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  • Race 1: Here's a question for ya: How does the fastest driver get a little faster? Show me the answer.
  • Race 2: What's your favorite song? Anything with a quick beat, right? Let's see your moves out there!
  • Race 3: Take a look at the Zenvo ST1. Win enough of these races and that baby could be all yours. Good luck!
  • Race 4: I've seen a lot of good racers out there, but none have got the vision like you do. I'm impressed!
  • Race 5: A good racer feels every turn and twist of the road. A great racer is one with the road.
  • Race 6: There's no better sound in the world than the roaring of an engine!
  • Race 7: Owning a Zenvo ST1 is like being a member of an exclusive club. Keep winning and you'll get an invite.
  • Race 8: Some people drive to get from one place to another. You drive for the thrill of it.
  • Race 9: One's gotta go: racing or breathing? Easy. Next question.
  • Race 10: You make the rest of these jokers look like they're on their morning commute.
  • Race 11: People hate backseat drivers, but when I'm in the backseat I only shout one instruction: "GO FASTER!"
  • Race 12: The Zenvo ST1 is the pinnacle of Danish engineering. Definitely not something to pass up.
  • Race 13: Don't ever settle for second place! Keep pushing yourself and you'll get the gold.
  • Race 14: You're a speed demon! Wait! Slow down and let me introduce the next event!
  • Race 15: Don't follow the crowd; lead them. Don't be a sheep -- be a cheetah!
  • Race 16: It's easy to disappoint me, but so far you've been amazing. Keep it up!
  • Race 17: Time for the big race. If you win enough of these, the Zenvo ST1 is all yours. Promise!
  • Race 18: The paint job looks great. Looks even better when you're hitting full nitro!
  • Race 19: Do you feel the need? The need for reckless, high-velocity racing?
  • Race 20: Turn the key, press the pedal to the metal and feel the g-force.
  • Race 21: You move smoother than fish downstream! You might even be able to teach me a thing or two...
  • Race 22: Take a stand! Don't settle for slow speeds on the track. You gotta go fast!
  • Race 23: Seven years of production, only fifteen cars constructed. The Zenvo ST1 is a hand-made dream.
  • Race 24: Win by an inch, win by a mile. As long as you win, it's all the same.
  • Race 25: If you look in your rear-view mirror while driving fast enough, you'll see the PAST.
  • Race 26: What speed can you achieve? Go full nitro!
  • Race 27: When you're down in the race, always remember: Use nitro to chase!
  • Race 28: Planning on getting first again? I find that highly unlikely. Prove me wrong!
  • Race 29: The Zenvo ST1 goes zero to sixty in three seconds. But something tells me you could push its limits...
  • Race 30: We all have an agenda. Some people want to rule the world -- but you just gotta go fast.
  • Race 31: Going too fast on turns could spell disaster -- but go too slow and you'll bite the dust!
  • Race 32: The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. One day, we'll race it around the whole planet.
  • Race 33: You have a tendency to use nitro at the perfect moments -- keep it up!
  • Race 34: You were born to run. And to drive. The driving is the important part right now. Get to the car!
  • Race 35: Remember the story of the hare and the tortoise? Forget it. Be the hare!
  • Race 36: At a max speed of 233 mph, the Zenvo ST1 is a great addition to any speed demon's arsenal.
  • Race 37: You're an asphalt master in the making! Stay in this groove and you'll thrive!
  • Race 38: People that go slow really cramp my style. Not like you. You're the kind of speedster I like.
  • Race 39: I used to live my life a quarter-mile at a time. Now I think bigger. And faster!
  • Race 40: Nothing enhances your speed like nitro. If you don't use it -- you lose it!
  • Race 41: There's a hidden transaction happening on the asphalt. You give us speed, and we give you wins!
  • Race 42: The only way to rise through the ranks is by going faster. The faster you are, the quicker you'll climb!
  • Race 43: Danish design, German body, world-class performance. The Zenvo ST1 is a collector's dream.
  • Race 44: Nobody can even get close to you when you're in the zone. Leave them in your dust.
  • Race 45: Have you ever considered pizza delivery? You could feed the world in record time.
  • Race 46: You're one of the fastest drivers out there. That's not an opinion -- that's a fact!
  • Race 47: You gotta win this one — I got a Zenvo ST1 reserved just for you!
  • Race 48: If there was a speed industry, you would be a top player in it.
  • Race 49: In the beginning, I wasn't sure if you had what it takes -- now I see nothing but big wins in your future!
  • Race 50: The challengers fear you, but they all want to take you down. Watch your back and leave 'em all behind.
  • Race 51: The Zenvo ST1 has a hefty price tag, but if you keep winning, we'll give it to you for free.
  • Race 52: There are no pit stops, there are no time-outs. This is racing in its purest form.
  • Race 53: Sometimes it's good to slow down... meditate... find your inner peace. BUT NOW IS NOT THAT TIME!
  • Race 54: I don't know if you know this, but your car DOES have brakes. I wouldn't recommend using them, though...
  • Race 55: You're at the top of your game right now, but stay focused and don't let this slip. You can do it.
  • Race 56: They should make a TV pilot about you -- and call it SPEED WINNER! ... Why are you shaking your head?
  • Race 57: I forbid you from losing this race! That's a little harsh, but please try and win!
  • Race 58: You're so close to victory I can almost taste it. Tastes like champagne and nitro.
  • Race 59: The Zenvo ST1 is a gift from car heaven. Do not squander this opportunity. You must WIN!
Enduro Double Down
Event Boss Vehicle Other Enduro Vehicles
Weber Faster One
Faster One EDD promo
Weber Faster One SRT 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8Jaguar F-Type RNissan Skyline GT-R (R34)Honda Integra Type-RNissan GT-R NISMOLamborghini Aventador LP 700-4W Motors Lykan HyperSportChrysler ME412
Aston Martin One-77
One-77 EDD promo
Aston Martin One-77 AC 378 GT ZAston Martin DB9 CoupéAston Martin V12 ZagatoAston Martin V12 VantageLucra L148Bentley EXP10 Speed 6Pagani HuayraPeugeot Onyx
BXR Bailey Blade GT1
BXR Bailey Blade GT1 Alfa Romeo MiTo GTAMazda 6Ford Focus RSMitsubishi EclipseNissan GT-R (R35)Holden Coupe 60Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-XMazzanti Evantra
Icona Vulcano V12 Hybrid
Icona EDD promo
Icona Vulcano V12 Hybrid Lotus Exige S CoupeFelino cB7BMW M6Mazda FuraiMarussia B2Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Coupé Final EditionMercedes-Benz Silver LightningHennessey Venom GT
Falcon F7
F7 EDD Promo
Falcon F7 Audi S4Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution XInfiniti FX50Ferrari 612 ScagliettiFerrari 458 ItaliaArrinera HussaryaMcLaren 12C SpiderSavage Rivale GTR
1967 Chevrolet Impala (Canceled) 1967 Chevrolet Impala Camaro Z/28BMW M1Ferrari TestarossaMaserati MC12Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTSChevrolet Corvette C3RUF CTR 39FF GT9 VMAX
Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV
Aventador SV EDD Promo-0
Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV Lamborghini UrusLamborghini MiuraLamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 2013Lamborghini EstoqueLamborghini Sesto ElementoLamborghini AsterionLamborghini HuracánLamborghini Egoista
Sbarro Sparta
Sparta EDD Promo
Sbarro Sparta DS 3 RacingNissan Juke NismoMercedes-Benz GLC CoupeBMW M2Audi R8 LMS UltraFerrari F50Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTSSbarro Alcador
Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
Corvette GS EDD Promo
Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport 1967 Chevrolet ImpalaVolkswagen Golf Design Vision GTIMaserati MC12Chevrolet SSChevrolet Corvette C7Chevrolet Corvette C3Chevrolet 2016 Camaro SS9FF GT9 VMAX
Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package
918WP EDD Ad
Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package Scion FR-SPorsche 959Audi RS 3 SportbackPorsche 718 Boxster SDS SurvoltPorsche Cayman GT4Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-XPorsche 911 GT3 RS
Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition
SLR McLaren 722 EDD Promo
Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition Mini Cooper S RoadsterAlfa Romeo MiTo GTAChevrolet Camaro GSFord Focus RSMaserati GranTurismo SportFerrari 458 ItaliaCadillac CTS-V Coupe Race CarMercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series
Yamaha FZ-10
Yamaha FZ-10 EDD Promo
Yamaha FZ-10 Suzuki GSX-R750Kawasaki Z800KTM 1290 Super Duke RYamaha YZF-R6Ducati Monster 1200Ducati SuperSport SBMW S 1000 RRSuzuki Hayabusa
Zenvo ST1
Zenvo ST1 EDD Promo
Zenvo ST1 Geely GC9Donkervoort D8 GTOVolkswagen Golf Design Vision GTIJaguar F-TYPE Project 7Ferrari F502010 Bentley Continental SupersportsLamborghini Aventador LP 700-4Jaguar XJ220S
Lightning LS-218
Lightning LS-218 EDD Promo
Lightning LS-218 Suzuki GSX-R750Kawasaki Z800KTM 1290 Super Duke RYamaha YZF-R6Ducati Monster 1200Ducati SuperSport SBMW S 1000 RRKawasaki Ninja H2R
Italics denote reward vehicles obtainable from the event.