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A wreck is when a vehicle crashes into something at high speed and with so much force it becomes disabled for a few seconds. Generally, the angle at which the vehicle slams into something also has to be sharp (>45° on average, though this varies with speed) or the vehicle will simply violently bump against it but not wreck. Some vehicles are more prone to wrecking than others.

The player can wreck other racers by performing a knockdown on them.

In Asphalt 6: Adrenaline and Asphalt 7: Heat, several Career races discourage wrecking.

In Asphalt 8: Airborne, Asphalt Nitro, and Asphalt Xtreme, many of the Career Mode also events discourage wrecking, in the form of a bonus star for either: Knockdowns without Wreck or No Wrecks (sometimes known as Record NO WRECKS). In some cases, landing on a certain part of the track can wreck the player's vehicle, even if they did not crash into something. Also, a glitch may cause the player's vehicle to wreck randomly. Finally, even after the race, the player's vehicle (now controlled by AI) may occasionally wreck.

Going off the map counts as a wreck and can count against the "Perfect Race" and "1 Perfect Lap" medals. However, it does not invalidate the "No Wrecks" sub-goal, except in a Flawless race, as below.

In Flawless races, wrecking is absolutely discouraged and will immediately result in disqualification, even if the player goes off the map. This is noted by the fact that Flawless is described as: “A Classic race with a twist: No wrecks allowed!”. Wrecking is also prohibited in Hunted races in Asphalt 9: Legends, as it would be considered the same as being busted.

Open-top vehicles that feature drivers and motorcycles (as well as all cars in Asphalt 9: Legends) will have the drivers disappear upon wrecking.

In Asphalt Nitro, a booster called the Absolute Armor grants the player immunity to wrecks. The McLaren F1 in Asphalt Nitro has a permanent Absolute Armor booster on, but only if piloted by the player.

In Asphalt 9: Legends, there is no message that appears on-screen during a wreck. If the player runs out of time in the Hunted game mode, police tape and a flashing police badge will appear, along with the BUSTED message.

Types of Wrecks

  • Wreck: the most common type of wreck. This type of wreck is seen throughout the entire Asphalt series.
  • Knockdown: only available in multiplayer; this occurs when the player is knocked down by another player.
  • Disqualified: when the player becomes disqualified after wrecked. Happens if the player either fails to finish the race or wrecks in a Flawless race. In the former case, the player is given a 15-second warning (shown as Disqualified in # s), usually 30 seconds after all the other racers have finished.
  • Eliminated!: when the player becomes eliminated at last place (except if a podium finish occurs, unless the car wrecks before or after the elimination).
  • Infection Overload: available only in Infected mode (except in Asphalt Xtreme, in which case, the virus dies). This occurs when the player's infection timer runs out. Not only is the player's nitro completely emptied (unless the player's vehicle happens to touch any obstacles or nitro pick-ups during the wreck phase), but they are also cured.
  • Busted: Occurs in Hunted races in Asphalt 9: Legends only; the same as disqualification, except it can also occur by running out of time (the car wrecks automatically or manually if the player accidentally crashes their car).

Wreck terms used in Showdown Mode

  • Comet Hit
  • Disrupted
  • Shocked
  • Erased
  • Equalized (Equalised for British English)


Other Languages

Wreck is written differently in the following languages:

  • French: Destruction
  • Spanish: Accidente
  • German: Totalschaden
  • Italian: Incidente
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Destruído
  • Russian: Авария (avariya)
  • Indonesian: Rusak
  • Japanese: クラッシュ (kurasshu, CRASH)
  • Chinese: 损坏 (Traditional: 損壞) (sǔn huài) (Damaged)
  • Korean: 파손 (pason)
  • Turkish: Enkaz
  • Arabic: دمار (damār)
  • Thai: พังยับเยิน (pang yáp yern)

Disqualified is written differently in the following languages:

  • French: Disqualifié
  • Spanish: Descalificado
  • German: Disqualifiziert
  • Italian: Squalificato
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Desqualificado
  • Russian: Дисквалифицирован (Diskvalifitsirovan)
  • Indonesian: Terdisqualifikasi
  • Japanese: DISQUALIFIED
  • Chinese: 取消资格 (Qǔxiāo zīgé)
  • Korean: 실격 된 (silgyeog doen)
  • Turkish: Diskalifiye
  • Arabic: غير مؤهل (ghyr muahal)
  • Thai: ถูกตัดสิทธิ์ (T̄hūk tạd s̄ithṭhi̒)


  • There is a glitch, dubbed the "skid glitch", where the player's vehicle suddenly skids out of control and either wrecks by crashing into a wall or does a 360° spin in any direction. This occurs most frequently on tracks like Nevada, Tokyo, Venice and Iceland.
  • Sometimes, vehicles may also wreck in a middle of a flat road, even when there are no obstacles near the vehicle that could otherwise crash it.