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Wild Card - Prime
Wild Card - Prime
Last checked Feb 8, 2021
Gauntlet Badges 50
Sale value Fusion Coins 250
Rarity Prime
Availability Gauntlet Store
Multiplayer league reward
Festival Premium reward

The Wild Card - Prime is a Card in Asphalt 8: Airborne introduced in the Wild Cards Update.


According to the official announcement,

“[e]ach Wild Card has its own rarity (Optimal, Prime, & Superb) and can be converted into any Festival Card of the same rarity from a Festival that has already ended. Wild Cards can also be used for any current/future Festival Cars in Asphalt 8, but only AFTER their Festival completion.” [1]

The Wild Card - Prime can be converted into any current or future Vehicle Kit card of prime rarity by choosing the "Convert" button after tapping on it in the inventory. Contrary to Gameloft's initial announcement[2], the conversion is not free but costs Credits 75,000.

It also should be noted that despite the wording of Gameloft's announcement that Wild Cards can be converted into cards for Festival cars AFTER their festival completion, it may be some time before the conversions can take place. This does not appear to be a fixed period and may rely on a game update, or a number a festivals to pass before a Wild card can be converted for a recently completed festival car.


Although the card acts as a “joker” and is therefore more valuable than other cards, it can be sold for Fusion Coins 250 like every other prime card.

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