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Map 1[]

  • Race 1: You better put on your race face! Lose concentration for even a few seconds and it's all over for you here in French Guiana. Go! Go!

  • Race 2: The black and red motif of your Dendrobium is like the warning markings you see on plants in nature. Competitors beware!

  • Grand Finale: Your Dendrobium has helped you get this far, but a championship is ultimately all up to the driver. Show them who's the best!

Map 2[]

  • Race 1: You're blooming into quite the driver, but I guess that's to be expected when you're driving a car named after a flower. Get out there and show it off!

  • Race 2: I hope you're ready for a real nail-biter of an elimination round! These London drivers won't go easy on you, so don't go easy on them!

  • Race 3: The clock's ticking. Get out there and tear up the track before time runs out!

  • Grand Finale: Just listen to the roar of the fans cheering you on! Bring home a win for them AND for you!

Map 3[]

  • Race 1: Your car may have been inspired by nature, but I think nature is about to be inspired by how fast you move around this track. Get to it!

  • Race 2: FIVE... FOUR... THREE... Yeah, that's right: I'm counting down. Counting down to when you win this race! Don't make me keep counting -- go for it!

  • Race 3: You crushed it in that last race! Now, let's see what you can do when the tempo picks up. Race like the wind!

  • Grand Finale: Some of your competition has been talking trash. Go make them eat their words -- and your dust!

Map 4[]

  • Race 1: Welcome to Barcelona. No time to see the sights -- unless it's out your window on the race track. Let's drive!

  • Race 2: Everyone's loving the honeycomb patterns of your Dendrobium. Now get out there and sting the competition like a bee!

  • Race 3: I'm thinking of calling you "Speed" -- because you sure know how to race! Go earn that new nickname in this next race!

  • Race 4: What time is it? Time to show the other drivers you're the best. Go get it!

  • Grand Finale: You're killing it out there, but the competition isn't over until you cross that final finish line. Get there first!

Map 5[]

  • Race 1: You know what I love most about racing...? WINNING! Go on out and make my day!

  • Race 2: How cool is it that the roof and doors of your Dendrobium can open independently of each other?! Dare I say it... RAISE THE ROOF on that track!

  • Race 3: Watching you makes me want to be a driver... If only I had the talent, the nerves of steel, and that sweet, sweet car. *sigh* Get out there and live the dream!

  • Race 4: Everyone out here on the Azure Coast has been blown away by your racing skills. Now blow their minds with another win!

  • Grand Finale: Take a deep breath and focus. The only win that matters is the next one. Give it your all!

Map 6[]

  • Race 1: Can you believe we're in the Alps! No time to chill out -- we've got a hot race to dominate next. Let's do it!

  • Race 2: This next elimination round is going to be fierce! Just stay cool and remember that you're the ruler of the road. Now drive!

  • Race 3: The wrap-over rear spoiler of your Dendrobium is iconic! Go burn it into the minds of your competition by acing this race!

  • Race 4: We didn't come to the Alps to climb mountains -- we came to move them. Show the other racers what your wonder car can do!

  • Race 5: From racing fan to race car driver extraordinaire, things are looking up for you... so don't you dare slow down! Give it your all!

  • Grand Finale: I know you're in it to win -- now just go prove it to the rest of the drivers out here! Take this Grand Finale home!

Map 7[]

  • Race 1: We've made it to Dubai, and all the other drivers out here want to say "hi" to your Dendrobium. Just wave goodbye when you pass 'em!

  • Race 2: Everyone is eyeing your Dendrobium with envy because it's so exclusive they can't get their hands on it yet. Get out there and turn some heads!

  • Race 3: The cars are going around this track so fast it's giving me whiplash. Let's see you keep up!

  • Race 4: The teardrop-shaped center section of the Dendrobium is a thing of beauty. Take it out for a spin and turn the track into a work of art!

  • Race 5: There's fast, and then there's WINNER fast. You be the second one and you'll come out first!

  • Grand Finale: You know I'm your number one fan, but if you win this next race I think you'll have a few thousand more. Let's do it!

Map 8[]

  • Race 1: If you catch a wave out here in San Diego, it'll be from all your fans. Let's move it out there!

  • Race 2: I hear the Dendrobium can hit a top speed of 200 MPH. Show me how fast you can make her go in this next race!

  • Race 3: All these other drivers are good... but there's a big difference between good and great. Go show them what I mean!

  • Race 4: Time flies when you're having fun -- so go throw yourself a party out on that track! Race like you mean it!

  • Race 5: You've convinced me that electric hypercars are the ride of the future. Now go prove that to everyone out on the road!

  • Race 6: The thrill of competition is that it just keeps getting harder... but you make these wins look easy. Go give me another!

  • Grand Finale: I couldn't be prouder of how far you've come. Give me another win and I might just break out in tears. Tear it up out there!

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