The VIP System is a game element of the Asphalt series, introduced in Asphalt Nitro and added to Asphalt 8: Airborne via the Rio de Janeiro Update. It adds incentive to buy in-app purchases by accompanying each purchase with a special currency, VIP Points, giving access to further, sometimes exclusive, game content. As this will cost a lot of money to get into the higher VIP levels (approximately $4,000 for Level 15), it is highly not advised that one should go for these VIP Levels in short term.

Another reason to not ego for the VIP Levels, is that one of the cars that will be awarded after reaching certain VIP Levels are actually purchasable for credits (one of them was even given out as a Daily Bonus), another one (the McLaren 570S) is available for 55 common-rarity Blueprints, and the exclusive car, the 2015 GTA Spano, earned at Level 15, is largely inferior to the majority of high-end Class A and Class S cars, and has restrictive usability, being an Elite Car. As such, it is not recommended to spend money just for this system – real money should only be spent as a last resort.

Asphalt Nitro

VIP Coins

VIP CoinsVIP coins small an VIP Coins are acquired through in-game purchases. Every Euro equals 15VIP coins small an 15. Prices in US$ are the same despite different exchange rates, so players from the USA have an advantage as long the exchange rate for $ 1 is below € 1.


Main article: VIP level rewards (Asphalt Nitro)

Asphalt 8: Airborne

It is accessible via the Profile section, on a tab called VIP.

VIP Points

These points are acquired through in-game purchases. Every US dollar (US$) equals 100 VIP Points. According to Gameloft, the points are not distributed retroactively, meaning the user will not receive all points for purchases before the introduction of the VIP System, although a number of users have been rewarded points for some past expenses. For example, a player who has purchased a lot of Tokens and Credits may be VIP Level 3 or 4 when introduced to the VIP System.

VIP Levels

Going from 0 to 15, every level has its specific benefits. When you level up, you get instantly certain rewards such as Tokens, Credits, multipliers, Kit Boxes, Boosters, and Cars. The current level determines the Race Permanent Bonus which is active in all races an all game modes, as well as the Daily Bonus. Other rewards are the cars Volkswagen Beetle Turbo, Range Rover Evoque Coupe HSE Dynamic, Ferrari Testarossa, and the McLaren 570S.

In VIP Level 15, the user is given access to an exclusive car, the 2015 GTA Spano, requiring 400,000 points, which is the equivalent of up to US$4,000 (minimum US$3,892.84) in-app purchases. For a detailed list of rewards, see VIP level rewards (Asphalt 8).

Unless a player is VIP Level 6 or higher, they will not be able to reset the tuning for the Audi R8 e-tron Special Edition.

As of the Fast Lane Update, Asphalt Moments events require use of the VIP System to allow participation.

  • Class D events = VIP Level 1
  • Class C events = VIP Level 2
  • Class B events = VIP Level 3
  • Class A events = VIP Level 4
  • Class S events = VIP Level 4/5
Daily Bonus

The Daily Bonus depends on your VIP Level, not that the bonus is completely different, but higher VIP Levels get better bonus. These are bonuses that are applied to the Daily Login Rewards Calendar.

The Daily Bonus is divided in two: multipliers and extras.

The Daily Bonus was removed as of the 2020 Spring Update.

Daily Bonus Multipliers

These Multipliers are implemented to the rewards calendar. Example: If you get a daily reward of 10 Tokens, and you get multiplier of “x2 Daily Bonus” Tokens, it will multiply that by 2 and 20A8 tokens full 20 will be rewarded that day instead.

Daily Bonus Extras

You’ll notice that some days of the Daily Bonuses Calendars have 2 items in a single box (each box representing one day). The second item corresponds to a VIP level. If your VIP level matches the one displayed in the VIP logo of that box you will get that extra rewarded item on that day.

For instance a VIP Level 1 user receives a A8Box Lucky VIP Box 1 Lucky VIP Box 1, containing 2 random cards, whereas a VIP Level 5 user gets a A8Box Lucky VIP Box 2 Lucky VIP Box 2 containing 3 random cards. Also if the Daily Bonus is an item marked with VIP Level 2, a VIP Level 1 user will not be able to claim the item.

VIP Boxes

Some boxes accessible through VIP Points where specifically created for this purpose, such as the A8Box Lucky VIP Box 1 Lucky VIP Box 1 or the A8Box Awesome VIP Box Awesome VIP Box. See the Pro Kit Box page for more info.

VIP System Info-Screen

What is the VIP System?
It's the new way for you to get additional permanent benefits from your in-game purchases for no extra cost!
How can I get VIP Status?
Purchasing anything with a VIP points icon on it grants you a VIP level and the benefits that come with it!
A certain amount of points will increase your VIP level and improve your VIP benefits!
How can I get VIP Level-Up rewards?
Reaching each VIP level give you great Level-Up rewards!
What are the other benefits?
Daily Bonus Multiplier -- more stuff from daily bonuses.
Daily Bonus Extras -- excluse VIP-only items in daily bonus.
Permanent Bonuses -- more credits and XP in races.

VIP Level requirements

VIP Level VIP Points required
1VIP 1-5 full a81 100
2VIP 1-5 full a82 500
3VIP 1-5 full a83 2,000
4VIP 1-5 full a84 4,000
5VIP 1-5 full a85 7,000
6VIP 6-14 full a86 12,000
7VIP 6-14 full a87 18,500
8VIP 6-14 full a88 25,000
9VIP 6-14 full a89 35,000
10VIP 6-14 full a810 50,000
11VIP 6-14 full a811 75,000
12VIP 6-14 full a812 100,000
13VIP 6-14 full a813 150,000
14VIP 6-14 full a814 250,000
15VIP 15 full a815 400,000
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