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World Series race result screen.

The multiplayer World Series competition was a racing mode available to players of Asphalt 8: Airborne prior to the Multiplayer League Update. World Series races could be played without limits, using any car the player owned. The goal was to achieve Win Streaks, which would be rewarded with Credits, Upgrades or Nitro Starter boosts.

Whenever the player lost, achieved 9 wins in a row, quit a race, or was otherwise disconnected for server/application malfunction, their streak ended. Exiting multiplayer mode after a successfully finished race did not result in losing the streak; however, the possible 7-streak (random D-class upgrade/credits) and 9-streak (random C-class upgrade/nitro starter boost) rewards could be automatically converted to credit rewards in case of a 7-streak and in a nitro starter boost in case of a 9-streak upon re-entering multiplayer mode. "Winning" did not necessarily mean achieving first place, rather landing a place on the podium – placing first, second, or third.

Your opponents would be selected depending on your car's rank, so if you chose to race with a Class A car, you would not race players with a Class D car. However you might have faced opponents with a low ranking Class S car, or with a high ranking Class B car. An exception could appear if a player spent more than 2 minutes in a room waiting for opponents. More often than not, you got matched with cars with a rank up to 50 points above or below your car's (unless your car's rank was over 1586, in which this restriction did not apply anymore).

At the beginning of the race, you would be able to vote for a Race Mode: Classic, Elimination, or Infected; one of three randomly proposed tracks, and the number of laps (1-3). As of August 8th 2015, when Tenerife was released for multiplayer, all locations were now available for multiplayer. The vote was democratic, however in ties it is unclear which value remained. The process would not wait for everybody to vote, and after a certain time, the race started even if you had not yet voted.


After the race, you would be presented with the results. The second column was the rating, which persisted between multiplayer races and was increased or decreased depending on your result, followed by an indicator if it was increased or decreased, and by how much. Players who got disconnected or left the game would lose 10 points.

Everyone started with a rating of 1000 at the first multiplayer race.

The distribution of the rating points after a race was unclear. It could happen that someone with a high rating such as 1300 positions fourth, and loses 6 points, while someone with a medium-high rating such as 1100 positions third and wins 3 points, and someone with a rating of 980 positions sixth and still gains one point. If you faced an opponent with a higher rating than you, winning the race would give a bigger rating increase.

Also it seemed that the rating had no influence on or relation with any other game element.


The experience increased with each multiplayer race, depending on how many players you beat. Unlike the rating, you could not lose experience. Experience was divided in levels, which needed increasingly more experience to advance. The first level for instance was 190 XP, where as level 42 required 1840 XP to pass. The higher the level, the higher the rewards you received after a race. The maximum level was 85, but has been raised to 99, at which you get Credits 5,000+ when placing 1st in a race.


The Race Reward you received immediately after the race depended on your position, your experience level and the number of laps. Unless you had a level of 80+, the rewards were fairly low and not interesting as such.

After a consecutive series of wins*, in addition to the race rewards, Win Streak Rewards were attributed. The Win Streak Reward was independent of your multiplayer experience level or your stars level. The Win Streak Reward could be Credits Credits, Upgrades or Nitro Starter:

Number of wins* 3 5 7 9
Reward Credits 1,250 Credits 2,500
  • Class D Upgrade
    • Acceleration
    • Top Speed
    • Handling
    • Nitro
  • Credits 5,000

*be among the first four

It was not made clear what the odds were to receive which upgrade. Also there seemed an increased chance to obtain a credits reward if you left multiplayer after 5 wins and re-enter.

World Series vs Farming

If you had unlocked Season 9, it would usually be more efficient to buy a double credits boost, farm a track of season 9 and buy the upgrade rather than to get an upgrade via multiplayer. But this was not the same for higher upgrades that were more expensive such as Class D upgrade for Honda S2000 top speed level 4 to 5 and costs Credits 381,000 which was way faster in win streaks. The most expensive Class C Upgrade is currently Jaguar F-TYPE Project 7 top speed level 4 to 5, and costs Credits 277,000 credits, which is also faster in win streak, however it is uncertain that you would actually manage to win 7- 9 races, and you could get any type of Class D - C Upgrade. Still, multiplayer was less boring than farming always the same track, and it could be played for just an hour or two without wasting the rest of the double credit


  • Multiplayer, even in its latest version, offers the only possibility in the game to race 3 laps apart from Tag Racing.
  • If the connection state is bad, then your position can randomly change, and you can continue to race after you have finished the laps. This 'drive' will continue until all drivers (including the last place) finished, and after this your position will most likely be the last place, losing rating and win streaks.
  • On some occasions, rank gap of one car to another can exceed 100
    (e.g. racing a Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary with a rank of B1415 against a RUF CTR 3 with a rank of S1530). This is more commonly seen in higher-ranked races and in the worst case scenario, a car ranked 1576 or higher (especially 1590+) may even be pitted against a MAX+PRO TRION NEMESIS (S1805). Screenshots here show similar scenarios (best to be enlarged).

Screenshot 2016-10-24-23-51-51.png

  • It is harder to knock down cars in multiplayer mode, even hitting them real hard might not do it. Still, usually approaching them from behind with nitro, or landing on them from above will knock them down.