discover us hiding here.

Douglas: Even if they do discover, there is nothing they can do when fiends like Cactuars, Insect Matriarches and Elder Drakes are banging them from the inside out.

Pholia: COME BACK YOU SICK F***S!!! LET US GO!!! (As Margaret, Douglas, Kimberley and I head for the Chrysler 300) Just you wait.... trying to release herself

(at the getaway car)

Kimberley: So you are saying.... we gotta take the long route??

Me: Yes. It may seem counter-intuitive, but we need to give the plane time to refuel and undergo maintenance. Going head on also allows the VVS to track us- as if the presence of goons in their C5s, C17s and Il-76s are not enough. One sure thing though.... we wrecked their fighters. So no need to worry about shootdowns. Also, I see it is raining outside. Another 15 minutes and off we go.

Margaret: Any regrets leaving this city? No? I know you have regrets for leaving your friends, but for leaving this city?

Me: Although I got new friends here, my biggest mistake is stepping into this city, which looked so promising at start but took a fatal turn.

Kimberley: If some of your favourite cars get added here, then what are you gonna do?

Me: To hell with those vehicles. I am not gonna head down the rabbit hole again. (as all of us enter the Chrysler, with all weapons in our backpacks)

Douglas: Well, how are they going to know that their members are in this castle?

Me: No one will know. But I am expecting these rioters to go rioting near the castle. Another possibility is that Vincent knows we have been hiding in this castle. Either scenario would lead to its doom. And I don't care about the fates of Pholia. Since they are recognised as VVS workhorses, you can expect what the AsphaltLand residents are gonna do.

15 mins later

Me: Okay. I have notified Azelfland and P1 Boy regarding my getaway. I am not sure if they would come... anyway let's get outta here. For real. (as I start the Chrysler and drive out of the castle)

back in the dungeons

Pholia: I gotta hurry. I have never met such @$$#0!€$, and I have never been kidnapped before. (trying to release herself) Not to mention that they took away my phone.... Unfortunately they have made that belt wrap my waist too tightly, and have left me in chains. Not to mention that they doused gasoline on me.... I just hope I can leave.... (pulling her arms against the chains, hoping to get them free)

back in the Chrysler

Me: Okay. Shortest journey would take at least two hours. But with all the rioting, I am expecting a five hour trip. Looks like we will reach NYC by 0230 hours local time. An additional hour is also expected to reach the WTC, if we use the trains.

Margaret: I never expected we would be friends again. Regarding the WTC trip, I would use my Maserati Quattroporte left at the airport. I will prove that cars beat trains.

Me: We would see about that later. Cars can beat trains, but I dare to say that ain't the case in a city where traffic is conjested.

Kimberley: Save the conversations for later. Right now, we gotta look out for trouble. And look out for where our friends could possibly be.

Me: Speaking of home, ever since I entered AsphaltLand, I have returned there periodically, but I barely spent my time there. Never expected to be able to return there permanently, although this is what I hoped for.

Margaret: Well when I was being part of the bullies, we got word that you guys were last there. Luckily none of us spotted you. Nontheless, all of us were using individual cars, so you can use any of their cars.

Kimberley: But my boyfriend said he would be taking the trains. But maybe Lily, Sarah and Naomi would use them, if we brought them to safety.

Margaret: You guys choose the WTC, of all the buildings. Maybe it is due to the main building being called the Freedom Tower? You could have choosen the Liberty Statue instead.

Me: Towers give better panoramic views. Having a 270° view of New York would definitely be the most pleasant thing I could see. Maybe if my friends would be in the picture as well, things get better... and I am not talking of New Jersey there, unless I wanna have a look of Newark Liberty Intl and Teteboro as well.

Kimberley: As long as we could find your friends, I don't mind meeting them at literally ANY building.

Me: One sure thing is that I will not attempt another adventure in the racing scene after I go home.

KITT: KITT here. Say your status?

Me: My 4-man squad is now on the way out of AsphaltLand.

KITT: You may wish to make a 45 minute diversion, though.

Me: Diversion? I hope you mean you found my friends.

KITT: Yes, I have found them. And wait for some time while I plot the route to their current location. But I can tell you that your friends, along with Azelfland's girls, as well as Alicia and Yuni are hidden in the office towers at the mall in the Tokyo track.

Me: Can you tell if everyone is there?

KITT: I can only tell that their last known location is the mall towers. The signals from the SIM cards end there. I will need to examine the area quickly.

Me: The mall just happens to be in a route that branches away from the route I am taking to one of the three airports, so why the rush? Is it Vivendi trying to kill them off?

KITT: No. Not Vivendi. But Mother Nature.

Me: Mother Nature? Are you serious?

KITT: The seismic readings that I obtained from AsphaltLand are increasing dramatically and at a rate much higher than the average. Catastrophe would strike AsphaltLand much sooner than you think, so we need to save them fast. And yes, AsphaltLand, is going down. Not due to Vivendi, not due to the Fiends from Spira and the Fiend World, not due to the rioters, but due to natural causes.

Me: F*** this. Thanks KITT. I will pass the information to my crew.

KITT: Before I go, Azelfland's girls are hidden in the tower that had been burning since the day rioters attacked it. The other was not affected since it does not contain any Vivendi/Gameloft-affilated offices.

Kimberley: Any idea regarding here they hid our friends?

Me: They have hid them in the office towers above the mall on the Tokyo track. We should be able to reach them in 1 hour and 30 minutes if we do not get a single interruption along the way.

Douglas: That is good news for us if we reach them before catastrophe strikes.

Margaret: Just beware that Vivendi goons are still out there to hunt us. Unfortunately, we cannot turn our phones off, or we cannot get any assistance from KITT. Or Mac. Or Azelfland.

Kimberley: Yeah... we better be ready to fight if they try doing jack on us. And loot any gun they have after killing them, our friends may need to use them in case we get knocked out.

Me: I am sure that Azelfland is now running as a decoy to keep these crapheads off our back. But hopefully we don't run into an ambush.

Douglas: But even in an ambush, all it takes is a few Heartseeker charges to eliminate all of them.

   1) Thirty Seconds To Mars- Conquistador
   2) The Chainsmokers feat. Daya- Don't Let Me Down
   3) Alan Walker feat. Sophia Somajo- Diamond Heart
   4) Naomi Scott- Speechless
   5) Sons Of Maxwell- United Breaks Guitars
   6) Taylor Swift- The Story Of Us
   7) Rebecca Black- My Moment
   8) JVNA- Chemicals
   9) Ava Max- So Am I
   10) Adrienne Bailon- What If
   11) Sabrina Carpenter- Smoke And Fire
   12) Arn Andersson- Farewell Life

Start of gunfight

1727 hours, Westminister Bridge, London track

Douglas: TF2014, you need to pull over now.

Me: Douglas? Is there anything there?

Douglas: Yes, we have f***heads waiting for us on the bridge.

Me: Bridge campers!! I thought that type of people don't exist outside Erangel!!

Douglas: These pussycats are willing to do anything it takes to block our mission.

All of us exit the Chrysler 300C after I pull over behind a wrecked bus

Kimberley: Time to show these goons when to back-off- (when she heard Margaret briefly scream when one of the goons nearly hit her wiith a TAR-21 bullet) Now eat this!! (Firing her AWM at another goon with MJOLINR Gen-3 armor, who dies with just a single shot to his head)

Douglas: GTFO!!! (While attacking any goons who approach in Centenarios)

Me: More Centenarios? Time to watch an explosive show!! (While charging my Type-53 White Scar; Margaret provides cover with her MA5D)

Kimberley: More goons coming!! Load all the f*****g firepower you got!!

Douglas brings out his AKM alongside his Type-51 Carbine, Type-50 Concussion Rifle and Type-42 Plasma Cannon as backup weapons whenever his Type-51 Plasma Repeater overheats; at the same time I bring out my Beryl M762, Z-750 Binary Rifle and QBU-88, as well as equipping a 4x ACOG scope to my Type-53 White Scar

Me: Do you have any radiators for my Plasma Caster? (While gunning down goons behind a damaged W Motors Lykan Hypersport with my QBU-88)

Douglas: Having trouble with the constant overheating of your new weapon? I know that Covenant-weapons do have that issue, and I just happen to have some radiators for ya. (While passing me a radiator to me; as soon as I took the radiator, Kimberley obliterated another goon with her AWM)

Me: Yeah, thanks. And I am aware that plasma tends to overheat. (While attaching the radiator to my Type-53 White Scar)

Margaret: Get out of our way!! (As she killed some goons who just arrived in a Terzo Millennio with her MA5D; Kimberley also killed some goons who arrived in a Centenario with her Groza)

Kimberley: When and how the f*** did they acquire Terzo Millennios?

Me: (while destroying another Centenario with my Type-53 White Scar) I am sure that Terzo Millennios had existed in AsphaltLand, and these cronies got them as placeholders for all the Centenarios we f****d up!! (Just as I switch to my M762 and kill some goons who arrive in another Terzo Millennio while waiting for my Type-53 to cool down)

Douglas: (while obliterating two goons behind an overturned Rolls Royce Wraith Limo) One sure thing is their new cars won't last when disaster strikes this place!!

Kimberley: How many goons do we have to deal?

Me: (after launching another charged shot from my Type-53 at the goons camping behind a Toyota Alphard) Guys... goons are coming from our six o'clock!!

Douglas: Think they can outsmart us? (As he pulls out his Z-390 Hearseeker; at the same time Margaret aims her MA5D towards the Vivendi Centenarios coming from behind, while Kimberley borrows my Type-53 White Scar while still equipping her OTs-14-1A-01 Groza; as for me, I wield my M762)

Kimberley: They won't stop coming until we get rid of them. Fire!!

All of us use our rapid fire weapons to gun down the goons after Douglas and Kim launch charged shots from the Heartseeker and White Scar respectively

Me: As soon as we are done, we can loot them for weapons our friends probably need!!

Margaret: Yeah, we will!!

Me: Once you can loot, I will cover you guys!!

Douglas: Copied!!

I toss an M67 Frag Grenade into an approaching Terzo Millennio through its windshield

Me: Explosion imminent!! GET COVER!!

All of us hide behind the Chrysler 300C as the Terzo Millennio explodes,

Margaret: That's a lot of pyreflies and crates!!

Me: I'll cover you!! Happy looting!!

While I refocus on the goons on the other side of the bridge with the Type-53 White Scar, Z-180 Scattershot, M762 and M16, Margaret, Kimberley and Douglas looted the crates from the dead goons, with the following weapons obtained from them:

  • Steyr AUG A3
  • M20 SMG
  • BR85 Battle Rifle
  • Karabiner 98 Kurz
  • Heckler & Koch MP5K
  • IMI Tavor TAR-21
  • M739 SAW
  • Z-750 Binary Rifle
  • PP-19 Bizon
  • Desert Eagle
  • Type-52 Mauler
  • Z-180 Scattershot
  • Heckler & Koch G36C
  • Remington RGP
  • Beretta ARX160
  • SRS99-AM
  • VSS Vintorez

Douglas: That should be enough for our friends to use.

Me: Got anything there?

Margaret: Lots of stuff for our friends to toy around with the goons. We don't mind lending them our weapons, but knowing Mick, he will definitely choose the AUG A3.

Kimberley: We found tons of Desert Eagles, M20 SMGs and PP-19 Bizons-

Before Kim could finish speaking, one of the goons tosses a Z-400 Splinter Grenade right in the middle of the bridge

Me: Guys, we need to dive into the river. Now!!

Margaret: What is going on?

Douglas: One of the goons threw a splinter grenade right on the bridge!! JUMP!!

All of us stow our weapons in our backpacks and jump into the river, seconds before the Z-400 detonates, which destroys part of the bridge and tosses vehicles about, including our Chrysler 300C; all of us swim towards a dinghy docked by the Buckingham Palace

Douglas: There goes our car!!

Me: Okay, we wasted about 25 minutes dealing with the bridge campers. Any idea where could we find another car and just head to our friends in captivity?

Margaret: Unfortunately for you... we have to go to the San Diego Harbor track. That is the closest location we can dock at, and resumeour mission.

Kimberley: Margaret's right. We need to spend another 14 minutes before we can find another car and head to the mall.

Me: As long as we find them before disaster strikes, I wil do whatever your plan is.

   1) Florrie- Borderline
   2) Kiiara- Feels
   3) Alan Walker feat. Sophia Carson, CORSAK & K391- Different World
   4) Jorge Mendez- Cold
   5) Avril Lavigne- Don't Tell Me

When disaster strikes

1756 hours, San Diego Harbor ruins

Douglas: This is the place. Right now let's scan the area for an intact car.

Margaret: Literally every car had been wrecked since the day TF2014 and Kim raided this place. (While looking at all the destroyed Centenarios, 9FF V-MAX's, AF10s, Mi-24s, F-15s, Type-29 Vampires and UH-1Ys, along with some destroyed and damaged civillian cars at the parking lot near the Abelion Corporation offices)

Me: We better not waste time here. Let's check the area!!

4 minutes later

Margaret: I think this car will do!! (While starting a blue Lamborghini Estoque)

Me: Let's get rolling!!

Kimberley: Wait. I see something in the 7th floor of the Abelion Corporation HQ.

Me: What is it?

Kimberley: Looks like two kids to me.... but we will see.

Douglas: I'll go up there.

Me: No, Doug. You wait with Margaret in the car. Kim and I will check it out. After all, you were a former Vivendi goon, so-

Douglas: So it is time for me to make amendments, and show them I am not working for these goombas. I'll go.

Kimberley: .... then I will stay with Margaret in the car and look out for trouble.

7th floor of Abelion Corportaion HQ

Me: Vincent Bollocks just got worse than ever. Or Diego. Or whoever who did this.

Douglas: Look at that. Since when did Vincent commit child abuse?

Me: I am sure that they took the baton from the now disbanded PETA. Come on, let's get them out of here.

But as we enter the room, Thomas aimed his AKM at us

Me: Whoah, whoah. Take it easy, will you?

Thomas: Don't think you could harm my sister, you goofs!!

Douglas: Look, Thomas. I know I was guilty of working for these @$$#0|€$, but look. I despise them as much as you, seeing that I found out they had been blackmailing me.

Thomas: Trying to pretend to be sugar daddy aren't you?

Me: Look, Thomas. Douglas is sincerely remorseful for working with the VVS crapheads, but I can assure you that he is clean and serene right now.

Thomas: Yeah, but seeing that Vivendi abused my 9 year old sister, and killed our parents, what can you do about it?

Douglas: Well if I say we are here to bring you out of harms way, will you believe us?

Me: I am not going to lie about it, but some of my friends also got tortured by the VVS. When Douglas found out that these mother******s did the same thing to his girlfriend, he decided to tear down the VVS from inside out.

Thomas: Well, show me, then.

Kimberley: (after enterring the HQ) TF2014? Douglas? What is going on?

Me: Kim, we are trying to bring two orphans to safety before AsphaltLand falls apart. But the elder orphan is skeptical about Douglas due to his former history. We are trying to convince them that we will bring them to safety.

Kimberley: I cannot speak as a parent, but I will try. Come on Thomas, I can swear that they are sincere. And my recent boyfriend has a plane to bring you out of here.

Thomas: Where exactly is that plane? And can you fly?

Me: (after receiving a transmission from N801NW) My plane is at AsphaltLand Dometic Airport, at Gate C43. And if you ask who can fly, I can. (While showing my FAA Pilot's License) There, will you let us take you and your sister to safety?

Thomas: (while holstering his AKM) Fine, fine. But first, release Charmaine.

Douglas: Will do. And if you want to see me prove it, I will prove as much as I can. (While releasing Charmaine)

Kimberley: Come on, let's go. We also have friends in trouble, and we need to rescue them before heading to the plane.

Charmaine: Who is this? Vivendi member?

Thomas: Used to, but now that guy is trying to help us. Along with his team members. Look, sis. We know that we have to see a Vivendi @$$#0|€, but if we want to see a bright future, we have to trust them. They apparently have a plane which we can use.

Charmaine: Well, okay. I recognise Douglas though... trying to spare our family, but his former associates disallowed him.

Thomas: (while we are heading to the Estoque) Who are the other three who are with Douglas?

Me: I am TF2014. You know Douglas though... he decided to eliminate the VVS because they also did crap to Margaret.

Charmaine: Oh, I see. TF2014, Margaret, Douglas.

Me: I got to mention that Margaret is in the car we would use to head to the plane. That woman you see right here is Kim. Anyway, enough chatter, if we want to head for the plane.

Near the Estoque, 1807 hours

Margaret: What kept you three?

Me: Just having trouble with two kids who lost their parents due to the VVS cronies. Right now we convinced them, so what we are gonna do is to head for the mall in Tokyo, find our friends and head for them plane.

Thomas: Mall? I hope you are not shopping them there.

Me: No. But Vivendi captured some of my friends, who are last known to be in the mall.

Kimberley: Alright, let's go-

But before we could enter, two Vivendi Centenarios approached us

Me: Don't these d***heads ever quit?

Kimberley: Bro. Stop cursing in front of kids, will ya?

Me: I am just angry that Vivendi still chooses to hunt us down even when AsphaltLand is about to crumble to nothing.

Vivendi goon 1: Well, well, well. What are you trying to do now, TrashF*****? First, you thrashed up Vivendi, then you kidnapped and murdered the boss' wife, and then you violated the contract you had with Diego. What next, trying to become a babysitter now?

Me: Well, you Vivendi dogs keep messing with my friends, so all I was doing is to protect them. As for the contract, I was trying to reconcile with my friends that I inadvertantly abandoned once I found out the truth behind motorsport. And babysitting? Well, I just don't know what kind of nonsense had you been doing, even before AsphaltLabd reached its heyday.

Douglas: Charmaine, Thomas, get behind. I don't want to see you getting hurt.

Vivendi goon 2: Ah, here we have a traitor that thinks useless kids are superior to us.

Kimberley: You animals blackmailed Douglas to work for you and commit various crimes. If you think that would make you become the rulers of this world, nope. You would only become a small fish being chased around by a Great White.

Thomas: Get away from my sister!! (While aiming his AKM at the goons)

Vivendi goon 1: Still trying to preserve this kid? You know he would backstab you one day.

Me: And so what? All he and his sister wanted is a normal life. Now get out of here before you get struck. (While aiming my M762 at them)

Douglas: Now, please, let us aside.

Vivendi goon 2: You think we would let you leave alive after all you did to us?

Kimberley: Your life would soon be over for all the things you did to us.

Vivendi goon 1: I should be the one saying that to all of y-

Before the goon could finish speaking, by 1811 hours, the 9.3 magnitude earthquake strikes AsphaltLand, first indicated by the sound of glass of the Abelion Corporation shattering


After I finish speaking, a canyon forms directly under the goons, swallowing them alive while the six of us enter the Estoque

Douglas: We better find our friends before the building they are in collapses!!!

I perform a J-turn in the Estoque, rear-ending one of the Vivendi-owned Centenarios in the process, causing that car to fall into the gap created by the earthquake, and floor it as the entire harbor starts crumbling

Margaret: Faster, TF2014!! FASTER!!

Me: I don't have NOS in this thing!!

Douglas: Then just don't release the fricking pedal!!

I keep my foot on the pedal as the ground behind and at both sides of the car start shifting and crumbling, either tossing cars around or swallowimg them, also causing buildings to crumble

Margaret: How long are we going to take to reach the mall?

Me: 2 and a half miles!! As long as the ground does not decide to crunch us-

A section of the ground in front of my car rises and the ground below my car is starting to sink

Me: I'm flanking left!! (As I turn onto the sidewalk when the road starts crumbling, causing the cars parked above it to fall into the gap)

Kimberley: Watch out, WATCH OUT!!

Me: Everybody HANG ON!! (When the ground in front of me tilts 30 degrees, forming a ramp facing towards my car)

Everybody screams as the car jumps over the 'ramp'; by that time my nitro indicator starts filling up

Douglas: Pass me your phone! Pass me your phone!!

I passed my phone to Douglas when KITT sends a transmission to me; by that time I am approaching the Barcelona track, whereby all buildings by the starting line start crumbling

KITT's message: Have you rescued your friends yet? If not, you better get there quickly. A 9.3 magnitude earthquake has struck AsphaltLand, with minor 2.4 magnitude ones in unaffected places. You would want to get to them before the 2.4 magnitude earthquake at the Tokyo track turns into a 9.3 magnitude one.

Douglas: We are trying to get to them ASAP, but we got diverted by bridge campers and two kids who were left in hostage. We have got the kids and are heading to the Tokyo track.

KITT: I will let the UNSC units know about the situation. In the meantime, I will get working on your radar to update the routes whenever the earthquake destroys any of the original routes.

Douglas: Alright. I will let TF2014 know.

By the time Douglas had finished speaking, I passed by the Columbus Monument, just before the monument came crashing down

Kimberley: That was close.

Margaret: Don't these goons ever quit?! (While pulling out her MA5D)

Douglas: Bummers. Thomas, we'll handle them for ya. Just keep your sis calm.

We approach Downtown AsphaltLand at this point; the streets are getting split by the earthquake; buildings also collapse onto any vehicles not moving

Me: Mind a lil' zig-zag??!!

Kimberley: Just do what you gotta do!!

I repeatedly turn the car in a zig-zag pattern to:

  • avoid building debris
  • avoid hitting vehicles and people
  • make the goons lose control of their Terzo Millennios and Centenarios

Margaret: Get away from us!! (As she damages the engine of a Centenario to the point it starts burning)

Douglas: Mind your own business!! (As he uses his Type-51 Plasma Repeater to provide cover fire)

Me: Everyone get back in!! (When a large signboard drops towards my car)

Before the signboard hits the ground, various fiends from the Fiend World and Spira attempt to thwart the Vivendi cars; the fiends could somehow tolerate the earthquake

Chocobos: Kweh Kweh Kweh!! KWEEH!! (We will hold off these goons for you. NOW RUN!!!)

The Vivendi cars get either destroyed by either the fiends or building debris; any that were not wrecked slide off the canyons and cliffs that formed within the streets


Douglas: If we take the freeway we will reach there in 25 minutes!!

Margaret: NonononononoNNOOOOOO!!!!! (When an elevated track above us starts collapsing, which drops a train onto the ground, right in front of us)

Me: DOUBLE YOU TEE EEFFFF!!!! (While swerving into a multi-storey car park to avoid the train)

Kimberley: Come on, come on!! (As the Estoque speeds for the exit just before the whole car park collapses as the ground below it starts disintegrating)

1821 hours, when I am 3/4 miles away from the Tokyo mall

Me: F*** YOU, VIVENDI PIECES OF $#!+!!! (As the Estoque's engine cuts off due to the damage done by the goons)

Charmaine: What's going on?!

Margaret: We are sitting ducks now!!!

Me: COME ON.... STARRTTTT!!!!!! (As I try to restart the engine of the Estoque while a hotel to my left crumbes down, and MidTown AsphaltLand starts to disintegrate from the rest of AsphaltLand)



Douglas: Let me hotwire this thing then!!

Kimberley: EVERYONE OUT!!! (When a double decker bus at the right side of the Estoque starts tilting over onto the Estoque)

Me: FF**********!!!!!!!

Margaret: Thomas!! Charmaine!! We gotta go!! Exit the car!!

All of us exit the car just before it gets crushed by the bus

Kimberley: Why the heck does our car have to crap out??!!

Me: Come on, we gotta run on foot!! Keep your heads low!!

When running among the streets with various vehicles strewn all over the place, and with the ground sinking

Margaret: EVERYONE DUCK!!! (When a Beechcraft 1900 flies low through Midtown AsphaltLand)

All of us dive for cover as the plane flies above our heads

Douglas: Jeez!! Please tell me we can get going!!

Me: Guys, over here!!!

The two children and my other squadmates dash over to me, who just happened to dive near a fully-operational 1967 Chevy Impala

Margaret: All in?

Charmaine: Yes, all in.

Kimberley: Let's go!!!

I quickly drive the Impala away from Midtown AsphaltLand before it disintegrates into nothing

Douglas: I expect we are half a mile away from the mall, right?

Me: I see the towers from here, with one burning. We should be close, as long as the mall is not in an area that is suffering the 9.3 magnitude earthquake.

I reach the mall by 1833 hours and park beside Azelfland's Cadillac 16 Concept

The Tokyo track scene

Me: Looks like we reached here by the same time Azelfland did. (With Kim and I exiting the Estoque by the same time Azelfland and Hanna exited the Cadilac 16 Concept; ShadowAzelfland and Shelby reached the mall in their Chrysler 300C SRT8 12 minutes earlier)

Kimberley: Margaret, you stay with the kids. Douglas, you come out.

Azelfland: Who is Douglas?

Me: A former Vivendi goon. Much like Mac and R8 Tyke, Douglas was blackmailed, or he would never see Margaret for the rest of his life.

Hanna: Never knew they had the nerve to capture a lot of our friends. It is like what happened last December, all over again.

Kimberley: We better get to work, or all of us are going to get consumed by the earthquake.

Hanna: Once you are done, we are going to get rid of Vincent for good.

Me: While I plan to eliminate Diego for doing something to my former classmates, and I wanna blow up his mansion with a fighter jet.

Douglas: Come on, we gotta get up there.

Hanna: If anything goes wrong in that burning tower, I will deal with it. I am sure that Vivendi left Loraine, Wanda, Scarlet, Chica, Flora, Rouge, Wendy and Linda in the burning tower, while your classmates, as well as Alicia and Yuni are in that unaffected tower.

Me: 10-4. I'm going upstairs right away.

   Background music that plays when I attempt to save my friends= The Fray- How To Save A Life

1849 hours, in the fourth higbest floor of the office tower

Douglas: KITT, how sure are you that ALL our friends who were affected are in the uppermost floor?

KITT: That is my estimate based on the signal I obtained. They would not expect anyone entering the original Gameloft HQ, which has now been mortgaged by the time Vivendi took over.

Me: As long as I recover them, I will be thankful.

We reach the uppermost floor 2 minutes later, and discover Andrew, Nicole, Rachel, Mick, Yuni, Alicia, Sarah and Naomi being gagged and tied in the office; Lily, however, is nowhere to be seen

Kimberley: It's them!! But where is Lily?

Me: We get them out of here, then we decide on how we can find Lily!! One sure thing, Diego will pay for this!!

All of us release the hostages, and I discover that they stuffed Lily's phone in Naomi's pocket

Mick: Where are we?

Naomi: Looks like we have been caught!! Thankfully TF2014 had came!!

Nicole: But where is Margaret? And where is Lily?

Me: Margaret is with two kids we rescued from a Vivendi HQ before this whole catastrophe struck. As for Lily, I have no idea!! I need to find her!!

Douglas: KITT, we have recovered nearly all of TF2014's friends, along with Anais' twin sister and one of the DDR characters. But Lily is nowhere to be seen!!

KITT: Well, we have a problem here. But one of the UNSC-affilated Elder Drakes had overheard Diego's words. I will try to seek answers from the Elder Drake, which is willing to do so. Hang on for at most 30 mins, I need to bring that fiend on the line.

Naomi: I remember that Diego had mentioned something about mentally torturing Lily, but we need to get out of this building first.

As we are about to head for the stairs, we hear the sound of the stairs from the other tower collapsing

Rachel: What is going on?!

Kimberley: The situation is in the other tower.

Sarah: Let's get out of here now. We gotta find Lily!!

Me: Once we get down, we figure out how we are gonna get Lily back. And don't worry about my plane. Unless we all are safe and sound, my plane ain't going anywhere.

We reached the ground floor of the mall by 1905 hours, and pass the weapons we looted from the goons earlier to them

Douglas: Just in case things go sour before we can board the plane. (Just I passed Rachel a PP-19 Bizon, along with my M16, Z-750 Binary Rifle and Z-180 Scattershot; the latter three upon her request)

Andrew: Well, how are all of us going to fit into one car? Not to mention that we have to take along Anais'twin sister- who knew better than Anais herself, along with a DDR character, and two kids.

Douglas: (pointing to a VW Polo) How about we take three cars? Margaret, Kim, Nicole, Yuni and the kids will remain in the Impala. Andrew, Alicia, Sarah, come with me to the VW Polo.

Naomi: What about me, Mick, TF2014 and Rachel? And what about Lily if we find her?

Me: We will find another car. (Just as a large explosion happened by the starting line of the forward Tokyo track when a building collapsed in front of multiple Vivendi cars, causing them to pile up and explode)

Shelby: So, how did it go?

Me: I recovered my friends, except for Lily since she was not there. Turns out these bastards stuffed Lily's phone into Naomi's pocket, so that even KITT could not find her. And Vivendi was able to procure some kind of jammer since the Centenario fiasco, so we could not rely on aerial X-ray views anymore.

Hanna: As for us, we recovered Loraine, Wanda, Scarlet, Chica, Flora, Rouge, Wendy and Linda from the burning building. They had the balls to leave Loraine right at the entrance of that office floor, which would be the first part of the building where the smoke would reach.

Azelfland: We gotta go now. Something is telling us that the 2.4 magnitude earthquake in certain parts including this track would escalate into a 9.3 magnitude one. It is as if Mother Nature decides to troll everyone still in AsphaltLand with a 2.4 magnitude earthquake in some areas and the 9.3 one in others, before sending the 9.3 magnitude quake to every district in AsphaltLand.

Mick: Yeah, we gotta go and find Lily. (As Azelfland's cars leave) So, how are the kids?

Me: Thomas seems extremely defensive. It took us forever just to convince him that Douglas is no longer on Vivendi's side. Also, Margaret had to tell Thomas that Alicia is identical to Anais in terms of appearance, but not in terms of personality. Can't blame him though... Vivendi killed his parents and abused his sister. Now let's go. I cannot relax until I find Lily and gtfo from this hellhole. (Just as the VW Polo and Chevy Impala leave, and rendezvous in an area nearby without any buildings)

Rachel: Any car for us?

Me: None here, but I will check the tunnel.

1909 hours

Naomi: I think I have found a ride that we can use.

Me: Great. Where?

Naomi: I have just found this luxury car here. Somehow the one deep into the tunnel is the only one pristine.

The rest of us head for a yellow 2010 BMW M5 E61 sedan

Naomi: All other vehicles are damaged, and this is the only car I could find intact.

Me: Good job, Naomi! Let's go!!

After all of us enter the M5, I hotwired the M5 by hacking the car's immobilizer

Me: Alright, car started. (I plug in the MP3 reader while driving out of the tunnel)

Naomi: Do you seriously have time to plug the MP3 player?

Me: I need some music to tone down my emotions. I really cannot bear to imagine what would likely happen to Lily, and I cannot relax until I found her.

Naomi: Yeah, but you probably should wait until you reach the rendezvous point where our other friends are waiting at.

As soon as Naomi finished speaking, cracks started forming all over the tunnel walls, with water leaking though them

Rachel: We don't have time to talk!!

Me: F*****G HELL!! (When the tunnel started to collapse, along with every structure present in the Tokyo track, as the 2.4 magnitude earthquake at that track turned into a 9.3 magnitude one)

I reached the rendezvous point by 1913 hours, with all three cars heading towards the airport while waiting for KITT to update us about Lily's whereabouts

Getting seperated.... for a while

Naomi: How much distance do we have before we reach the airport?

Me: Ignoring the fact that we have to find Lily, we will be there in 2 hours and 25 minutes, on the last 9 miles. But we have to find her, so we might take much longer before we could reach the airport.

Mick: But how exactly are we going to find her?

Me: That is what I was wondering. I wish I could find her before this place crumbles to nothing. I have no idea why I am a curse to her, even though she was my closest friend. Seriously, f*** my life.

Rachel: I wish I don't have to talk bad about you, TF2014. But then...

Me: What you were about to say, Rachel, is without a doubt the truth. I am just one mindless motherf***** who could not make proper decisions. All I wanted is to keep the bullies away from her, but I ended up being the one who hurt her feelings. I don't know why am I a total moron who screws things up instead of fixing them.

Rachel: Calm down, calm down. Let's not talk about your past, shall we? We find her, we save her, we get out, that's all that matters. We have more than enough time to talk things out when its all over, but we don't have time to point fingers around. I am sure that Lily only focuses on getting by your side and ignores every negative aspect of you.

Mick: Yeah, just calm down. We just need to find her back, okay?

Me: Yeah, yeah, I understand. This whole place ruined me more than the bullies did. Remind me to not get involved in racing anymore. I thought motorsport would be the perfect way for me to shove them off without the need to point my gun and pull the trigger, but no, I was very wrong. Motorsport now is biased towards pink slips and comparing body sizes.

Mick: Just focus on driving, TF2014. You have time to rant later, not now.

Naomi: Yes, dude. Just listen to Mick, and find my sister, and get her to the plane. That's all you need to do.

Me: Yeah, yeah, yeah. But I need to know where is Lily at.

Rachel: Just wait for KITT to say something.

When the convoy approaches the Munich Subway track by 1953 hours, the radar stops working

Me: What in the actual f***??!! MY GPS IS NOT WORKING!!

Naomi: What did you say??!!


Mick: We better contact the other two cars now!!

Rachel: I'll get in touch with KITT right now!!

Naomi, Mick and Rachel tried making transmissions, only to notice that the signals have stopped working

Mick: Bad news, TF2014.... we cannot contact anyone.


Rachel: I hope the phone lines and telecommunication cables are not down.

Me: I can use my compass to find Lily and the airport of I have their locations. But without their location? I'm really f****d!! I can't forgive myself if Lily lost her life!!


I swerve to the right side to avoid cars that are falling off a multi-storey car park; at one point a Koenigsegg Jesko that fell off the car park landed on an oil tanker, resulting in another huge explosion near me

Mick: OMG....

Naomi: Wait!! I think I can tell where they could have hidden Lily!

Me: Naomi? You serious?

Naomi: This is just my guess, but while I was in captive with your former classsmates, I heard one of the goons saying that he wants to make Lily re-experience what she suffered before!!

Mick: What do you mean?

Naomi: When that tanker exploded, something in my mind bugged me. Something about Lily getting tied up, had a bomb locked onto her....

Me: F*** you, Diego. And what a genius you are, Naomi. Much smarter than an utter idiot like me. I think I can tell where she could be hidden in.

Rachel: You mean they shipped Lily back to Taipei?

Me: I have no idea, but the closest related countries I could think of are either China or Hong Kong. I think they hid her in one of those temples in the Great Wall track. Thank you, Naomi.

Rachel: I don't mean to be negative, but what if Lily is not hidden in the Great Wall track?

Me: Then I will search every corner of Taiwan, Hong Kong and China until I find her. Right now, I will head to the location in AsphaltLand where they would likely have hidden her.

Rachel: Then we would break away from the convoy now.

Me: I wish I could inform the other two cars, but the GPS and phone signals are not available. I have to rely on my compass.... (as I see a building I frequently pass by while I was in AsphaltLand during its heyday) ... and a visual reference.

I broke away from the convoy and proceed for a 40 minute drive to find and rescue Lily

Me: Hang in there, Lily.... I'm coming. Just hang on!!!

While on my way there, all of us fend off any goons that trailed us with the following weapons:

  • Me= M20 SMG
  • Mick= AUG A3
  • Naomi= G36C
  • Rachel= M16A4

   1) Tiesto- Footprints
   2) American Authors- Neighborhood
   3) Nickelback- Silent Majority
   4) Avril Lavigne- Souvenir
   5) Alice Chater- Thief
   6) American Authors- Calm Me Down
   7) K-391, Alan Walker, Julie Bergan, Seungri- Ignite
   8) Ellie Goulding- Sixteen
   9) Against The Current- Outsiders
   10) Morgan Page, Tergan, Sara- Body Work
   11) DHT- Listen To Your Heart
   12) Chris Brown- Forever
   13) Kiiara- Messy
   14) Becky G, Digital Farm Animals, Rvssian- Next To You
   15) Tiesto- A Town Called Paradise
   16) MØ, Foster The People- Blur
   17) Nina Nesbitt- Loyal To Me
   18) Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding- Outside
   19) Sabrina Carpenter- Paris
   20) Zhavia- 100 Ways

Bringing my childhood friend out of harm's way

The Great Wall Track, 2040 hours

Naomi: We're here. But which of these building could they possibly have hidden Lily at?

Me: Right now... I need to figure out how could I get to her. There are multiple buildings. One sure thing is I will be checking the ones on high ground first.

Mick: Then take the long route. At least the long route is still there.

40 seconds later, when I am driving up the hill, I see that one of the temples had a lot of chains, locks and objects blocking the entrance

Me: Alright, I think I know where she was hidden at. (While jamming the brakes and performing a J-turn)

Mick: I will come along.

Me: No, Mick. You guard the car. I wronged Lily by a large number of times so I must do this myself.

Mick: I know you want to make amendments. But I have to come along.

Me: Mick...

Mick: I cannot sit down and do nothing as well. I'm coming.

Both of us exit the M5 E61 and head for the pagoda

Mick: Well, they would definitely have hidden her here.

Me: Then get in position. I am going to introduce a Heartseeker charge to the entrance.

  Background music= Nickelback- Far Away

After I blast down the entrance with my Heartseeker, the goons inside arm themselves to keep us away from Lily


After killing the goons with the M762 and AUG A3

Mick: Stay away from my classmate!!

Me: Who do you people think you are??!!

When we reach the uppermost floor 4 minutes later


Me: You alright, Lily?


Me: Alright.... think. Think!! We have an assassin, Lily is chained up and has a bomb locked to her...

Mick: What do you want from us?!

Vivendi assassin: Tell that traitor of yours to submit to us, or she will die!!

Mick: You want my friend here to betray us again?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!

Vivendi assassin: Look, your friend here has went against tons of agreements we had. Now he will pay.

Me: I don't think so... One, I will not submit to Vivendi. Not after what happened to Mac, R8 Tyke and Douglas. Two, you will pay for what you did.

Vivendi assassin: Then I will kill her right now...

Me: Uh.. KITT!!!

Vivendi assassin: WHAT THE-

As the assassin turns around, Mick and I fire at the goon with the AUG A3 and M762 respectively, with one bullet from the AUG A3 hitting the assassin's hand, causing him to drop the remote


I proceed to kill the assassin by stomping on his head, before removing a key from his pocket and I use it to release Lily, while Mick tosses the bomb and the remote into another nearby pagoda, destroying the building

Lily: Dude!! I never thought I would find you again... (shortly before she embraced me hard)

Me: You alright? Lily?

Lily: I'm okay, but not okay. Not until I don't need to separate from you...

Me: I know, Lily. I know. I won't leave you anymore, alright?

Lily: The whole place is going down... I don't wanna be away from you when I go...

Me: Look, even when this whole place is going to $#!+, you will not lose your life. None of us will. Remember when I said that I will regroup? That plane is still waiting, and won't leave unless all of us are there.

Lily: I can ignore all you did to me previously, just don't leave me behind, will you?

Me: I promise, I won't. Can we just get to the plane now? We have more than enough time to tak about it on board. Or better yet, the WTC.

Mick: Lily, I know you really miss him. But you don't have time for personal talk. Once we reach the plane, you have all the time you want.

Lily: Kay.

2047 hours, the 9.3 magnitude earthquake strikes the Great Wall track

Lily: What's going on?!

Me: AsphaltLand is going down! Now come with us, I won't leave you outside the plane. Let's go!!

The three of us enter the BMW and I floor it before that portion of the track crumbles down as well

Naomi: Glad you're okay, sis!!

Lily: But I don't feel okay. Not until we are away from here.

Me: Now buckle up!! The journey to the airport is not a walk in the park!!

While the Great Wall track completely crumbles away, I drive onto the paddy fields as a shortcut to reach the airport, but the crumbling grounds continue to trail my car

Me: (Breaking the fourth wall) Mother Nature really put her crosshairs on us as if it's personal!!

More destruction along the way

Me: It's a good thing that I managed to find everyone before they lose their lives!! Right now I just have one thing to do!!

But as soon as I reached the urban portion of AsphaltLand after I drove along the paddy fields, I noticed that certain landmasses have increased in height, which forms a valley between rock walls of 6 feet

Naomi: No, TF2014!! Don't go in!!!!

Unfortunately for us, the ground crumbles in such a manner that what remains is a pathway that goes through the valley

Me: What the heck, Mother Nature?!

Rachel: Then just floor it until we leave that valley!!

I keep my foot on the pedal while the car passes through the valley, especially when the rock walls crumble down, tossing building debris, vehicles and pedestrians into the valley

Rachel: Can anyone cover the rear side windows? Lily seems too terrified about what is going on around us!!

Me: I wish I could!! Lily, just close your eyes, okay?! Don't look out of the window!!

Naomi: Don't look outside, sis!! Look at me!! Do I look scared??!!

Mick: Looks like we just have half a mile to clear this death valley!!

I start zig-zagging the car due to the sheer amount of vehicles, street accessories and building parts that fell into the valley

Rachel: We are clear now, aren't we?

Me: Almost.... almost....

I got clear of the valley 30 seconds later, and enter the Rio track

Me: Another 4 miles left, hang on!!!

Naomi: Keep away from the buildings!!

Me: If I take the freeway by the coast I would reach the airport in 26 minutes more!!

Mick: Just beware of buildings-

I use the road near the unstable buildings since the entire beach is literred with wrecked vehicles; the road along the beach also has wreckages, though not an many wrecks

Rachel: Contact!! (As she provides cover fire with her PP-19 Bizon)

Me: These goons don't know when to get lost!!

Mick: I'll hold them off!! Just move!!

I leave the Rio track alomg the coastal road and enter Downtown AsphaltLand

Me: There's a lot of them there!!!

Rachel: Of course there are a lot of goons, but we have to- (a building collapses onto the pursuing VVS Centenarios, causing them to explode on impact) You know what, just focus on driving!!

Naomi: Relax sis, relax!! It will all be over when we leave this place!!

Me: Lily, listen to Naomi!! Just hang on, it will all be over when we reach our jet!!

Lily embraces Naomi out of fear as the roads start cracking and dividing, with multiple Ferraris, Bugattis, Pininfarinas, Apollos, Lamborghinis, as well as common street cars and buses get either swallowed by the gaping holes caused by the earthquake or tossed in the air as the ground starts inclining violently


I speed across the street before the ground tears apart, and drive onto a highway before the road I was using gets either divided or blocked by changes in elevation, wrecked vehicles or collapsing buildings

Rachel: We are clear of goons and fiends right now it seems-

Mick: You are wrong, Rachel!!

Some Doomstones were fighting against Creepers and Tonberries, the latter two of which are preventing the Doomstones from hitting my M5, although the Doomstones managed to damage the highway severely with their stone breaths

Mick: How many more of these things do we have to encounter??

Me: I don't know, but they ain't stopping us!!

Rachel: You gotta focus on how you have to exit this highway first!!

The highway starts caving in at some points as the ground below the highway starts caving in, further exacerbated by the damage dealt by the Doomstones

Me: Hang on!!!

I turn the car left and drive off the highway as soon as my car reaches one of the caved in portions, and head back to street level


Me: And I have goons on my front too!!

Rachel: What do we do now??

I spotted some Cactuars attacking the VVS AF10s that were approaching my M5 from the rear

Me: You got my Scattershot, right??

Rachel: Yeah, and I know what you want me to do!!

As the AF10s charge towards my M5, I pull out my M20 SMG while Rachel pulls out my Scattershot, and attack the goons that were charging towards us

Me: Coast clear, I hope!!

Just after I finished speaking, an Asphalt Police Sheriff Ford Crown Victoria was cruising at high speed in front of my M5 when a VVS Centenario got hit by the sheriff cruiser, causing the VVS vehicle to skid out of control and fall off the cliff created by the gap

Mick: No, we are definitely not out of the woods unless we reach the plane.

Naomi: Prepare to turn right, we have a multi-storey car park ahead!!

But just as Naomi finished speaking, the ground on the left side of the car park gives way, the right side of the T-Junction gets blocked by more building debris


Naomi: Can't you turn right??

Me: Negative, I can only go forward. The left side of the T-Junction has fell away, and the right side of the T-Junction is filled with debris-

Lily: What should we do??

The multi-storey car park collapses forward, forming a ramp while tossing a lot of vehicles onto the ground in the process

Me: HANG ON!!!

The BMW M5 drives over the highest floor of the multi-storey car park and uses it as a ramp, while every building that I am passing by either collapses or explodes, tossing debris all over the road

Rachel: How long more till we reach the airport??

Me: 2 and a half miles miles left, and we still have too many goons to deal with!!

As soon as I finished speaking, the AsphaltLand City Hall collapses directly in front of my car, forcing me to turn into a car wash

Me: Everyone duck now!!

I drive through the car wash, which squirts soapwater all over my car

Mick: Are you out of your mind??!!

Rachel: I don't think we have a single second to think on where to go!!

I use the wipers to wipe the soapwater off my windscreen, only to see a large donut rolling across the street and crushing two Porsches and a police SUV in the process

Mick: DONUT!!

I quickly swerve right to avoid the donut, which rolls towards a building

Lily: Are we there yet? Are we there yet??

Me: Not yet, but I am closing in. If I head for the Dubai track, I can reach there in at most 12 minutes!!

Just as I finish speaking, my car heads close to a freeway that collapses towrards us

Me: Uh oh- RIGGGHHHTTT!!!!

I turn right as the highway tilts right, tossing cars directly to my M5 E61 and any cars within vicinity of the highway; that includes a black Cadillac XTS Limo which landed directly in front of my M5, and a freight van that rolled over to a nearby gas station

Mick: You gotta be kidding me!!

After I narrowly avoided the limo and the gas station, I had to zig zag to avoid cars falling from the highway from my left side, and cars dropping from the multi-storey car park from the right side; I was driving along a road that leads to one of the bridges above the Dubai track at that time

Naomi: Any idea if you could get down-

Part of the bridge collapses, and I quickly drift towards the left since the entire track (apart from the route towards the aquarium) is littered with destroyed buildings, vehicles and lots of people are running along the track, looking for cover

Naomi: You serious about going into the aquarium??!!

Me: Unless I could find a route that is not littered with debris!!

I dash through the aquarium and exit it before the glass walls in the aquarium crack, spilling water and all the fishes in it onto the road

Lily: Please tell me we have reached a safe haven...

Naomi: Just close your eyes, okay?!

Mick: Flank right!! FLANK RIGHT!!

I flank towards the right as the unfinished road heading towards the Aladdin Hotel collapses; the hotel itself collapses as well

Naomi: DON'T DO IT, TF2014!!!

Mick: NononononononoNONONONOOOOOO!!!!! (As I proceed to drive directly into the falling hotel, barging through the suites and furniture inside, before exiting the hotel 9 seconds later and slam into an abandoned Pininfarina)

Rachel: I hope that is the last of it!!

Me: Alright, I see the freeway heading to the airport up ahead. Hang on!!!

I push the accelerator with full force and drive on the highway leading to the airport

Lily: That means we are clear, aren't we?!

Naomi: Not yet sis!! (While gunning down the trailing Centenarios with her G36C)

Me: We are almost there.... but not clear of goons!!

Mick: It's them!! I see the Impala and Polo that our other friends used!!

I honk repeatedly to get the attention of all other friends who are already at the airport

Naomi: Roadblock!

Me: And we have a transporter with its ramp down! Hang on!!!

The M5 drives over the ramp and jumps above the roadblock consisting of some police cars, and stops just before it could slam into a bus

Andrew: It's them!! (While Mick, Rachel, Lily, Naomi and I exit the M5 and get cover)

Nicole: Looks like they found her. Now keep them (the goons) away!!

   1) Skillet- You Ain't Ready
   2) Egzod ft. Riell- My Stranger
   3) Camila Cabello- Shameless
   4) Nick Carter ft. Avril Lavigne- Get Over Me
   5) Alan Walker ft. ASAP Rocky- Live Fast

Airport gunfight

AsphaltLand Domestic Airport, 2105 hours

Douglas: Man, these goons still have the guts to catch us even when this whole place is falling apart!! (While gunning down some goons on the other side of the road block)

Rachel: We just need to keep them away until we can head for the plane!!

Andrew: Goons at the ground level car park!!

Kimberley: I got this!! (As she snipes the goons behind their Centenarios and Terzo Millennios)

Yuni: We have too many goons around us, and you have time to snipe? (She finished speaking after I destroyed some Terzo Millennios with my PBL)

Me: We have no time to care what we are using!! Just watch your ammunation, and spam all the f****** firepower you got at them!!

As soon as I finished speaking, Naomi managed to pull Lily behind a Land Rover Evoque before a bullet hits Lily, and responds to the goons by firing at them with her G36C

Me: Kim, keep me covered!! (While crawling towards Lily; at the same time Andrew and Alicia were busy destroying Vivendi vehicles at the underground car park) You alright, Lily?

Lily: I'm really not ok. Why hasn't all of it ended yet?

Me: I hoped it is all over, but right now we need to make sure not one of these nutheads gets near my plane. We'll try to clear the path before this whole place goes down, we'll be sure of that. (With some Vivendi goons getting obliterated by my friends, along with Alicia and Yuni in the meantime)

Lily: (seeing Alicia) Also, I hope that is not Anais...

Naomi: No sis. That's her twin. Don't worry, she is on our side.

Me: Just don't move, okay? I'll assure you that we will get out of here alive. Don't move until I tell you, okay? (While pulling out my M20 SMG to provide cover fire)

Mick: Dammit, more goons are on the way and yet, we are running out of 5.56mm ammo!!

Me: I have some here, I can live with only 400 rounds for my QBU. (While passing 5000 bullets to my friends)

Alicia: More goons coming!!

Me: Just calm down, take a deep breath, and wait for my call. Okay? (While patting her shoulder)

Lily: Just get me out of here...

Me: I will take you away from here alive. I promise. (Shortly I peek from behind the Land Rover with my M762) GO BACK TO YOUR SEWER, DIP$#!+S!!! (... and I start firing at the Vivendi vehicles)

By 2115 hours, all of us (except for Lily) aim our guns at the freeway and spray our bullets at the incoming cars, causing them to lose control, although they did not pile up

Mick: Just how many goons do they have??!!

Me: I don't know, but I am sure that Diego has sent ALL remaining ground units after us!!

I attempt to shoot some goons with my QBU-88 when some Centenarios headed for the ground level parking spot, only to notice that I am out of 5.56mm bullets

Me: DAMNIT!! PISS OFF!! (While tossing an M9 HEDP grenade towards one of the Centenarios)

The force of the grenade not only kills the goons, but also tosses three of the Centenarios, as well as a Terzo Millennio, with the Terzo Millennio being tossed towards us


All of us dive for cover while the remains of the Terzo Millennio landed on top of a taxi that was left nearby the 1967 Impala

Nicole: You trying to kill us too?

Me: Not exactly, but I don't know that the nade would toss one of their cars to us. (Just as I turn towards the roadblock and see an air drop crate just behind the BMW M5) since when did an air drop land here?

Douglas: Grab that stuff and get back here ASAP!! I am sure that was dropped from a UNSC dropship!!

I scramble to the air drop while staying crouched, while Rachel, Margaret and Mick provide cover fire

Douglas: Anything there?

Me: There is an M395B, similar to the one used by Fred-104. Just great. (Just before I start shooting at more approaching Terzo Millennios with the new weapon)

25 minutes later

Kimberley: There is more of them!!

Me: Frag out!! (I toss an M67 Frag Grenade towards the incoming cars, which not only wrecks them but causes them to pile up)

Andrew: Nice one there!!

One of the Centenarios survives however, though not for long when I gun down its occupants

  • QBU-88 (used by me)
  • M395B (used by me after looting an air drop that landed near the roadblock)
  • AUG A3 (used by Mick)
  • M20 SMG (used by everyone except Lily, Kim and Andrew)
  • BR85 Battle Rifle (used by my 4-man squad, as well as Yuni)
  • MP5K (used by Kim)
  • TAR-21 (used by Nicole, Alicia and Andrew)
  • PP-19 Bizon (used by Rachel and Yuni)
  • Desert Eagle (used by all of us except Lily, Charmaine and Mick)
  • Z-750 Binary Rifle (used by Rachel, along with my 4-man squad)
  • Z-390 Heartseeker (used by Douglas, Yuni and Nicole)
  • Type-52 Mauler (used by Douglas)
  • Z-180 Scattershot (used by my 4-man squad, along with Rachel and Yuni)
  • G36C (used by Naomi)
  • Remington RGP (used by Rachel)
  • Beretta ARX160 (used by Margaret and Mick)
  • Beryl M762 (used by me)
  • Groza (used by Kim)
  • MA5D (used by Margaret)
  • Plasma Repeater (used by Douglas)
  • Concussion Rifle (used by Douglas)
  • White Scar (PBL Plasma Caster; used by me)
  • FN SCAR-L (used by me)
  • Talon Of The Lost (used by Naomi alongside my 4-man squad)
  • AKM (used by Thomas and Douglas)
  • Uzi (used by me)
  • M16A4 (used by Rachel)
  • TKB-059 (used by Nicole, Charmaine and Mick)
  • Beretta 686 (used by Margaret)
  • M45D (used by my 4-man squad)
  • M57 PAW (used by my 4-man squad)
  • Mk14 EBR (used by Kim)
  • AWM (used by Kim)
  • T-56 Talon Of The Lost (used by my 4-man squad)
  • HK416 (used by Margaret)

Boarding the plane

Alicia: That's a lot of carnage over there. Serves these goons right for ruining my sister's life!!

Douglas: They ruined everyone's life, even the life of two kids. I expect that this is the last of them, now let's go!!

The rest of us enter the airport and head for terminal while I head to the Evoque where Lily is hiding behind, alongside Kim

Kimberley: Let's go, Lily. Coast clear. Let's go.

I gripped Lily's right hand and helped her up, but before we could enter the terminal, Diego's Hummer H1 barges through the pile up and stops just beside the Evoque

Me: This is just BS.

Diego: TF2014. We meet again.

Me: Don't think I am going to welcome you, you forked tongued bastards. You are lucky I found Lily alive, or your mansion would turn to dust.

Kimberley: Keep away from Lily, you creep.

Diego: I don't take orders from tasteless village girls and I can do whatever I want to do, and you can do nothing about it.

Diego aims his Binary Rifle at Lily, who was locking arms with me in fear, while I aim my M762 towards his head

Me: Keep back or I will open fire.

Diego: You lose, you two-faced idiot. Submit to me now, or you will lose your friend.

Me: Why should I submit to you? Just so the whole blackmailing thing would go on forever? I tell you, you only have two choices. Either piss off or have your skull riddled with bullets. You blackmailed R8 Tyke, manipulated Margaret, Douglas and Mac, and tricked me. You forked tongued bastards also ruined Alicia's family, and even had the balls to abuse two kids. I am not falling for your tricks, and don't expect me to follow your orders. (By the time I finish my speech, the volcanoes in Iceland have erupted, sending pyroclastic flows towards the airport)

Diego: The fact that you backed against the contract we had, means you have to listen to my commands.

Me: And don't expect me to follow commands from one snake in the grass who never told me that motorsport is now under the gambing category.

Diego: Didn't your parents teach you to have manners?

Me: I don't show manners to anyone who dares to hurt my friends.

Diego: Looks like your parents wished you were not their son.

Me: I don't care what they think. Their concerns are not my concerns. Now back off, before my secret ally comes and tears you down.

Lily: Dude, don't stay there, let's go!!

Kimberley: Just hang on, will ya? We will find a solution.

Diego: I don't see why I am inferior to your secret ally. And I don't think he will come-

Me: Uh... KITT!!

Diego: You trying to fool- just as an M67 Frag Grenade landed right beside him

Lily: Come on dude, let's go!!

Me: Yeah, let's get outta here while the Covenant and Vivendi are fighting with each other. Serves Diego right for not letting me know that racing scene is a mere cut-throat business nowadays..

after scanning the airport terminals

Me: 10-4. Ok, coast clear. We better get to my plane now before things get worse.

Lily: Dude, I thought I was going to lose you.

Me: It may hurt your feelings if I say I would rather get killed by that manager, but I cannot put your life at risk anymore.

Lily: I understand what do you mean, but really. Just because you failed to protect me does not mean I am cutting my ties with you. You tried at least. Can we talk about it later when reach the World Trade Center?

Me: We will talk about it later. Right now we have to get back to the airplane.

Kimberley: They have been waiting, so let's get on board now.

just as we approach Gate C43, 2412 hours

Nicole: So glad you made it back!!

Naomi: I thought I was going to lose you, sis!!

Nicole: And to you, TF2014, so glad you did keep your promise. Welcome back.

Me: I was hoping for the opportunity. Call me an idiot if you want. Andrew, can you stay by the door, and see if any of these buggers are still coming?

Andrew: Fine by me. But who is going to monitor those UFOs?

Kimberley: I will wait in the cockpit and hear what I can hear regarding those UFOs.

Me: Well, all set. Once I get on board, I just want to take off. F*** all those protocols. For this once.

Rachel: No one among ourselves is hurling personal attacks against anyone anymore. We will make sure all of us start a new beginning together when its all over.

Me: Yeah, I will prove it when we get home.

Diego: You think I can be fooled this easily?

Me: Argh, f*** you.

Diego: You think I would be a buffoon for that, but you don't realise that you are only putting the life of that good-for-nothing friend of yours at risk.

Lily: Not that guy again!!

Me: Just get behind me while I figure out a solution!!

A Covenant Seraph detects Diego and his goons from one of the last Vivendi factions, along with Lily and myself in the airport gate bridge via Infrared scanning, and aims its plasma weaponary at the Vivendi men since the Covenant had a vendetta against Vivendi for stealing their ships

SOS Elites (in the Seraph gunship): (Do not fire yet. TF2014 and his friend could be at risk. Monitor the situation, but don't fire).

Back at the gate

Me: I knew you are a forked tongued @$$#0|€. I wish you get raped a lot in the middle of Sosnovka Military Base.

Diego: Still having time to blabber about it? I am giving you one last chance, and the clock is ticking.

Me: The clock of your lifespan is the one ticking, that is for sure.

N801NW: TF2014. Lily. Get in my cabin quick. I am detecting a Covenant gunship hovering about 600 feet above my fuselage. Also, Diego is trying to get Lily killed. Don't stay there, just get in.

Me: I got this. But if the manager blasts your fuselage with his Plasma Repeater, then it is game over for us all!

N801NW: I know that. Just try to play a game of chicken with the manager. Also, the Covenants above me are non-hostile to civilians. Even if they are hostile to you, they are even more of a threat to the VVS, thanks to Vincent's dumb@$$ move of stealing their ships.

Lily: Copied. TF, do something!!

Me: Just stay behind me!!

Diego: What a goof you are. How many girls do you want to own?? Either way you are not getting out alive.

Me: Oh yeah? Vivendi is going down, and you are going down as well.

Diego: You think you can run from us just because you have a plane? We have all these (stolen) Covenant gunships to hunt you down.

Me: How sure? Apart from the fact that the Halo Squad is capable of dogfighting against your ships with their own, there is one thing you cannot do.

Diego: What do you mean, traitor? Trying to fool me again by calling out KITT to scare me?

Me: You do not have IFR training. Neither does Vincent. Nor any of the VVS goons. So there is no point in stealing dropships to replace your C-5 Galaxies, Il-76s and C-17s if you cannot fly in bad weather. Sure, those ships do have advanced tech, but if you do not have the skills to fly in absurdly bad weather, good luck finding us. Also, don't forget that all the fiends from the Fiend World have put Vivendi within their crosshairs, plus AsphaltLand is tearing itself apart. Give up, Diego. You have been checkmated.

Diego: By the way, with one shot of my rifle, you can say goodbye t- the Binary Rifles being held by the project manager and the two Vivendi goons exploded into many fragments after being shredded by my M762

Me: Yeah, you can say goodbye to your weaponary. Lily, GO!!

Lily: Dude, what about you?

Me: Let me finish this. Just take my attempt to pin them down as my sincerest apologies for all that crap I did you you and your friends before. NOW GO!! GET IN MY PLANE!!

N801NW: Captain, we do not have much time left. We have to go now.

Lily: Dude!! Please come back!!


Lily runs on board, while tears started rolling out from her eyes

Naomi: Sis, what's going on?

Lily: TF2014 ain't coming on board.... he says.... he.... wants.... to settle it... for us.....

Rachel: TF2014, what are you doing?? Get here!!

Andrew: I know you have full regrets for what you did, but please!! Get on board!!

N801NW: Captain, get over here. Listen to your friends. I have no idea what bad history you had, but just get in my fuselage. Your friends do not want to see you go.

Me: I know- I see the Covenant ship arming its Plasma Weaponary Just gimme 30 more seconds, okay??

N801NW: Time is running out. I am closing the doors....

Mick: Dude, what are you doing there?

Diego: Looks like your friends are too stupid to wait for someone who betrayed them. I am giving you one last chance. Submit to us, or they w-

The Covenant ship starts firing at Gate C43, with Diego and his henchmen being isolated from me; the ship's cooupants are bent on killing the Vivendi men who are in Gate C43

Me: Request denied. And there is nothing you can do about it.

While Diego and his two Vivendi bodyguards are having trouble with the Covenant ships, I dash to the A330

Me: I'm coming. Close the door, now!!

N801NW: You want me to close my door while you are still outside?

Me: I mean, close it slowly, and time it so that it closes as soon as I enter your fuselage.

Rachel: Dude, come, quick!!

Me: Get these engines started!! (As I jump as soon as I hear another shot from the Covenant ship, and landed near the door)

Lily: I'm so grateful you came!! I don't want to lose you again....

Me: I was hoping to live the life I wanted.

The Covenant ship detects a Vivendi-owned Centenario speeding for Gate C43 and attempts to shoot it, but its shot hits the gate bridge instead

Lily: OH NO!!

Rachel: Hang on tight!! (while stretching out her hand with Lily as supports to allow me to grip onto before I could fall down)

Me: HERE WE GO!!! (I grab both girls' hands just as the section which was hit fell in front of the Vivendi car, causing the car to drive over the remnants and getting ricocheted to the engines of another Covenant ship, which causes the car and the ship to explode, and with the wreckages falling onto a fuel storage tank, causing a huge explosion that rocked the terminal)


Me: (from inside the plane) F*** you very much.

I stick my middle finger out of the door of the A330, aimed at the project manager who got hit by the previous Covenant Seraph, and could do nothing but stare at my middle finger as his body gets melted by the plasma charges, and retract my finger as soon as the door closes

Mick: Welcome back, classmate. It has been a long time.

Me: Yeah, I have been waiting to leave AsphaltLand. Are the engines started?

N801NW: All systems go. My engines are not started though, due to the presence of equipment and debris by the gate. My APU is on though, so you can use it to start my engines once you are away from the terminals.

Lily: I am thankful that you got back here. Please don't leave us behind, okay?

Me: (patting her head) I promise I won't anymore. Can we just leave all the conversations for later? I have one more responsibility to do.

Nicole: What?

Me: (dashing for the cockpit) To take you guys back to my home.

Alicia: So wait. You can-

Mick: Since when you had the ability to fly?

Me: Aside from getting the plane to land, flying a plane is child's play, to me. That's why.

Nicole: That is by far the only good thing you learned while away from us, I expect.

Me: I cannot disagree with that. Everything else I discovered while away from you all, is that motorsport is more gambling-oriented. I had enough of all these pink slips and d*** size comparisions. Now if you excuse me, I have to get in front. Or all of us will be sitting ducks if more Vivendi goons suddenly arrive..

Andrew: And one more thing. Did you stay there just to give that dude the middle finger?

Me: Not exactly. They have powerful weaponary that could blow the whole plane up. I just decided to have a lil' game of chicken with these cowards.

Andrew: Maybe, and it worked out well.

Me: Save the conversations for when we reach the World Trade Center. I need to take off now.

Naomi: Yeah, game plan still on. We are not officially regrouped till we reach the observatory, not an issue, even with all of us in the cabin. Finish the job.

Andrew: What plan?

Naomi: Nothing sinister, really. We intended to regroup at WTC, to officially mark the end of this whole ruckus.

Andrew: Probably cuz that main building is called Freedom Tower sometimes? Ok, we'll conform to what your last plan is.

Me: I'm going in the cockpit right now. I'll handle this thing myself.

Rachel: I'll come along. I work for the NTSB, and I think I used to have a background similar to yours previously. But not anymore.

Me: You mean you have experience flying as well?

Rachel: Used to, but only for business jets. I spend most of my time with invetigating incidents within the airspace nowadays. But I will try to handle it, if you are too tired to handle.

Me: I have 26 tins of coffee in the galley...

Rachel: Whatever, I'll get in and cover you.

Lily: Can I come along? I still feel not okay...

Me: Fine. I'll let you and Kim in for some personal time, as long as it is not done while the Sterile Cockpit Rule is in place. And as long as you don't touch any of the controls.

The four of us enter the cockpit

N801NW: So, all in?

Me: All in, that's affirmative.

N801NW: Also, don't worry about all the checklists. I have made sure that all systems are running. Now let's roll, before disaster strikes the airport as well.

Leaving AsphaltLand once and for all

2150 hours, after I sit on the captain's seat, Rachel took the first officer's seat while Lily and Kim took the jump seats by the cockpit wall

Me: Well, time for pushback.

Rachel: But we cannot push back without the tractors, and- (just as I entered the passcode in the aircraft's FMC, which prompts a groundhandling panel to expose itself) You can't be serious....

Me: (breaking the fourth wall) Let's just say that stuff within the MSFSX universe is applied on all aircraft since late 2017.

Lily: Can we get going now?!

Me: Hang on, hang on.... APU is started right? (While working on the groundhandling panel to get the plane reversing onto a taxiway)

N801NW: APU is started, and you would wish to get to the runway immediately.

Me: What do you mean?! (seeing a pyroclastic flow bulldozing some buildings in the distance and is heading straight for the airport) You gotta be f*****g kidding me....

Rachel: We ain't staying here, aren't we?!

Me: Let's just say we throw away all regulations and rules when we need to escape from a situation like this!! (While starting the engines; at the same time all Covenant and UNSC gunships, as well as UNSC-affilated fiends were escaping from the plumes of black death)

Lily: Come on, why aren't we moving??

Kimberley: Just be patient, ok?

Rachel: Should we turn on the radio?!

Me: Well, in case we forget about the damn communications thing when we are up in the air, we better activate it now-

Shortly after I switch on the radio and shortly after both engines started

ATC tower of Asphalt Domestic Airport: Tower to Northwest 5562, what the hell are you doing? Shut down immediately!!

The two of us ignore the tower and proceed to the runway anyway while the plumes of black death continue to head towards the airport

Me: Okay, we're rolling.

Kimberley: No matter what, don't stop.

N801NW: And bad news, we only have one runway left, which is 2500 feet short for me to take off properly!! The other two runways are filled with either emergency vehicles, wrecked planes, or holes all over them!!

Me: Well, the entire area of AsphaltLand north of the airport has completely disintegrated to nothing, right?

Rachel: That's a large gap, but at least we have sufficient room to recover airspeed, don't we?

Me: I'll take my chances, either that or we will die when the plumes of black death comes! I want full thrust and full flaps!!! (As I push the flap lever to the highest setting and push the throttle levers to the max, makingg the Pratt & Whitney PW4168A engines provide the maximum possible thrust)

ATC: Northwest, Abort takeoff!! YOU DO NOT HAVE CLEARANCE!! YOU MUST ABORT!! I REPEAT, YOU MUST ABORT!!!! (the controller is heard screaming as the volcanic ash cloud from the Iceland track hits the tower)

Me: How much runway left??

N801NW: We only have 3000 feet of runway remaining, and we are unable to reach V1 Speed in time!!

Kimberley: Looks like your idea of taking off in bad weather backfired!! And what is V1 Speed?

The plane starts rocking due to the uneven runway surface

Me: Minimum speed to take off- 155 knots for this thing!! And I am not even near 120 knots!! Prepare for a rough ride!!

Rachel: Push the nose down!!


Lily: Why down and not up?!

Me: Either that or we will stall and fall into the Earth's core!!

GPWS: Sink rate. WHOOP WHOOP Pull up!! WHOOP WHOOP Pull up!!

Rachel: 2700 feet per minute descent?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!


Some buildings are seen right in front, crumbling


The Airbus starts climbing at this point, with the landing gear and flaps retracting

N801NW: Captain, you may need to stop going in a straight line or you are gonna crash!!


The building in front of us collapses, with its debris falling left






Me: 35 DEGREES!!!

N801NW: I don't recommend turning that much, or you are gonna stall. Maybe a 25 degree bank angle is enough??


I bank the plane right at a 35 degree angle, with the bank angle warning activating


I narrowly avoided the collapsing building

Lily: Are we clear yet??

Me: I think so-

A collapsing highway with a lot of falling cars shows up in front of us

Rachel: NO WE'RE NOT!!!!

N801NW: Bad news, captain. You have a highway of cars falling on you, and another falling building about to dump its debris on us from our 9 o'clock!!

Me: F***!! F***!!!! F****!!!!!!!! CLIMB!!! CLIMB!!!!


Me: STALL?? (I look at the angle of attack (AoA) indicator and see that the plane is climbing with an AoA of 13 degrees) YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!

Kimberley: TURN, DUDE!!! TURN!!!!

Me: WHERE??? (I see the debris from the collapsing building at the left side) OMG!!!!!!! (I turn right to avoid the debris)

Lily: Highway.... HIGHWAY!!! HIGHWAY!!!!!!

Me: WHAT HIGH- (Seeing the falling intact, damaged and wrecked cars, and remnants of the highway) What. The. F***!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The airplane banks to the right to avoid all the falling debris, nearly missing a Covenant Phantom and a UNSC Pelican (which are also fleeing AsphaltLand) in the process

Me: (seeing the gunships) NONONONONONONONONONONO!!!!!! FRICKING TURN!!!! HARDER!!!!!!


Me: WAIT..... (I check the altimeter and see that it still reads zero) I CANNOT TELL BECAUSE THE ALTIMETER IS NOT MOVING!!!! (Just after I finish my speech, I notice two buildings in front) OH NO!!!!!!

Rachel: (seeing the buildings collapse with most of the debris falling away from the gap in between the buildings, and with debris from the building on the left falling into the building itself) TURN LEFT!!! TURN F*****G LEFT!!!!!

Me: TEN-FOUR!!!! COME ONNN!!!!!! 20 DEGREES!!! 20 DEGREES!!!!

The airplane banks to the left by 20 degrees to weasel its way between the buildings





overspeed alarm sounds as well when the indicated airspeed reads 385 knots, 40 more than the maximum safe operational limit

Me: I HOPE IT IS BECAUSE WE ARE BELOW SEA LEVEL..... (spots another collapsing building- apparantly one of the buildings by the Azure Coast track, and more cars falling) NOT F*****G AGAIN!!!! CLIMB!!! CLIMBB!!!! AARRRGGHHHHH..... CLIMB!!!!!!!!!!





Me: SAY AGAIN?? (I hear the overspeed alarm for 25 seconds before it stops sounding due to the airspeed dropping back within its limit) YOU KNOW WHAT??? I HAVE NO TIME FOR THAT!!! LET ME CHECK THE ECAM!!!

I check the information displayed on the ECAM and find out that no more debris is falling towards my plane

Rachel: Are we clear yet??!!!

Me: All clear!! All clear!! We do have some buildings in front of us, but we can clear them with 365 knots of speed! NOW PULL!!!!

The Airbus starts climbing to clear the buildings in front of us, while the ground below the buildings starts crumbling into the gap between it and my plane, with one of the buildings crumbling as well

Me: Alright, baby, we're almost there. Don't disappoint me...

The building collapses in such a pattern that its debris is hurled towards the plane, with some of the cars being pushed towards the plane as they fall into the hole as well


The airplane narrowly misses the debris and vehicles by a few millimeters

Rachel: PHEW!!! (letting out a sigh of relief) At last we are clear.

Me: Okay, clear. And good to know that the altimeter is now functioning.

Rachel: Probably because your position after leaving the runway is equal to below sea level.

Me: Maybe....

Kimberley: Thankfully we escaped. Otherwise....

Me: Otherwise.... we would end up going down. (As I see an entire heap of buildings, highways, vehicles and people falling off the ruined structures into the large hole below, along with some explosions at the base of the hole)

Lily: Phew!! I thought I would never get to see you again. Also.... I hoped that I did not trouble you while you were fending off those goons.

Me: I know that you were feeling uncomfortable, I thought Naomi would cheer you up. But nontheless, I won't get angry at you. After all....

Kimberley: ....we are just about to get reunited. Don't ruin the atmosphere.

Me: You said what I was about to.... (I notice the Ferris Wheel- the one that is part of the amusement park that Azelfland sometimes takes Hanna for dates at, right in front of my window) What the hell....

Lily: What's going on, dude?


I turn right in an attempt to avoid the Ferris Wheel, but the left engine cowling of the Airbus hits the Ferris Wheel, which 1) causes a jolt that rocked the airplane, 2) caused Lily to scream briefly, 3) caused Rachel to nearly bang her head against the side window, 4) causes the Ferris Wheel to collapse, fall off and drop into the deep crater and 5) caused myself to nearly lose my grip on the control stick

Me: DAMN IT!!!

Kimberley: Was that the Ferris Wheel that Azelfland and Hanna often ride on?

Me: I think so.

Lily: Azelfland is not going to be happy if he hears what we did to the Ferris Wheel.

Me: Coast clear, that matters. Looks like we are flying east, let me get out of this hellhole before we turn west, and head for home.

Rachel: Home? Where?

Me: NYC, that's where my home is.

While making the 180° turn to head for John F Kennedy Intl by 2155 hours; background music= Arn Andersson- Farewell Life

Me: Well, thankfully we made it out. You did well, Rachel. And before you ask me why I didn't wish to have any help, I am too used to flight simulators, whereby I could handle certain planes alone. Then, I imagine myself being in a flight sim when I am in an actual plane. There, no aerophobias to worry about.

Rachel: Sometimes you cannot go against regulations, but I understand. If Jason or Kate are able to assist you...

N801NW: Their presence won't realy help either. They have type ratings on McDonnell Douglas aircraft only.

Rachel: Ah yes. And TF2014 here, is only quaified for the Boeing 767, and yet, flies various models, including Dassault Falcons, Irkut MC21, Saab 340, ATR 72, Tupolev Tu-204 and now, the A330. He would have his license revoked in real life unless he has type ratings for EVERY plane....

Me: Well, here. Basically my visit to AsphaltLand put me in every disadvantage, apart from the cash needed to go through type courses for any type of jet aircraft....

Kimberley: You do realise that Asphaltland cash cannot be used for other stuff...

Me: Well, I did something when my Barcelona garage was wrecked by these idiots, allowing me to get the money needed for al that training.

Rachel: The very few advantages of heading to AsphaltLand, it seems.

Me: Maybe. But in the long run, I wish I have never been outside the United States. Oh, I almost forgot about Lily. Take over the controls, I wanna comfort her, okay?

Rachel: Sure, sure, I will. (While she engages the autopilot while I head for one of the jumpseats)

Me: I appreciate your help. By the way, any idea if we can contact KITT as soon as we got the signal?

Rachel: I will try to contact him. And yes, he played a big role in helping you leave for good. Don't forget about him.

Me: Without KITT, I would probably end up getting swallowed by Mother Nature. (Turning to Lily after taking the unoccupied jumpseat) You okay now, Lily?

Lily: It's all over, right?

Me: Yes, its all over. Calm down. It's alright now. (While proceeding to embrace her) We are clear now.

Lily: I thought I would never get to be with you again... don't leave, okay?

Me: I know. I was such a moron. I promise I will remain by your side. I promise.

Lily: Thanks, dude. Thanks for understanding...

Me: I will assure you I won't leave you again. Not after all the things you didn't have to suffer for. I'm sorry, Lily. I will keep you safe. I promise...

Lily: Just forget about what you did previously, okay? Just don't leave me behind, please don't.

Me: I won't leave you, I promise.

Rachel: Even at 16000 feet, I can't contact KITT.

Kimberley: That is so odd. We are away from AsphaltLand aren't we?

N801NW: We are clear, but we need to be 150 nautical miles away from AsphaltLand's ruins before we could reestablish contact.

Rachel: Looks like the destruction of AsphaltLand is more surreal than any disaster elsewhere.

Kimberley: Yeah, and there is one guy who won't be happy about its demise, even though it means Vivendi has been ripped away from inside out. And I am not talking about Vincent Bollocks.

Me: (while stroking Lily's hair) You mean that showbiz fan who has a higher-than-average confidence level that even actresses, singers and top models will make things better by taking over large syndicates?

Kimberley: Yep, that showbiz fan. Who somehow proved Azelfland wrong.

Rachel: But why exactly is he gonna be upset about AsphaltLand's demise?

Kimberley: That is because the situation in AsphaltLand got worse than any other city or country dedicated to racing. He intended to prove that big syndicates will face defeat to small groups of people just doing their everyday work. And Mother Nature decided to spit in the face of his plan.

Me: Well, he could still take over smaller, minions of the syndicate. And yes. We just broke the Sterile Cockpit Rule, haven't we?

Rachel: Oh yes, we forgot about it.

N801NW: Well, I will do something to the CVR, so that your non-pertinent conversations don't stay in it.

Rachel: That is a cheeky robot being stuffed into one big machine.

N801NW: ...and just this once. You know your license will go splat once the NTSB finds out that you were doing something abnormal. Both of you.

Me: Once I ensure that Lily has calmed down, I am getting back to the controls.

Lily: And I am okay now. Now do what you gotta do. I won't get mad about you leaving me behind, I really won't. Thanks for accompanying me.

Me: Glad to know you are okay. (As I return to the captain's seat) Managed to contact KITT yet?

Rachel: Nope, I cannot contact KITT. We have to be 150 nautical miles away from AsphaltLand, and we would probably be tired by then. (The plane reaches 38000 feet altitude at this point)

Sarah: Don't look out of the windows. Especialy if you are sitting on the left side. Things are not looking good out there.

Mick: I know what you mean, but I still wanna look.

Sarah: Don't say I did not warn you.

Thomas: I will heed your warnings and make sure Charmaine does not see whatever is going on down there.

Mick: You are right, Sarah. There is just too much smoke down there.

Sarah: I told ya.

Andrew: While AsphaltLand deserved to go down, this is just too overkill. Heck, I don't know if gambling at Las Vegas is any better than motorsport in AsphaltLand.

Douglas: If TF2014 were you, he won't hesitate to choose Las Vegas over AsphaltLand. Assuming that he is disallowed from picking New York City.

Margaret: Nah, he would choose Pochinki if he ain't allowed to choose NYC as his destination.

Douglas: Ah yes. Pochinki. The place where you gamble your life, when you might come out with nothing and your neighbour comes out with an M416 with a proper scope and foregrip.

Mick: Heck, I have never been to Erangel before, but living in Pochinki is not my style. I don't fancy living in a town where everyone is camping in houses and spamming their rifles at anybody who passes their house.

Douglas: But TF2014 wouldn't mind paying Pochinki a visit.

Alicia: I bet there is tons of weapons and fun there, but I rather remain in Chicago.

Nicole: Guys. Do you realise tht we have two orphans in the cabin? Don't be a bad influence.

Douglas: Aww come on. Charmaine did support Thomas during the airport fight, and Thomas was spamming his AKM at the goons.

Nicole: Then don't make it worse for them. I'll probably think of babysitting them, and ensure they get their normal life back.

Mick: You can figure about the parenting stuff later. Let's just focus on the trip to TF2014's destination, shall we?

Margaret: Yeah, for 6 boring hours. But hey, 6 hours is enough for us to leave the past behind, ain't it?

Andrew: Yeah, more than enough.

Naomi: And I hope my sister can finally relax, now that we are well clear of harm's way.

Margaret: I am sure that he will calm her down. Either that or she calms down naturally over time.

Naomi: I hope you are right. They chained her and left a bomb right on her for two whole weeks before TF2014 could finally rescue her, so I don't need to mention how unrelaxed she feels. Not to mention that she really missed him.

Sarah: We'll discuss everything when we are at the observatory, shall we?

6 hour flight

Me: Alright. Another 6 hours before we reach home. (When the MP3 player starts playing the playlist, beginning from Thirty Seconds To Mars- Dangerous Night)

Rachel: I bet you that listening to songs in the cockpit, even when in overwater flights is never a good idea.

Me: Above land, yes. Above water between continents? Not so. I just don't wanna get bored and focus on getting ourselves back home.

Rachel: Whatever, just don't crash.

Me: Nah, I won't. As long as I don't do stuff like trying to climb when the airspeed is too low. Damn it... I forgot my coffee, I need to sleep.

Rachel: At the very least you can stop thinking about the past. (Yawns) Oh no not me too. Too bad no one else on board can fly.

N801NW: I'll take over. Just rest.

Lily: Yeah, just rest, and let's forget all that happened. Shall we?

Kimberley and Lily fell asleep shortly after; everyone in the cabin slept at about the same time Rachel starts sleeping

1 hour later

N801NW: Northwest 5562 here. Who's this?

KITT: Northwest, this is KITT. I just want to check if TF2014 and his friends are okay.

N801NW: 5562, that is affirmative. Everyone is safe in my fuselage. They are all sleeping though, so don't expect to get a response from them.

KITT: At least I know that they are okay. And you mean everyone on board you is asleep?

N801NW: Yes. All of them. Anything urgent?

KITT: Nothing urgent, but the Halo Squad had attempted to contact them, even after you took off.

N801NW: Well, it seems like all the phone lines in AsphaltLand were down. And let the Halo Squad know I will contact them once at least one of the cockpit occupants woke up.

KITT: Sure, I will let them know. KITT out.

N801NW: Northwest 5562 Heavy, out.

I wake up by the time Against The Current- Wasteland is about to finish playing, when I saw a transmission sent by the Halo Squad while I was still asleep

Me: Has ATC been contacted yet?

N801NW: I have just managed to contact the Gander ATC, and we now have an approved flight plan.

Me: All set. I will notify the Halo squad about my current status.

John-117 (transmission): TF2014, if you see this, reply ASAP. Nothing urgent, but the UNSC would like to congratulate your victory of leaving AsphaltLand before you get swallowed by it.

Me: (via the ACARS) I just saw it, thanks. Fortunately I made it out. And f*** Diego for bringing my friends to AsphaltLand weeks before disaster strikes. As for my childhood friend, she suffered an even worse fate. Fortunately I brought her out of harm's way. As far as i know, he captured one of the DDR characters and Anais' twin sister. Regardless, all are safe on board. Now we are on the way home.

John-117: Somehow my intel tells me that two DDR characters are on board.

Me: What do you mean? I only saw Yuni. I don't see any other DDR characters-

John-117: You know there is that one DDR girl that enjoys overhearing conversations...

Me: Wait. Rinon?? How on earth did she enter my plane?! I have checked and ensured that only 15 people are on board.

John-117: Well, she tried to contact the UNSC using the airphone at the rearmost seat, close to door 4R.

Me: I don't know why she decided to spy on us while we are just making a normal trip home. Either way, she has about 3 and a half boring hours to wait until I reach my destination.

John-117: Yeah, and we will be sending a Pelican dropship to your destination to pick Yuni and Rinon up.

Me: You got the IFR clearance yet?

John-117: All UNSC Spartans who use dropships also adhere to ICAO regulations, so yeah.

Me: 10-4. Northwest 5562 Heavy, out.

John-117: Sierra-117, out.

Kim wakes up shortly after John-117 mentions ICAO

Kimberley: Managed to establish contact with the Halo Squad?

Me: Yes, which just ended. I am not sure if Lily is awake yet, but would need to let you know what I plan to do.

Kimberley: I know. Don't need to worry. I don't mind having to suspend our relationship, as long as your closest friend here is alright. I understand she suffered a lot, so you wanna make amendments. Go ahead, do what you gotta do. I'll wait for her to stabilise herself.

Lily wakes up before Kim starts speaking; that is when Alan Walker ft. K-391, CORSAK and Sofia Carson- Different World starts playing

Lily: TF2014, what are you doing?

Me: Just wanting to make amendments for all I did to you. Don't worry, Kim and I had an agreement, so that I can keep you calm faster. Don't ask questions, I just wanted to make up for all the lost time.

Lily: I know, but you didn't have to do that-

Kimberley: Lily, don't worry. I am not upset about his decisions, he just wants to focus on you until things get better. Don't worry about me. I still have my younger siblings to keep me company while he tries to show his support. TF2014 will resume once he finished what he planned to do.

Lily: Well, you two just make me seem like a scrapegoat-

Me: You have never been a scrapegoat, and never will. Just allow me to make my amendments, will ya?

Rachel: Just let him focus on you. He is aware you felt sick occassionally while he is not there for you.

Me: Since when you were awake?

Rachel: While you were taking to Master Chief.

Lily: I am just afraid his relationship with Sarah's elder sister will be severed...

Kimberley: Well, he said that he will focus on you for about two months. Enough time for me to figure out a solution, once he can come back to me.

Rachel: Just allow him to do so. After all, we are more than just friends since the moment we escaped, aren't we?

Lily: .... fine, fine. At the very least, I know TF2014 won't leave me anymore.

Me: I hope the flight crew seats are wide enough for two people in one seat...

Rachel: Just so you can sit with either of them? Well, the seats are not big enough. And you realise you have violated tons of regulations? And I bet that you have been doing this everyday when you were flying without a copilot.

Me: Yeah, but you can back me up.

Rachel: No thanks, I cannot go against the rules.

Me: Whatever. Let's just focus on getting on the ground, shall we?

When the plane approaches North American airspace, ETA 1 hour 35 minutes

ATC: Northwest 5562 Heavy, contact Boston Center on 128.2.

Me: Tuning to 128.2, Northwest 5562 Heavy. (After tuning to 128.2) Boston Center, Northwest 5562 Heavy at flight level 380 with you.

ATC: Northwest 5562 Heavy, roger.

Me: And by the way, expect arrival soon. I see the east coast of North America, we should reach John F. Kennedy soon.

Zayn ft. Zhavia- A Whole New World starts playing after I finish my speech; by then everyone on board had woke up from their sleep

Kimberley: What a coincidence that a song about a safe haven plays as soon as we'll approach your home, eh?

Lily: I don't think it is coincidential... it probably brings up some memorable meaning.

Me: What matters is that we are about to approach our destination.

15 minutes ETA, after Avril Lavigne- Won't Let You Go ended

ATC: Northwest 5562 Heavy, descend and maintain FL280.

Me: And here we go... the descent to our home. (Keying the mic) Descend to FL280, Northwest 5562 Heavy. (Back to the occupants) And refrain from saying anything until we reach the terminal.

20 nautical miles away from JFK Intl

ATC: Northwest 5562 Heavy, you are 20 miles south. Turn right heading 020, descend and maintain flight level 1500, cleared ILS runway 4R approach. Maintain 1500 until established on the localizer. Contact Kennedy Tower on 123.9.

Me: (after repeating clearance) I hoped to land on runway 31L, but it seems closed for repairs. At least I have a runway for touchdowns, do I? (While tuning to tower frequency and reducing speed setting to 165 knots) Kennedy Tower, Northwest 5562 Heavy is 19 miles south, inbound for Runway 4R, ILS approach.

ATC: Northwest 5562 Heavy, Kennedy Tower. Fly straight in, runway 4R. Altimeter 2952.

Me: Fly straight in runway 4R, Northwest 5562 Heavy. (Looking at the checklist) Flaps, 20. Set. Landing gear, down. (As I push the landing gear lever, extending the landing gear) Down, three green.

8 nautical miles away from the airport

Me: I see NYC up ahead!!

N801NW: Yeah, it has been a long time since you left. You definitely wished to be back, so here you are. Back home.

Lily: But I can't see any buildings...

Me: It's raining heavily outside, but I see the airport.

Lily: Well, I'm thankful enough to know its all over.

Me: All that fiasco is over the minute we left AsphaltLand's airspace. And save the discussions for later.

4 nautical miles away, when the aircraft captured the runway localizer

ATC: Northwest 5562 Heavy, cleared to land runway 4R.

Me: Clear to land runway 4R, Northwest 5562 heavy. Speed, 165 knots. All is well. Autobrake, armed.

Radio altimeter: 1000.

Rachel: When we reach minimums, disengage the autothrottle, okay?

Me: Yeah, I know what I am doing. With those checklists to back me up.

ATC (to an MD11 in the same frequency): KLM 915 heavy, make straight in, runway 4R, follow the A330 on final.

KLM 915: make staright in, runway 4R, KLM 915 heavy.

ATC (to an A321 landing on an adjecent runway): Orbit 3495, cleared to land runway 4L, caution the A330 landing runway 4R.

Orbit 3495: Cleared to land runway 4L, Orbit 3495 heavy.

Radio altimeter: 500. 400. 300. Minimums.

I disengage the autothrottle as soon as the plane is 100 feet above the ground

Radio altimeter: 50. 40. 30. 20. 10.

The A330 touches down, with flight spoilers extended and thrust reversers engaged upon landing

   1) Thirty Seconds To Mars- Dangerous Night
   2) Jean Tè ft. Harley Bird- Summer
   3) Grace VanderWaal- Clearly
   4) Nickelback- Savin Me
   5) Sabrina Carpenter- We'll Be The Stars
   6) Sabrina Carpenter- Alien
   7) Arrows To Athens- Black Sky
   8) Sabrina Carpenter- Why
   9) Sabrina Carpenter- On Purpose
   10) Nickelback- Far Away
   11) Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera- Feel This Moment
   12) Ellie Goulding- Love Me Like You Do
   13) Ameria- Don't Walk Away
   14) Sabrina Carpenter- Fall Apart
   15) Sons of Maxwell- Everyday Heroes
   16) Nickelback- Lullaby
   17) Tiesto- Written In Reverse
   18) Why Don't We- Hooked
   19) Avril Lavigne- Wish You Were Here
   20) The Fray- How To Save A Life
   21) Backstreet Boys- Chances
   22) Sons of Maxwell- United Breaks Guitars
   23) Lay- Sheep (Alan Walker remix)
   24) Sabrina Carpenter- Lie For Love
   25) Against The Current- Almost Forgot
   26) Jessie J- Flashlight
   27) The Fray- Over My Head
   28) G-Eazy ft. Kehlani- Good Life
   29) American Authors- Keep Me Dreamin
   30) Adrienne Bailon- Chase The Wind
   31) Sabrina Carpenter- Smoke And Fire
   32) Rachel Platten- Broken Glass
   33) Alan Walker ft. Sophia Somajo- Diamond Heart
   34) Idina Menzel- Let It Go
   35) Does It Offend You, Yeah?- Epic Last Song
   36) Daya- Insomnia
   37) Ellie Goulding- Flux
   38) Tatiana Manaois- Right Here
   39) Breathe Carolina- Blackout
   40) Zara Larsson- Carry You Home
   41) Leona Lewis- Better In Time
   42) Di Evantile- Forgotten Dream
   43) Ariana Grander- Thank You, Next
   44) Against The Current- Wasteland
   45) The Fray- Never Say Never
   46) Amy Shark- All Loved Up
   47) Gryffin ft. Ivy Adara- Bye Bye
   48) Alan Walker ft. K-391, Sofia Carson & CORSAK- Different World
   49) Plain White T's- Hey There Delilah
   50) Alec Benjamin ft. Alessia Cara- Let Me Down Slowly
   51) Camila Cabello- Crying In The Club
   52) Vicetone- Nevada
   53) Halsey- Eyes Closed
   54) Zayn ft. Sia- Dusk Till Dawn
   55) A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera- Say Something 
   56) Ellie Goulding- Still Falling For You
   57) Zara Larsson- Uncover
   58) Michael Jackson- Man In The Mirror
   59) Major Lazer, Travis Scott, Quavo & Camila Cabello- Know No Better
   60) Carlie Hanson- Back In My Arms
   61) BLACKPINK- Don't Know What To Do
   62) Tatiana Manaois- Helplessly
   63) Zara Larsson- Wow
   64) Sabrina Carpenter- Exhale
   65) Illenuim ft. Bahari- Crashing (JVNA remix)
   66) JVNA- I'm With You
   67) Shawn Mendes- If I Can't Have You
   68) Zayn ft. Zhavia- A Whole New World
   69) Kim Petras- Sweet Spot
   70) Mike Williams ft. Maia Wright- Wait For You
   71) OneRepublic- Rescue Me
   72) The Chainsmokers ft. Ty Dolla sign & bulow- Do You Mean
   73) Alejandro Sanz ft. Camila Cabello- Mi Persona Favorita
   74) Vicetone ft. Daisy Guttridge- Waiting
   75) Rebecca Black- Wasted Youth
   76) Nickelback- In Front Of Me
   77) Rihanna- Umbrella
   78) Rachel Platten- Loveback
   79) Kim Petras- Blow It All
   80) Seeb ft. Olivia O'Brien & Space Primates- Fade Out
   81) A1- 2:59
   82) Alan Walker ft. Gavin James- Tired
   83) Amelie Roden- Liars
   84) Jasmine Sokko- 1057
   85) Tatiana Manaois- Elevate
   86) Cheat Codes ft. Kim Petras- Feeling Of Falling
   87) Tritonal ft. Rachel Platten- Little Bit Of Love
   88) Rachel Platten- Stand By You
   89) Sabrina Carpenter- In My Bed
   90) Tiesto ft. Jonas Blue and Rita Ora- Ritual
   91) Naomi Scott- Speechless
   92) Kiiara- Open My Mouth
   93) Kim Petras- Another One
   94) Dean Silva- Live 'n' Learn
   95) Daughtry- Gone Too Soon
   96) Alan Walker ft. Sabrina Carpenter & Farukko- On My Way
   97) JVNA- Catch Me
   98) Florrie- Borderline
   99) Avril Lavigne- Won't Let You Go

When it's all over (back in NYC)

2230 hours (0430 hours if still in AsphaltLand), John F. Kennedy Intl

Me: Home sweet home. Now time to head for the gate.

ATC: Northwest 5562 Heavy, contact ground on 121.65.

Me: Going to 121.65, Northwest 5562 heavy.

8 minutes after taxiing to gate E11 following ATC instructions

Rachel: And here we are, at your home after being isolated for a long time.

Me: I bet the security gates won't catch us all bearing weapons, right?

Rachel: They won't, if you carry all our weapons. You have the required licenses, and seeing that safety regulators allow flight crew to bring weapons on board for defensive purposes. Though... only one or two weapons, not an entire collection of them. But try your luck; I'll cover you if you fail to get past the scanners without getting busted.

Me: Maybe, but we got to try. Once we disembark, I'll look for a train. I gotta renew that MetroCard of mine as well. (While I switch off the seat belts indicator and open one of the doors)

After disembarking from the plane

Naomi: Alright, now time to put the final step into action. Though... we have a problem.

Andrew: What sort of problem?

Naomi: Though Lily, Sarah and myself originally planned to use Margaret's car, I am not sure if Lily would choose the train instead.

Me: Ah yes. I wonder why I never gave it any thought.

Andrew: We'll let her decide. Then we see who uses the train.

Lily: Well, before you say I am forcing myself, I am fine now, but I will follow Margaret's car when heading to the meetup. Then I will follow TF2014 when going to his house. Is that all set?

Naomi: Well, then it is all set. Let's go, and...

Mick: And start a new beginning together.

Sarah: Well, Jason and Kate may want to come along as well. (While seeing the two of them walking from a gate where their MD-11 parked at)

Jason: So how did it go?

Me: All went well, despite a few diversions, along with Mother Nature's wrath and hitting a Ferris Wheel with the engine cowling.

Jason: You are lucky that you did not hit it with the wing itself. Anyway what's up?

Me: Just trying to have a reunion with my friends. You coming?

Jason: Nah, me and Kate are just too worn out.

Me: That's why I always bring at least 10 tins of coffee on board. Anyway, catch you later. I got a train to catch.

Kate: Yeah, have fun with your reunion. We'll catch you later.

Alicia: By the way, where is Yuni?

Me: The Halo Squad went to pick them up from here, back to Mac's house. Somewhere in the UK.

Mick: Then let's not waste time, let's go!!

Kimberley: And prove Margaret wrong- she says that cars beat trains. We'll show her and Douglas that this is not the case in a congested city.

Me: Yeah, probably the last time I will race- except that I am not in control of the vehicle.

Kimberley: I wonder what will her reaction be like, when she gets caught among a sea of yellow cabs.

ZK-OKD: So, how did it go?

N801NW: All went well. Though I had to bear a 9.3 magnitude earthquake while waiting, and my left engine cowling had bumped into a Ferris Wheel, which fell all the way to the Earth's core.

9V-SJO: That's harsh, but glad you made it out. Though you need to stay out of service for 5 days for repairs.

PH-KCE: It is such a shame that you cannot fly for 5 days.

9M-MNB: But at least it is just 5 days, and not for the entire 2019. Crap happens sometimes.

N801NW: Yeah, crap happens. But at least I am not among those jets that were wrecked.

N389AA: We go through all that stuff, but don't worry.

N801NW: And you might have suffered a similar fate as me had you proceeded to AsphaltLand. I knew that heading there is dangerous, but I was not expecting a natural disaster there.

PH-KCE, We don't know when disaster strikes. (While N801NW gets towed to a hangar) And hope to see you fly in 5 days time.

N801NW: Don't worry, I will. Once I get repaired. (While being towed)

IND 8th Avenue Line, while approaching Nostrand Avenue in an R160 subway train

PA System: This is Nostrand Avenue station.

Me: Well, I might as well contact Azelfland, seeing that he is out there dealing with Vincent Bollocks.

Nicole: Who is Azelfland? And really? Someone has a surname called Bollocks?

Me: Azelfland is some guy I encountered when I resumed my racing career, and he really handled things well; that is before I found out the truth about the racing scene. I ain't getting back to it under any circumstances. As for Vincent, his real surname is Bollore, boss of Vivendi, the syndicate behind all this ruckus. Due to the uncountable nonsense he did, even to my friends who are unaffilated, I decided to insult him by changing his surname from Bollore to Bollocks.

Rachel: What a way to insult the boss of a falling syndicate.

Me: And I have intentions to modify his name on his tombstone, if I ever find it.

As soon as the train stops at the station, I call Azelfland

Me: So, how'd it go?

Azelfland: It's done. Vincent is finally dead.

Me: glad to hear you guys are okay.

Azelfland: Well, I know you won't come back to the racing scene, but I'll continue my Motorsport career. Now that it's back on its feet, i no longer need to worry about anyone ruining my fun.

Me: But what if a new threat comes?

Azelfland: We'll be ready. No worries.

Me: You know, after this riot, it's gonna take a long time till everyday life in the world goes back to normal.

Azelfland: I know. But hey, you can visit us anytime you want. Anytime you want to relax with us, let me know.

Me: Same here. I'll see you around.

Azelfland: See you later, bud. (Hangs up)

PA system: Stand clear of the closing doors, please. (With the doors closing once the call ends)

2325 hours, World Trade Center station

Kimberley: And here we are, the place where we will start our new beginning.

World Trade Center (Observatory), 2329 hours

Andrew: That is too many people using one elevator, and we could have got up here earlier.

Thomas: Any sign of the former Vivendi guy?

Me: Nope, I don't.

Kimberley: Let me see if i can find her car down there.

She uses her binoculars and spots Margaret's car, which just left the Brooklyn Bridge

Kimberley: I thought she would be in Manhattan by this time. But nope, she barely made it out of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Mick: Margaret must be like "I freaking hate Manhattan-style traffic". She got pwned by the subway trains and all the traffic down there. Hard.

Nicole: Well, I have a suggestion. Why don't we stay right in front of the elevators?

Me: Come on. They got roasted hard, don't toast them further.

The other 5 friends arrive at the observatory by 2336

Margaret: Well, this place is just too congested. How many cars am I seeing down there?

Me: As many as you could possibly imagine.

Andrew: With all that aside, what we should be really discussing, is what do we plan to do next.

Lily: Yeah, we need to figure out how we could spend more time together. As poorly matched friends who either...

Me: No one is going to dump one another, that's for sure.

Douglas: That was just wild. All thanks to some common jerks screwing us around, we tried finding solutions, but things only got worse for all of us.

Me: With my childhood friend having the worst fate. But at least we all survived.

Mick: Yeah, we survived. What should we do now?

Me: Maybe I will just spend more time flying or cruising around, with you guysin my vehicle?

Rachel: As long as you don't do anything that prompts the FAA to revoke your license.

Me: And as long as I don't actively involve myself in the racing scene. But what should we do?

Kimberley: Maybe make fun of Flat Earthers?

Nicole: One sure thing is I will handle the kids. And restore their previous life as much as possible. And speaking of kids, don't be a bad influence and make sure they don't become Flat Earthers as well.

Naomi: By the way, I just got a call from Brad. His brother apparently was in the process of retrieving all the cash Vivendi ripped from the Knowles family, and I will see if I can get Adam Knowles to share some of the cash. Just so we can procure a place we could reside together.

Lily: Where?

Naomi: Not sure yet, but maybe The Orion, One Madison Park and Central Park Tower would be options. Or somewhere in Harlem, Two Bridges or TriBeCa.

Me: I will probably donate all the vehicles I obtained to some of my associates that supported me during my disastrous career. And return KITT to the FLAG unit.

Mick: KITT?

Me: A vehicle that appears in either one of 8 chassises of American sports cars, especially that Trans Am. And a highly intelligent AI as well. Without KITT, I don't know if I would ever get to reunite with you all.

Nicole: No wonder why you took forever to leave AsphaltLand.

Me: Especially because I am poor at making decisions, and I require some external help in leaving that hellhole.

Sarah: Don't ever forget about KITT. All of you.

Lily: All it took is one vehicle AI and one disaster to keep us together, it seems.

Kimberley: I will probably spend some time with my younger siblings, while TF2014 focuses on restoring Lily's wish.

Sarah: Well, all set. Except regarding TF2014's decision related to my sis and his close friend, I wonder what can be done to prevent any negative preceptions. As in... how other people will think when he sees him making out with two different girls-

KITT (via Kim's phone): Simple solution. He can just pretend that Lily is his sister. There you go. Promise kept, relationship kept.

Kimberley: Here comes KITT to the rescue... again. That means that the suspension is unnecessary, but I don't mind having a suspended relationship, so he can focus on one thing at a time.

Lily: KITT, I really don't know how i could thank you. I don't think I would ever see my friend again, if it weren't for you.

KITT: No need to thank me. It is my priority to ensure that no one gets harmed, physically or internally.

Douglas: I wish you would join us up here.

KITT: Well, that is not possible if you are in a skyscraper. I could not even enter the lobby of the WTC, let alone the elevators.

Mick: Seriously, Doug. Do you really think a robotic car can even get up here?

Margaret: Don't tell me you actually believe the Earth is flat...

Facepalm scene

Douglas: Margaret!! I just slipped my tongue, okay?

Me: Anyway, all set. Fancy some chicken dinner when we get home?

KITT: I know you are eager to celebrate your reunion, but would you fancy delaying the celebration for one day later? And no, I have no intentions to ruin it, but it's late at night.

Me: Ah yes. I think it is time to go home. I'll find a suitable time to return you back to Michael Knight.

KITT: The earliest convenient time would do. KITT out, and don't waste the second chance given by your friends. It could be your last.

Me: Thanks a lot, KITT. Will do.

Rachel: Let's go, shall we? (After I hang up)

Me: Let's go. I am worn out.

Nicole: But, where?

Me: A mid-grade house I had in Pelham Bay, but never really stayed there since my AsphaltLand adventure.

Sarah: I am feeling tired now. Let's get back home, shall we?

Me: Yeah. And I can assure you there are four things I promise I won't do anymore (when I happen to look out of the windows of the WTC, facing south, and see two pillars of light illuminating from Battery Park)

Rachel: I am not sure what your four "nevers" would be, but I can figure out what is one of them. Let's just get back, shall we?

Underground car park 0005 hours, 11 September 2019

Me: I was planning to use the trains to return home, but not after I see this message from Fred-104.

Lily: What does it say?

Me: (reading Fred's note left inside my 2007 Dodge Charger SRT-8) Fred here. We know how grateful you are for being able to reunite with your friends, but seeing that you have not touched your car for months, we have decided to clean up your ride and place it beside the Quattroporte the former VVS member's girl uses. Oh, we have also sent the Corolla Altis (ZRE172) to the parking spot, seeing that 14 people won't fit into two cars. Regarding the Rolls Royce Dawn that was wrecked by the VVS, we are currently restoring the car, knowing that Naomi wants that car so much. By the way, you may donate the cars from your AsphaltLand garage to the Horizon Festival if anyone else is using them as an excuse to force you to return to the racing scene. Speaking of getting forced to return, you may contact us if you need more barriers to keep you out of the racing scene. Fred out.

Me: That is a long note, but one sure thing is the Halo Squad wil do their best to snsure I don't reenter that rabbit hole.

0045 hours, Flatiron District

Kimberley: There should be enough room for all 14 of us in Pelham Bay, right?

Me: I am not so sure about that. The cottage has three bedrooms, but only 9 people can fit in the three.

Kimberley: Well, that is gonna be problematic. Maybe things would be easier for us when Adam Knowles didn't mind splitting some of the cash he ripped from Vincent Bollocks for us to secure the apartment units.

Naomi: They were meant for Adam himself to further upgrade his home in Paris, but I don't hink he minds, if Brad could make a deal with him.

Me: And we have a common deal among us. Probably the only deal I will never back against.

Lily: Don't mention. Please. You guys make me feel like I am a scrapegoat.

Me: Lily, no one thinks you are a scrapegoat. Chill out, okay?

Kimberley: Just because he suspended his relationship with me in favor of you does not mean you troubled him. Just let him keep you in comfort, he genuinely feels bad about leaving you behind.

Me: Kim's right. I will definitely keep you close, and I will never forget to never leave you suffering on your own. (While patting her shoulder) And... never forget.

Lily: Thanks... and what is with the second never forget?

Me: Try looking out of the rear window, and see if you find anything bright in the night sky. This excludes buildings and stars.

Lily: (looking behind, and sees the light pillars) Yeah.... definitely makes me feel thankful that I survived despite all that happened to me.

Me: By the way, I hope everyone in the Quattroporte and Corolla Altis know my current intentions.

Lily: You mean, driving though Times Square in nearly all trips?

Me: That is what I am thinking.

The three cars pass thriugh Times Square before heading for Pelham Bay; and reach my safehouse by 0200 hours

0930 hours, my safehouse, Pelham Bay

Douglas: Well, what are your current plans?

Me: Right now I wil just send Alicia back to Chicago, before I spend some time repairing any broken ends between Lily, Naomi and myself. I just want to make sure Lily is totally alright. (Before entering my Dodge Charger)

Alicia: I am not sure if I heard it right, but I heard that one of you wished my spoilt sister is still alive.

Me: Just so we can gloat and taunt her about her defeat, while she remains tied up, and cannot do anything. I expected things to go horribly wrong the minute Azelfland's dark form proceeded to kill Anais.

Alicia: At least your friends did not suffer the same fate my twin sister did. And good luck in repairing your ties with your childhood friend. As for me, I will probably try joining societies that go against the type of syndicate similar to the one that ruined my sister's life.

Naomi: As long as these societies do not include money first, humanity later.

Me: I am sure that Lily is eager to rebuild all the broken ties between me and herself, but let me just make one more phone call. (While calling Mac)

Mac (while working on one of his FE vehicles): TF2014?

Me (while starting the engine of my car): P1 Boy?

   JVNA- Catch Me is being played while the call is being made

Mac: From what Rinon told us, I see your probems with your former classmates have been resolved. I hope things get back to normal among you and them.

Me: Thanks, Mac. I obviously will do my best to get everything solved, but right now it is too early to say wether everything has returned to normal.

Mac: Seeing that you abandoned your racing career, I wonder what are your plans regarding the cars you worked hard for.

Me: I have no idea, maybe I will just donate them all to some other collectors who are having trouble with their racing careers. I have just made sure that all my resources for motorsport are drained to nothing, maybe I will send the cars to UNSC units as either support vehicles or backup vehicles. Except for a select handful, especially the Zenvo TS1, the Ford 2017 GT and all Lamborghinis in my inventory.

Mac: I was hoping to own a Centenario, but it seems like I never will. Where are all your Lambos going to?

Me: The Nassau County Highway Patrol units that sometimes patrol Brooklyn and Queens. Bunch of die-hard Lambo fans. I have no idea if I should pass the Koenigsegg Regera and BMW i8 to some of my friends.

Mac: Just leave them in your current garage, I will discuss the matter with the Halo Squad. They might come up with some solutions. Any cars that you are not passing to us?

Me: Kim wanted the Zenvo TS1 10th Anniversary. I might keep the Camaro for myself. As for the Ford GT, I need to return it to Knight Industries.

Mac: Well, I will wait for Blue Team's decisions, then we discuss on what you are going to do to dilapidate your garage.

Me: By the way, thanks for all the UNSC-supplied weapons. Even though I am accustomed to certain weapons of my own, these UNSC ones helped me conserve my ammunation, even though I still ran out of 5.56 rounds.

Mac: Not a problem, and good thing you made it out of AsphaltLand before it crumbles to nothing.

Me: Yeah, and fortunately I was able to bring my friends to safety. While I might cover your back in case things go wrong, I don't think I would bother going back to the racing scene anymore. It nearly tore away my connections with my former classmates. Not sure what you plan to do; now that AsphaltLand has been consumed by Mother Nature, and Vincent Bollocks as well as Diego had been sent straight to hell.

Mac: I will just wait for new errands to run when I need to. Otherwise, I will continue expanding my operations.

Me: While I will just focus on rebuilding every aspect of my connection between myself and my friends that have been broken by one dirty operation in disguise. Adios. (Hanging up, before I begin driving off to send Alicia back to her hideout, with my plans of spending time with Lily and Naomi being done after that)

End of series one for my Multi-Universe Stories. Maybe i will start a series two, which will not feature racing, as stated. I know this is too long, but there are just too many scenes to depict while my motorsport career heads for the scrapyard.

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