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Lab .001.[]

  • Test .001.: You must be part of the Test Driver team. Welcome to Lab 1. We'll be gathering data on the Zeus Twelve Sigma. Think you can handle it?

  • Test .002.: The Zeus Twelve Sigma... no, it didn't come from Mount Olympus, but it sure feels like it. Ride like lightning, driver!

  • Test .003.: At the speeds you'll be hitting, you'll need nerves of steel and an iron will. Pedal to the metal!

  • Test .004.: The scariest thing in Transylvania? No... it ain't Dracula. It's imprecise data. Don't scare me, driver! Give me the data I need.

  • Test .005.: Playtime's over, driver. Finish first or go home. Only perfect drivers can create perfect data. Be perfect. End of discussion.

  • Test .006.: Great work in Tokyo, driver, but that was only the beginning. The French Guiana track is all set for you. Dominate it!

  • Test .007.: Perfect data requires a perfect driver. We believe we have created one: the Ultimate AI. Care to prove us wrong?

Lab .002.[]

  • Test .008.: We here at Lab 2 have eagerly waited your arrival. Your data is quite breathtaking. I hope our lungs can handle seeing your skills in person.

  • Test .009.: "Test Mode: Elimination" activated. Never endured a test mode? You are truly in for something. Let's see how you work under pressure!

  • Test .010.: There's a storm brewin' in Iceland. Fast as lightning. Rumbles like thunder. It's the Zeus Twelve Sigma... and you're driving it!

  • Test .011.: "Test Mode: Drift" activated. Slide your Zeus Twelve Sigma through the streets of London and show us how that machine moves!

  • Test .012.: Grip that wheel tight... you can't afford to slip up! San Diego will pose a real challenge. Don't let up for a second! Ride on.

  • Test .013.: Our Ultimate AI has been studying your data. If it wasn't perfect before, it must be perfect now. Think you can beat its time in Rio?

  • Test .014.: The Great Wall has stopped many threats throughout history. Can it stop you and your Zeus Twelve Sigma? We'll see... we'll see.

  • Test .015.: "Test Mode: Infected" activated. Your skills may be sick, but can you survive the infection? Dubai will give us the data we need.

  • Test .016.: How can the Alps post a threat to a car straight from Mount Olympus? The Zeus Twelve Sigma... rev that engine and go!

  • Test .017.: When opportunity calls, remember to pick up. Win this next race and you'll get a shot at being Lab 3's premier driver. Don't' blow this!

  • Test .018.: The Ultimate AI has studied you... throughout all your races, all your test modes, all your trials. It has learned. And it's ready to win.

Lab .003.[]

  • Test .019.: Lab 3... we do real work here. If you're not down for that, you can go back to your playpen and play with your blocks. Otherwise, let's begin!

  • Test .020.: "Test Mode: Drift" activated. The icy turns of the Alps will truly test how you handle the Zeus Twelve Sigma. Don't freeze up out there!

  • Test .021.: Data. Objective, unfaltering data. It's why we work so hard in Lab 3. With data, all unknowns become knowable. We require more data.

  • Test .022.: "Test Mode: Elimination" activated. We've received a surplus of test drivers. Only the greatest can continue working at Lab 3. Lose and you're through.

  • Test .023.: The Azure Coast track record has been beaten by our newly improved Ultimate AI. Your data created him. Can your data defeat him?

  • Test .024.: Our other drivers have been complaining about eating your dust. Will you listem to them, or prepare a second serving?

  • Test .025.: "Test Mode: Infected" activated. I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more racing. Get me the cure, driver!

  • Test .026.: The Nevada Desert... if I was a betting man, I'd put my money on you and your Zeus Twelve Sigma. But I'm not a betting man. I'm a man of science. Now go!

  • Test .027.: "Test Mode: Flawless" activated. You've proved your resilience, but as I've said: We require perfection. One false move means destruction. Survive!

  • Test .028.: The Zeus Twelve Sigma... elegance and excellence... perfection on four wheels. It requires the perfect driver. Ultimate AI or you? Who is more perfect?

  • Test .029.: "Test Mode: Flawless" reactivated. Our Ultimate AI could not defeat you; therefore it requires more data. Provide perfect data in Barcelona.

  • Test .030.: Only those who master the air can conquer Patagonia. Watch for jumps and take advantage of your air time. Fly to victory!

  • Test .031.: "Test Mode: Drift" activated. Like the zigs and zags of a bolt of lightning, the Zeus Twelve Sigma speeds through each turn. Master the drift, driver!

  • Test .032.: The drivers in this Venice test will do anything to stop you. They'll crash you straight into the canals. Stay out of the water. Stay on top!

  • Test .033.: Lab 4 has asked for a demonstration of our Ultimate AI. You will be racing against it. Do not embarrass us. You cannot win. The AI is perfect.

Lab .004.[]

  • Test .034.: So you're the test driver that toppled the AI that Lab 3 keeps bragging about. You must be some driver... but are you good enough for us? We'll see.

  • Test .035.: "Test Mode: Elimination" activated. Show these other drivers the wrath of Zeus! (The Zeus Twelve Sigma, that is!) Use your might!

  • Test .036.: If all you've got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If all you've got is a Zeus Twelve Sigma, everything looks like a victory. Nail this race!

  • Test .037.: "Test Mode: Drift" activated. Drift hard or spin out of control! This race exists on the edge of chaos. Don't fall off... don't lost control...

  • Test .038.: "Test Mode: Flawless" activated. It's a war on the racetrack. One show and it's all over. Drive smart and ride hard! Survive the auto onslaught.

  • Test .039.: Thank goodness speed isn't a crime... 'cause if it was, I'd have to send you and your Zeus Twelve Sigma to the slammer... if I could catch you, that is!

  • Test .040.: "Test Mode: Infected" activated. You and your Zeus Twelve Sigma are on top, but everyone's looking to end your reign. Watch the throne. Don't lose it!

  • Test .041.: There's danger in soaring as high as you fly. Falling from such great heights... it'll leave a bruise for sure. But the view from up there? Unmatched.

  • Test .042.: You've faced powerful AI's, but they've lacked elegance. We have fixed that. This AI will push you to your limits. But it will beat you? We'll see.

  • Test .043.: In the deserts of Dubai, there are only two types of beasts: predator and prey. Which one will you be? The hunt is on, driver!

  • Test .044.: "Test Mode: Drift" activated. Be like the breeze coming off the coast of Rio. Cool, fast, and fluid. Be the breeze... win with ease!

  • Test .045.: The data speaks for itself. You've got talent, kid. But talent isn't everything. You'll need tenacity, hustle, and resilience to win. Remember that!

  • Test .046.: Your data has brought our AI to near perfection. Watching it move... impeccable. It has set a new Great Wall record. Is it even possible to match it?

  • Test .047.: "Test Mode: Elimination" activated. Endure. Elimination awaits those who give in. So don't... don't give in! Endure and persist!

  • Test .048.: Tires screech and rubber burns. For victory, the racer yearns. Each turn, each straight, each hairpin bend. Strive hard to live a winner's end.

  • Test .049.: "Test Mode: Flawless" activated. Trust yourself. Trust your car. Ignore your fear of a wreck, and trust that glory awaits you at the finish line.

  • Test .050.: Through your hard work, you have unlocked the potential of both the Zeus Twelve Sigma and our AI. This is your finale. Go out strong!
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