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Lab .001.[]

  • Test .001.: Welcome to Asphalt R&D Lab 1! We're looking for drivers to test out the Zenvo TS1 GT. It's a powerful sonuvagun. Think you can handle it?

  • Test .002.: You did well driving through the sands of the Nevada Desert... but how will you handle the streets of London? Only one way to find out. Get out there!

  • Test .003.: The Zenvo TS1 GT has an 1,100 horsepower engine. Harness it, driver, and use it to race your way to the Top 3 in Tokyo!

  • Test .004.: Activating Test Mode: Elimination. We've got too many test drivers here at Lab 1. Outperform your peers or get packing!

  • Test .005.: Can you keep a secret? I've been developing an experimental AI over the last year. Get in the Top 3 at Area 51 and I'll let you test it out.

  • Test .006.: I've been developing this AI during my lunch breaks since last June. Let's see how it does in a one-on-one showdown. Prepare to lose, racer!

Lab .002.[]

  • Test .007.: Nice work, racer! That last race really impressed some of our higher-ups. They've promoted us to Lab 2. Let's show these fools how us Lab 1-ers work!

  • Test .008.: We've been making huge strides in the development of my AI, but we still need to work on the Zenvo's top speed. Care to give us some data on the subject?

  • Test .009.: Our AI isn't half as ferocious as you are on the racetrack. Take down ten racers in Barcelona. Hopefully this data will help us reach a breakthrough!

  • Test .010.: That's the ticket! You sure know how to move that Zenvo. You tried out that hotrod in Sector 8? No? Well, get out there and race!

  • Test .011.: My AI must be perfect. The data you give us cannot be anything less than perfection. Grab the gold or go home. We've got other drivers to replace you.

  • Test .012.: It's important to throw new things into the mix. That's why I've INFECTED my own AI with a virus. I'm no quack -- I'm just dedicated to watching you lose!

  • Test .013.: We have a strange relationship, you and I. I try to beat you, and love watching you lose... you beat me, and make my AI stronger. I like it.

  • Test .014.: Is it weird that my only friends in this world are my AIs? Because I don't think it's weird at all. I think you need to focus on RACING!

  • Test .015.: Hahaha -- here we go! I've fixed the kinks in my program and finally have an AI that no one can defeat. Just quit now, racer.

Lab .003.[]

  • Test .016.: The company is proud of my work, but I'm still trying to figure out how you beat my AI... No matter. Data collection it is! Let round 3 BEGIN!

  • Test .017.: I think I've got it -- the AI has no data on "drifting"! If you could drift your way to the finish line, I'm sure I'll beat you eventually!

  • Test .018.: The program needs more of a competitive spirit. Survival of the fittest is the utmost importance. I read a book about it. Beat the competition, racer!

  • Test .019.: The better you get, the stronger my AI will be. Usually when I look at a human, I feel pain... but not with you. You're special. And my AI will break you!

  • Test .020.: The AI could use more "drift" calibrations. I feel confident that it could beat you in its current state, but I'm sure there are *better* racers out there.

  • Test .021.: How are your barrel rolls? The AI's Barrel Roll Cache is empty, and I'm worried that we're hitting a bit of a snag. Help us out here.

  • Test .022.: I feel like you're on a bit of a streak. I'm happy for you, but it's just going to hurt that much worse when you lose to the AI.

  • Test .023.: It seems you're too reliant on nitro -- and therefore, so is the AI. Let's see if you can compete the old-fashioned way.

  • Test .024.: You are nearing your end! Are you prepared? There are just some minor AI tweaks left, and then you can consider yourself DOOMED!

  • Test .025.: Finally! We are here! Face my ultimate AI racing weapon! Tremble before its speed, tenacity, and smooth moves! ... And please don't rage-quit.

Lab .004.[]

  • Test .026.: I can't believe you actually beat my AI. They have increased my funding, but I don't know what to enhance... I... I just need to study...

  • Test .027.: Perhaps an increase in speed is necessary? The Zenvo is amazing, but my program could surely push it to the brink...

  • Test .028.: That's it! Flat Spins! Yes! There's no folder for Flat Spins! Surely, if we record some, the AI will be better than ever!

  • Test .029.: I noticed the program is more reckless than it should be. If you could race carefully, I would appreciate it... friend.

  • Test .030.: I know I called you "friend" last time, but that was a foolish error. I only care for programs: red wire, blue wire, green wire. Now: Go race, lab rat!

  • Test .031.: I feel like I'm making a breakthrough. If I continue at this rate, the AI could not only race on the track -- but for POLITICAL OFFICE! Keep it up!

  • Test .032.: Our previous test of fragility made my program weak. Let's show it balance. Be reckless out there, and I'll calibrate it accordingly.

  • Test .033.: Does it not bother you? The better you get, the better the AI runs. You are living proof that machines will adapt and conquer! Hahah!

  • Test .034.: I have calibrated the AI accordingly. If you care at all about your record, I would improve on your time. But... you don't stand a chance.

  • Test .035.: I've created minor programs that will serve as warm-ups for you. It's my way of saying thanks. You're welcome.

  • Test .036.: Allow me to introduce the Ultimate AI. Losing does not fit within its functionality. I apologize in advance.

Lab .005.[]

  • Test .037.: How could this be...? The Ultimate AI has gone... ROGUE! The loss has caused it to overclock its systems. It's controlling the races! Be careful out there!

  • Test .038.: There was never meant to be a Lab 5. This is all the creation of the AI. It has spurned replicas of a previous iteration of itself. Win... for us all!

  • Test .039.: I see now that I was foolhardy. I trusted computers in ways I shouldn't have. This is all my fault, but we can work together. Win this race!

  • Test .040.: The AI is testing your strength. Look: This program is hard-wired to destroy you... but I will do what I can to undermine it. Just keep racing!

  • Test .041.: We've made it this far through friendship and skill sets. With your abilities and my scientific mind, we can delete this Rogue AI!

  • Test .042.: The program hack is so thorough; I've never seen anything like it. The only crack I can identify is your ability to continue winning races... Don't stop!

  • Test .043.: The AI is trying to hinder you by cutting off all forms of nitro. I will do my best to hold it off, but for right now you'll need to go on without speed boosts.

  • Test .044.: Oh, what now?! The Rogue AI has perfected Flat Spins, and it's decided to test you. You're doing great, though: Together, we're definitely cracking the code!

  • Test .045.: I got it! I've managed to hack the system and found that the "drift" folder is vulnerable. If you can drift to the finish line, I can break into the mainframe.

  • Test .046.: That's it! The AI is reeling! For the first time in my life, I see that humanity is worth trust and support. Together, you and I can do anything!

  • Test .047.: I've created a safe zone for you to test your abilities in preparation for the final battle. Push yourself and try to beat the time!

  • Test .048.: Good news: I've infected the AI's mainframe. Bad news: You're also vulnerable. If you just focus on staying ahead, I can keep the virus off you.

  • Test .049.: We're in! The whole AI mainframe is vulnerable. Any hit on you or any of the vehicles will cause a mass explosion. Again: Just win the race.

  • Test .050.: Here it is. You versus the Rogue AI. A couple labs ago, I would've bet everything on the computer... but now I see that I would've been wrong. Get 'em, racer!

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