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World Tour is a type of Special Event first introduced in the Fall Out Boy Update.


This event can be said as a combination of Research and Development and Enduro Double Down, as like with both events, an event currency is called a Streaming Pass is used to enter races. Instead of being refilled instantly in Research & Development, a new Streaming Pass is given every 2 hours and 30 minutes, but can be purchased using Tokens for each Streaming Pass (which means that players will have to spend up to a certain total amount to refill all (Tokens 300 in the BMW M2 Special Edition World Tour, Tokens 100 per Streaming Pass; Tokens 375 in the McLaren 720S World Tour, Tokens 75 per Streaming Pass), so if a player purchases the upcoming Streaming Pass with an amount of time remaining, the timer for the next Streaming Pass will be reset).

Players will earn Fan Points Fan Points as well as gaining fans every time they complete a race goal (in the BMW M2 Special Edition World Tour, 200 fan points are given per goal completion, but the fan points increase periodically in the McLaren 720S World Tour). As in EDD, races are divided into tiers. When the fan bar is full, players will face a challenge called a Headliner Race, similar to the Ultimate AI in R&D and the Ace Racer in EDD, the only difference is that the ghost AI is colored purple (only in the M2 Special Edition World Tour). Players will also receive Hype Points multipliers as they progress. The amount of Hype Points earned is equivalent to fans gained, so if the player wins 200 fans, they will also receive Fan Points 200. Players start with a multiplier factor of 1 before slowly increasing to the maximum of 3. Should the player fail a race goal, the multiplier will be reset, but tokens can be spent to maintain the multiplier. Hype Points can be used to buy Pro Boxes which two others are unlocked with time (for the 720S World Tour, all Pro Boxes are unlocked), with no option to spend tokens to skip the waiting time to unlock the boxes. Any Hype Points left unspent when the World Tour ends will be converted to credits.

The current conversion rate is Fan Points 1 = Credits 12

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World Tour Events[]

BMW M2 Special Edition (Fall Out Boy World Tour)[]

Main article: World Tour/BMW M2 Special Edition
BMW M2 SE World Tour Promo

The BMW M2 Special Edition's World Tour, named the Fall Out Boy World Tour, was released as the first World Tour event after the Renault Trezor's Championship as part of the Fall Out Boy Update on February 7, 2018.

Players are given 7 days to complete the event.


McLaren 720S (Prime Time World Tour)[]

Main article: World Tour/McLaren 720S
A8 McLaren 720S PTWT Promo

The McLaren 720S' World Tour event, named the Prime Time World Tour, was released as the second World Tour event after the Zenvo TS1 GT 10th Anniversary Edition's R&D event as part of the Fifth Anniversary Update on August 20, 2018.

Players are given 7 days to complete the event.