We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Asphalt 9: Legends!

We would like to send a special thank-you to all our soft-launch players! Your support, and most importantly your feedback, really helped us adjust the game; we will do out best to keep on improving your experience with each new update.

To all of our new players, welcome to Asphalt! Let the races begin!

New Vehicles

Game Changes

Gameplay Changes

  • Trophies required to unlock packs for playing multiplayer have been changed to 10,20,30 from 5,10,15

Cosmetic Changes

  • New menu/home screen design


Asphalt 9 Legends - Official Launch Trailer

Asphalt 9 Legends - Official Launch Trailer

Updates for Asphalt 9: Legends
2018 Soft Launch (v0.2.9-0.5.3) • Worldwide Launch (v1.0.1)
Community Update (v1.1.2) • Slipstream Update (v1.2.3)
2019 Road Kings Update (v1.3.1) • Motor Show Update (v1.4.3)
Caribbean Update (v1.5.3) • Summer Update (v1.6.2)
Tune It Up Update (v1.7.3) • King of the Fall Update (v1.8.1)
Godly Beasts Update (v1.9.3)
2020 Grand Prix Update (v2.0.4) • Porsche Season Update (v2.1.3)
Lamborghini Season Update (v2.2.2) • American Season Update (v2.3.3)
British Season Update (v2.4.3)
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